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August 29, 2013



Sure do enjoy your posts--know it takes time and is very enjoyed. Hope Mr. Farmhouse feels better soon

Debbie Leschisin

Hope you have a good weekend and can enjoy some time around the fire. The quilt is sure a beautiful gift!


I really enjoy your posts!! Keep it up!


May Mr. Farmhouse feel much better and may your family get the bonfire and smores!

Have a Great Labor Day Weekend!


beautiful quilt...wonderful gift! Enjoy the weekend..and I hope you get to enjoy the bonfire...Positive thoughts coming your way for Mr Farmhouse - hopeing he has managed to kick the nasty bug to the kerb!


Everything looks so gorgeous and green...hard to believe fall is just around the corner!


We lost a tree in our front yard a few years ago to a tornado. It was hard to see it go and our tree didn't have as much of a history as yours does. I hope this weekend finds both Mr. Farmhouse and the wind much improved!

Robbie Gillette

Love that last picture with the bonfire all ready to go and those beautiful red chairs! Hope Mr. Farmhouse and Ms. Cami feel better in time for the weekend with family. . .


I'm going to miss your daily posts, I look forward to it everyday. The gifted quilt is charming and prefect for your home.


What a beautiful gift! Gotta love great friends! Your blogging this month has been wonderful, enjoyed every post!

Susie Delewese

Wow, you lucky gal. The quilt is a stunner and looks real cool on Uncle Sam's arm.
Gotta love a bonfire. I can just taste those smores. YUM
I lost 17 trees last year to ash borers. I live in the woods so there's still plenty of shade but seeing a century old tree die is very sad.


I have to also comment, love your fire pit area...and those red chairs!!! Hope you enjoy your new quilt, that truly is a special gift from a special friend. Enjoy the weekend!


Sorry Mr. Farmhouse is under the weather. Hope he feels better very soon! The quilt was indeed a most generous gift. I like how it displays on the arm of Uncle Sam. Happy Labor day and hope that S'mores party happens for you.

Audrey Bretz

What a wonderful gift! I have always said that even though we are quilters, we appreciate the work that goes into them and if you really want someone to appreciate the gift of a quilt, give it to a fellow quilter.
On another note, I hate to tell you this but it took me 3 prescriptions to get rid of my bronchitis/sinus infection. What a way to spend the summer! Hope he feels better soon!!


That is a beautiful quilt. Must be a very special friend! Hope your hubby soon gets much better.

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