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December 16, 2007


kathie holland

Oh boy I could spend a lot of money in that shop!
Must be fun to help out there!
Loved seeing all the cards you swapped.
Never heard of those bars before, will have to look for a pattern...if they are calling you then you need to answer them! go ahead enjoy one


The shop is adorable ... wish I lived closer. I would spend a lot of money there. The bars, the cards, everything looks as appealing as ever. It sounds like you're enjoying yourself during Christmas season.


OMG that shop is calling me. I would love to visit there. I saw quite a few great quilts too. I would die for that bed. It's wonderful.
The Tilly Bars looks yummy and it looks like you helped out the economy while shopping.


Hello - I came across your blog a few days ago, and I really love it. I am a crocheter, but have always wanted to learn to quilt. I absolutely love your house - it is beautiful, and you truly have a gift for decorating. I'm wondering - where do you live? I read the whole blog, and still am not quite sure. It really looks like a beautiful, peaceful place to live.
Also, could you direct me to the recipe for the Special K bars? I have two sons - not to mention me - who would love them!
Thanks, and Have a wonderful Holiday -


Oh my what a wonderful shop - I see many, many things that could happily every after here in 'Libbyville' *s*


I hear the Tilly bars calling my name too, but I don't know how to make them!!!! Could you please give us a recipe????
I would LOVE to visit your store....alas, you are too far away but I thank you for showing us all the pretty things!
Blessings to you!


All of those beautiful handmade cards are wonderful to see. I like them all.
Your friend's shop is full of all sorts of wonderful things to see, and the furniture is espcially nice. I love painted furniture, but my husband doesn't. We compromise on a little bit, here and there.
I was thinking the other day, about how much more I used to get done when my son was small too!


Stop I'll have to cover my ears :) They are speaking to me.


Love your blog, the beef barley soup is delicious, now we need the recipe for those bars. Why or why aren't there cute shops like that in California!!


I feel the same as everyone else, the shop has all the things I would love in my home.

Those cards are so cute...and very nicely done. Love the reindeer, that must have been tricky.

I got a good chuckle about the bars. I've done the same thing, I'll just even out this row. Oh theres only one left in the row, might as well eat that one....teehee


You're making me tired just reading what you're doing!!! And You. Are. Not. Alone. The quilty peeps and I talk all the time about how we get less done now and we don't even have little kids underfoot anymore. What's up with that? Old and slow? Nah, we're just smelling the roses LOL! Love your card -- is that an easy stamp to find? Your desserts sound delicious, but what I was wondering is COULD YOU SQUEEZE A FEW MORE CALORIES INTO THEM??? LOL. Oh wait...that second one has Special K in it -- clearly it's healthy! Could you please review the pound cake thingy for my dense head -- do you fry up each individual slice? I need to try that -- hubby would love it, minus the nuts! Thanks for a great post!


That shop is fabulous - I'd spend lots and lots of money there!

Yesterday I made your Crockpot Beef Barley Soup - can you say YUMMY! My DH was raving for hours after dinner. :-) Thank you for sharing.


Can I just say....I LOVE that shop! Looks like a great place to visit!



Don't feel bad, I'm running behind too. Lots of cookies yet to bake and gifts waiting to be wrapped ~ I'm trying to stay caaaaalm.
Your cards look beautiful!
Merry Christmas,



I am so behind on your blog and I just don't like that. I feel too out of touch with you then. You are such a sweetheart to mind your friend's shop for her for a day. That dessert sounds so great and I love hot fudge sauce! Put on the coffee and make it up as I am on my way! :) Your cards are beautiful. How do you keep up with all your activities? I find December has just slipped away. I am a work under pressure kind of gal too.

Hugs ~

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