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January 21, 2013



Looks yummy! I'm looking forward to the "possibilities' you'll be sharing with us through the year!

Julie Forslev

Oh, Karen, I hear you on the "too many cookbooks" thing! I have all these great cookbooks, so why do I go to the internet when I need a recipe?!

I'm looking forward to seeing all you have in store for your blog this year. It's always a treat to get to see your decorating skills! When you say you're wanting to lighten up, are you talking paint colors? If so, do you think you'll still like the prim look? I have such a hard time choosing paint colors. We just painted our bedroom Ben Moore's Wilmington Tan, and I'm not sure I like it. It's kind of gold. Hmmm.

Have a great time with your family tonight!


That looks like a great recipe and thank you for sharing.

It is exciting to have a little one on the way. We get our little bundle of God's love this July and we can hardly wait.

Stay warm!


Dang it woman -- your cold weather is on it's way and I'm not ready! I like cold and SNOW, but when it's this cold, we rarely get snow. BooHoo!!! Sounds like you have some wonderful plans -- can't wait to follow along!!!

Paulette Doyle

Thanks for the recipe...I have pinned it until I find that Good Season Salad dressing! Looks wonderful! How did your weekend go?? Was thinking of you an Ms Stacey! Thought for sure there might be some photos!! Have a wonderful evening with with the soon to be birthday daddy!


Well that is the best news I have heard all day! Glad to hear you will be blogging more and I love your 2013 word! Being a grandma opens all kinds of possibilities!


A blog post! woo hoo! That recipe looks fabulous and definitely lo-cal. :) Happy Birthday to the married one. Even though white cake and white frosting isn't my fav, I'd love to try one. They look yummy!


Karen, I look forward to your blog entries whenever you have a chance ~ life is busy you know! When I first found you, I read thru the archives and loved your recipes and home decorating. You are among my top 5 blog favorites. I think that if I lived in your neck of the woods we would be sewing buddies. I also follow you on Pinterest. So here's to a wonderful year of possibilities!


Oh that recipe looks good. I may have to try it. Congratulations on your soon to be new grandchild. You are a lucky lady indeed. I look forward to more blog posts by you, you always inspire me!

sandy bessingpas

Hi Karen-will miss you today-our bundle of joy arrived Jan 10th-Luke Brian. I am going to visit this weekend and snuggle with the baby all I can-can't think of a nicer way to keep warm!!!The boys love any recipe with cream cheese in in, so I'll have to try it-they can use the calories, I can't-maybe I should try skating-that would be a laugh!!!Hope to see you soon

Tona Haggermaker

Please add me to receive your posts via email. I clicked on the link and it was just a jumble of letters :) Thanks!

Tona Haggermaker


Well bust my buttons, that's darn chilly. We were at 23 here this morning, but the wind is a-blowin, making it colder. Thanks for the recipe, looks like a good one for company. Dolly says, "how about some sprinkles for those cupcakes?"

Jane Lemm

I too had problems trying to subscribe to your wonderful blog. Will check back :-)

Jeanne Farmer

We're expecting our first grandchild in early March -signs say it's a girl so lots of pink has come thru my sewing room. I hop to get to the March class as I just love Buttermilk Basin.... keep warm

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