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January 31, 2013



burrrr. The outdoor photos say it all! I actually left my sliding door opened to get some fresh air! The cardinal photos are amazing and I agree, nothing better than stitching in front of a fire!

Paulette Doyle

The cardinal pictures are amazing!! And your Heart to Home block is wonderful!! I have this pattern...and the Christmas one and the Garden one...Geeze...I need to live to be 200!! Thanks for the incentive to get the pattern out of the cellophane!


Cami's got it right, snuggle in a quilt. I do a similar recipe but I add half can (use the soup can) of sherry (not cooking sherry) the real stuff......it's delicious.


Hi Ms. Cami! You look so comfy there with your pups :) I'll have to try this recipe really soon as it sounds sooooo tempting and tlike something we'd enjoy before the heat comes back in the desert :O Good to see you all are staying nice and warm there!


Brrrr! Just popping in with a warm greeting!


Ms. Cami always looks so cute cuddled up in her quilts. Sounds like you're having a PERFECT winter -- fire, sewing and good food -- my idea of heaven. Can't wait to see the new baby!!!


I always look forward to your recipes, thank you. That sweet little pup looks so cute with her "foffy" you must be getting so excited for the new journey you are about to begin as grandparents. You will love it! I sew enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for your dedication to it.


I am so envious....I have never seen a cardinal in real life! We do have pretty "stellar jays" so I get my blue "fix" but no red! Ms.Penny's quilt is almost as cute as your Cami. Stay warm!


I have my Heart and Home quilt on the Quilt Frame now. I'm focusing on quilting this weekend. I have a road trip soon and want to stitch the binding while I ride 'Shotgun'.


Can't wait until winter and I can sit and stitch with a quilt over my knees. Love the pic of the cardinal. Looking forward to pics of the grand baby. How very exciting!

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