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August 27, 2013



oh poor Miss Cami...I hope she is on the mend now....and Mr Farmhouse as well!! Wowsers that moose head is HUGE!! ...and is that a moose on the quilt on the chair underneath it? I think I would feel like someone was watching over my shoulder sitting there!! :)


Haha -- Joyce IS a good spouse! My hubby would be sleeping in the garage WITH his moose LOL. Sorry to hear that Cami and Mr. Farmhouse have been poorly, but I'm sure they'll be better soon with Nancy Nurse on duty -- how much better could they have it??? And very glad to see you were taking notes from Ms. Jean for cute little Ellie!


I wish Ms. Cami and Mr. Farmhouse a swift recovery! Being sick is no fun.

The western quilt is adorable. I think the newlyweds will love it.

I was happy to see the pic of Ms. Faye. Oh no, I mean Vanna. I love her! We have become blog friends, and I hope to make it up that way one day so we can meet in person. I suspect lots of laughing might be involved.

One time, she suggested that we start a club and she had a name for it but I can't for the life of me remember the name. So, if I make it up that way, it'll be the 1st annual, "I can't remember the name of the club meeting!" I wonder if she remembers?

Also, I am enjoying your blog. It's nice seeing pics from your lovely part of the country--the lake, the snow--gorgeous! I look forward to seeing your winter pics soon. I live in north Texas where snow is not normally a common thing. I'm dreaming that this year will be different and snow will show up!

Thanks for sharing, and have a beautiful day!

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