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February 22, 2013


Karen Martinsen

Fun post...I love seeing your precious grandbaby...she's so beautiful.
Grandparent time is so wonderful...we have all age grandchildren from 23 on down to 6 months and enjoy each of them.
Love that snow - I know we've had enough but the kind in the picture is so much fun.

sandy s

She seems to be smiling in the picture. Must be cuz Gramma is holding her. She is beautiful!!!!

You are going to LOVE the Gramma business (if you don't already). It's the best!


I missed your previous post announcing the arrival of your sweet little granddaughter!!! You will fall head over heels! It is the best thing ever. We have three, and cannot imagine life without them!!!
Enjoy Grandma!!!
xo Kris

Paulette Doyle

Little Ellie seems to be enjoying her new grandma...(hey better than her old grandma!!haha) Love the SNOW pictures!! YIKES!!

Julie Forslev

What a wonderful cutie she is! :) I'm so happy for you and your new granddaughter!

Oh, and I probably don't even have to tell you, I'm always interested in wool kits from you! Love the colors....


My goodness what a beautiful grand darlin'. I hope you made some hot chocolate for Mr. Farmhouse. That's a lot of snow! Dolly would have loved to play in that. Thanks for sharing the quilt photos.


There it is finally -- a gorgeous pic of Grandma with that new little girl! Lucky, lucky on many fronts -- to include all that snow. Our winter has been a bust this year. ;-( Now...whatcha got up your sleeve? Opening a bed and breakfast LOL???

Karen M

Hope you had a wonderful birthday:) Little Ellie is so adorable. What a sweetheart. Can't wait to see the new wool project. I'll be checking back often.
Have a good weekend cuddling your granddaughter.
Karen M

zaza passion

Congratulation for your so beautifull blog. I like your univers.
Sorry for my english but I'm French.
Have a good day with your little famully.


Enjoy your time with Ellie. They grow up so fast and before you know it, she'll be sitting and stitching with you!

Back into the wool business. Karen? I'm all ears!!! Please tell us more!

Sue watters

She looks a real little poppet, this time next year she will be toddling around and chasing after Ms Cami .

Enjoy your weekend of cuddles and looks like Mr farmhouse could do with some help digging you out.

Sharon Bennett

Oh your granddaughter is so darn cute! Enjoy! Too much snow for me though... looking forward to seeing what the wool kit is... the sneak peek looks great!

Susie Delewese

Enjoy your weekend with Ellie...You lucky girl!
I"m anxious to here how ms Cami feels about this deal with here mom holding a new baby. They'll probably be the best of friends soon.
Did I hear the word WOOL? Oh boy...


So good to see your new post! We love being grandparents too - but we're getting greedy and think it's time for another one since our little guy is 2-1/2 now - enjoy!


Enjoy your cuddle time with Ellie, she is adorable! So tiny!
Love your sneak peak, remember to days when I had time to join in on all your fun projects, I love them all!

Tammy Whaley

How sweet little Miss Ellie is! Enjoy your time with her, I am banned from my precious grand-baby as our home has a flu bug that just won't go away!! So for now I have locked myself up in my sewing room to keep busy...


What an adorable little girl. You are very blessed.


Ellie is beautiful! I had to laugh when you referred to Ellie coming soon and by the way, her parents are coming too! We said (and still do) that M. was coming or we were going to see M...never mind, her parents!! And our "baby" is one month away from 16 years old! My, how quickly times flies by. Enjoy every moment because it will bew gone in the blink of an eye. We love being grandparents!!


I would love to re post this entry on my own website will that be okay

Sharon Yeager

That little Ellie is adorable!!!!! I am so so jealous. She looks itty bitty!
Love the snow pictures. I need to move over there by you.

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