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February 07, 2013



Congratulations. She is beautiful!!

Sue watters

Well you have just bought tears to my eyes. You are absolutely right about THAT feeling. It took me back to January 2012 when my first grandchild was born. Abigail Rose made me weep with sadness and joy as I had just lost my DH 5 months earlier.
I have had a ball buying girlie clothes as I myself had only had the one son.
Congratulation and enjoy every single moment Now She's In The World.
If you look at my blog you will see my little poppet one year on.

Julie Forslev

Your last sentence brought tears to my eyes. :) What a wonderful gift from God. Enjoy!


Congratulations WOW she is just beautiful!!!! And you're right about the feelings of a grandchild. I've been reading and watching the blog for this announcement. We have an almost 8 yr old grandson and are waiting for a new arrival in August this time our son and new daughter can't wait! ENJOY Debbie P.S. love her name is it a family name?


Oh!. . . congratulations Karen! I love her name & she is a cutie-pie! I have a brand new little grand-nephew & so I too must get busy - but with a little boy quilt! (my favorite ones to make!) All my best to the new little one & to the proud grandparents! (. . & 'Your Song' is one of my favorite songs . . ever! I love the special meaning it now has for you.)
xo, Bren


Congrats!! She is beautiful.

All my best wishes, Janie


What a glorious blessing. Congratulations grannie and grandpa!

Sherry Carter

She is beautiful Karen! We have ten grandchildren and I have the pleasure of babysitting our youngest (Four month old Caysen) every Wednesday. Caysen had a stroke while in her Mommy & suffered seizures afterwards. She was life flighted to Children's Mercy in K.C. and none of us knew what to expect. It will be six months before we know if there has been any damage but for now she appears to be a normal little girl and the light of her parents and our lives. Life is fragil and we learned it very quickly with Caysen. Enjoy her and buy pink until everyone is sick of the color! HA Hugs, Sher


Oh congratulations Karen...shivers...she is beautiful!! A whole new world has opened up for the Farmhouse family....enjoy!!!! I am sure Mr Farmhouse will never be able to say no to this little one...he will be firmly wrapped around that little pinky forever! Wonder where that saying comes from? Happy shopping for girly stuff :)


Yaaaaaay! Now you know how I felt a month ago. And it just keeps getting better!! I only live 30 minutes down the road but I miss her every day. Thank goodness for email and Facebook!! Enjoy every minute, friend!


Oh how sweet she is!! I'm sure you're on pink cloud nine! LOL
I have two sons as well, and look forward to buying girlie things when the time comes.
Can't wait to see that pink quilt you make!!



Karen, Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your family :o)


Congratulations on your granddaughter - she is beautiful! We just had our first grandchild - a girl - after raising 2 boys - so I know how fun it is to spoil a little girl. I loved your post because it reminded me of the night she was born and we were leaving the hospital in the middle of the night and on the radio came Jim Brickman's "Beautiful World" - and the lyrics just fit the moment.

Paulette Doyle

Oh my goodness, Karen, little Ellie May is gorgeous!! A chip off the old grandma! Congratulations and all the best!! Now go shop!!
Big HUG!

Sharon Yeager

STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I could not be happier for your family. You lucky girl you! I would be out there right now shopping in the PINK department.


I'm so happy for all of you! I two had two boys and now am hoping and praying for the day I get to hold a sweet girl!

Tina in Nevada

Oh what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL baby! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!


She is beautiful!!! Grandkids hold a special place in your heart!!!! I have 7 grandkids! enjoy her.

Karen M

Congratulations! She's a cutie with a beautiful name too.
Karen M


CONGRATULATIONS to the entire farmhouse family. It's so touching to read your words trying to describe the instant love you felt for beautiful Ellie May...I get it...with our one and only Grand child...a girl. The feeling only deepens with every breath you take from here on out! And the spoiling....that's a whole other comment. You just can't stop yourself even when they're 5 years old and you tell yourself that you must stop or she'll grow up thinking the world revolves around her! What is a Grammy to do when the world DOES revolve around her?!! And the Papa...aka Mr Farmhouse....well my dear, be prepared for a whole new meaning for of "wrapped around her lil finger"...I'll leave it at that! ENJOY and thanks for sharing...she's BEE U TEE FULL!


Congratulations on such a precious gift. Enjoy every moment! Congrats to the parents too!!!


OH. MY. GOSH!!! First of all, a little warning would be nice LOL. I'm innocently reading along about music and BAM! a beautiful picture of a baby and tears rolling down my cheeks. I'm SOOOOOO SO happy for you. And a GIRL! Be still my heart (which, coming from the mom of two boys club is now full of hope).

CONGRATULATIONS to you and the whole family. Happy, Happy times ahead! (I have to go now, so I can scroll back up there and look at that adorable picture!)

Pictures with Grandma coming soon???


Oh my she is adorable and the sweetest little girl. Ellie has the same birthday as me and very close to grandma's. I bet there will be some parties together.
Congratulations to you and the family. Enjoy that bundle of joy.


Ellie May is beautiful!!! Congratulations to her parents and grinning from ear-to-ear grandparents!!! It is the absolute BEST!!!


She is beyond beautiful!!! She is a perfect gift from God and she is so lucky to have grandparents like you. We have two granddaughters and a third due in less then a month. Spoil her that's our job!!!


