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June 16, 2013



I am so glad you are back blogging I have always loved your tales and what you are doing looking forward to seeing more pictures of the new loft wish we lived closer hugs darlene from mi.


Wow -- little Ellie is getting SO big! Looks like you've been busy and having a great time. And yes, I hyperventilate over my fabric all the time. Especially when I'm buying more fabric!

Love your blocks!


Thanks for sharing the pics of Ellie. She is so adorable and getting big! Love the flowers and all your red, white and blue! Summer is here :)

Looking forward to your stash sale.


Your little Ellie is sure growing fast - it just goes by in a flash doesn't it? I gotta say I like your fox & geese block. I know it's a little outside your (my) box, but I think you're right that it could just be a good pop in the rest of the quilt. I got a chuckle out of seeing your patriotic pics - I also own the flag on the wall, the flag table under the flowers and am making the little wood flag sets - with a twist.

Paulette Doyle

OMGosh that little Ellie is dang cute!! Grandpa looks like he is an experienced pro in the baby department!! Can't wait for the Nest reveal...:o)))

Sandy F

Blocks are looking great. I bet that one you're not loving will look great when it is all put together.
Oh my Ellie, what a cutie! Love all you red, white and blue decorations.

Robbie Gillette

Your grandbaby is a darling. . . Loved your blocks and looking forward to seeing the nest as you get in there and work your decorating magic. . .


yes I do at first think about hyperventilating while looking at my stash. Then I realize the majority was bought before fabric was 13$ a yard, a lot was in the form of gifts from my husband. I am keeping mine because I think it is a good investment. Much of my repro fabric I would be unable to buy again. Plus I usually make Queen or a bit bigger quilts so I do use a fair amount of fabric in a quilt top. I like all the blocks you are making.

Karen Martinsen

And again, I read this post but my comments are not there.
I also remember reading this post.
How fun....you show us some wonderful events in your life. Water is so fun and peaceful to be around.
You do what we used to do with my brother/wife, sister and us.
We always went to Balsam Lake up north Wisconsin every late August or Sept. Had so much fun.

Lori Wilson

I found your a link to your blog on facebook and started reading and found that I also know Anne and Anna. I sew with both of them. I am amazed at how small the world is.

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