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June 23, 2013



love your block and always love seeing your part of the country thanks for sharing the pictures! love that on the door for the bridal shower, very fun.


Party, party, party -- your lifed is one big party LOL! Sounds like you're having a grand time. As it should be! LOVE the fabrics in your blog this time. Or do I say that all the time LOL!


jeepers-creepers, I love what they did for the brunch. Will you remember what they did so when I would happen to need ideas for brunch, you can just tell me. It's so hard for me (remembering)!

Karen Martinsen

Okay I finally realized why my comments haven't shown up...I see the publish and then I see my comment but I didn't see the other part below to 'verify' so all my comments are in thin air...LOL
Anyway...beautiful bridal show and to-be bride. Just lovely.

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