Congratulations to you and yours! Ellie May is beautiful. The love for a grandchild is something that can't be described - you must exerience it. Enjoy her for many, many years.


Thankful that all are well & 'she' is here! :)
She is so sweet!
Love her name :)

Audrey Bretz

She is just beautiful. Congratulations! I also have a grandaughter who will be 10 this May and I love every day and every minute I am with her! The song lyrics say it exactly. Get busy on the little girl quilt and have a wonderful time with her.


Congratulations to the entire family. A beautiful baby girl, what a blessing you have received. Ellie will fill your days with so many precious memories.


Best congratulations to the two of you new grand parents..you are going to be so good at it...sweet little Ellie will have Mr. Farmhouse turn to mush every time she looks at him.....our grand daughter, only grand child we have still has that effect on my husband and she is 23 and now married. Looks like little Miss Ellie is doing some serious snoozing there..enjoy the journey and yes the shopping is sew much more fun...


What an excellent post! Congratulations to all of you. And you will find that the more grandchildren you have, the bigger your heart will be with all the love in it for these little people.

I am looking forward to more posts on the beauty of being a gramma!

Jeanne Farmer

I am looking forward to my passage to Grandparent - we are expecing our first grandchild (girl) in March and just the thought sends me over the top with joy. So I've had fun shopping, sewing baby items, being part of the shower and watch my son take on this new role with anticipation. Congrats

Sue Tokash

She is beautiful! Congratulations on the new addition to the family.


Congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter! She is precious.


Congratulations on your granddaughter! You are correct, a new journey for you! We have a granddaughter and she can wrap both of us around her finger and she is almost 16!


Yay! Congrats. I love following your blog but usually read in reader and do not comment. I just noticed your nice -new to me-header.

I was thinking of all the cute dresses that could be made or bought and I knew you would be making a quilt.

So happy she is healthly and heavenly.


Congratulations on your new gift from God! She is beautiful.

Where did you get your wall shelf that displays 4 quilts? Would it be possible to get one?

Thank you!


Congratulations! She is just beautiful!

Debi Zyla

Congratulatiions Grandma! She is a beautiful baby! I have tears in my eyes too! Maybe one of these days I will know that joy too!


Congratulations, Grandma Karen. I jaust have to echo what has already been said...what a beautiful and precious little girl. Enjoy spoiling her!


Oh Miss Ellie May is just precious.

Congrats to you and welcome to the wonderful world of grandparenting! We've got one little 4 year old muffin and another one coming in a few months. It's the VERY BESTY BEST Thing EVER!!!

Enjoy! (I know you will!)

carolyn smith

Congrats Karen. A TRUE blessing from GOD!!! I have 4 grandchildren. And, every one of them are a True JOY!!!! Thanks for sharring.


Congratulations Karen. She is absolutely beautiful.

Susie Delewese

Karen...You'll be the grandest grandma ever. Congrats to you and your whole beautiful family. She's just so precious.

Sarah Quiring

Hi Karen - remember me? Used to live in Forest Lake, wanted - well, still want to be a PEEP! Sarah w/ an H...now I live on the prairie just north of Sioux Falls. Well...anyway...yes, yes, yes...I thought I'd check in on you, just the other day I thought of how you had said you'd turn in to a grandma in Feb....and here SHE is!!! I don't have the energy tonight to go ON AND ON AND ON b/c I could...I have four and now you know what a joyful blessing they are. I have two daughters so we were tickled to have #1 be a boy. Then #2 and #3 were boys. Both girls said they are having two and two only. So...when grandbaby #4 arrived and I got the call saying Evelyn Heather is here I was ecstatic. I love having a chance to chase those boys - but another round w/ a little girl - oh it's a blast. I just made her a valance, name banner and little wall hanging for her new purple room....here I go rambling ON AND ON - I really just wanted to tell you my story. Our first grandson came to us all the way from South Korea. W/out going through all the details, let me just say that when we finally got him at four months old I will never forget the moment he was pushed in his little stroller through the doors at the airport. His Korean escort was telling the interpreter that he had been such a great little traveler. I just broke down bawling. I hugged that woman who spoke no English saying Thank You, Thank You...and she hugged me back - each of us knowing what the emotions were all about. No words exchanged but so much emotion! Anyway...every time I hear You Take My Breath Away - well that's my Nathan Woo-Seong song. "I'm gonna stand on a mountain top...and tell the news....that you take my breath away"...he did that day and he still does seven years later. Congratulations! I wish we could talk. Quilting is my passion...and wool, say no more...but grandkids?! OH THEY TOP IT ALL!!!!!!!!!



Your new grandbaby is so, so, lovely, and what a pretty name she has been given.

Congratulations to you, and to your family. It is such a wonderful occasion, and my heart is full of happiness for you.


Wow, what a beauty! Congrats!


Oh Karen, she is such a pretty little baby, and such a pretty name too!! You'll be a great Grandma, enjoy every minute---they do grow up too fast. Everything changes when you have grandchildren, they are the best!!!


Hi karen,

I could not find an email for you.

The kit has not arrived yet. No rush, if it has not been mailed. Just thought I would let you know.


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Oh congratulations to u and your family..She is so beautiful.

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