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August 30, 2013



Wow!! I would be oh so honored to win!! tee hee

My favorite thing about fall are the colors and the cooler weather!



I just happen to be blog hopping and came here from Sue's at I Sew Quilts. I'm always sad to see summer go but I do enjoy the fall decor- pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows and bales of hay. It's a fun time.


One of my favorite things about fall are all the gourds, indian corn and natural decorating items that are available. Also the weather is usually cooler.


Halloween is my second favorite thing about Fall, the first being my grandson's birthday. He missed being a Halloween baby by half an hour; I was really hoping for the 31st.


Love the fall decorating with all the colors of nature showing their beauty in our quilts, wreaths, and all the other things we put into our homes. Love the cooler weather with fires to toast those marshmallows.


I love the smell in the air, that earthy smell of leaves on the ground and rain in the air.

Ann  in PA

Glad you're back to blogging. Love everything about Fall~ warm days and cool, crisp nights, sweaters, sweats, flannel, wonderful colors,hawkwatching, pumpkin pie, apple pie,MORE pumpkin pie. :)Have a great family weekend!


I love everything fall, beautiful colors, crisp fall air, decorating with gourds, pumpkins, scarecrows. The smell of pumpkin pie, pumpkin scones.. Fall makes me feel so happy.
Enjoy your weekend with family. Love reading your blog.
Happy Fall


My favorite thing is not having to pick any more beans and tomatoes.


Love the beautiful fall colors of leaves & the decorations of mums, pumpkins & scarecrows. We always go to the Dairy Expos in WI in Oct. & we look fwd to seeing old friends. Love your blog & the quilts. & your great decorating.


My favorite thing about fall is there are so many. The colors,cool temps, fewer bugs, and it's my granddaughter,daughter and my birthdays in September. As my granddaughter would say to win this would be awesome! Jane

Susie Delewese

I'm looking forward to cool crisp nights with the windows open.
I also like ghoulies and ghosties and witches on brooms, black cats and pumpkins and angels on tombs. :-)

ps... please put my name in the hat.


Love the fall colors, mums, and the fall decorating. Stopped after work today and bought a fall wreath (on sale). Mainly sunflowers and burlap ribbon. Love your blog and thanks for the chance at your generous giveaway.

Sue Carpenter

Ilove the fall colors, the decorating and the crisp cool weather ..I love everything fall. Enter my name in your draw.


Fall is my favorite time of year because of the cooler crisper air and the clean smells.

Melvonna Collier

My favorite things about fall are the leaves turning beautiful colors, the smell of fall candles, and making smores, outside on our patio with our children, on a chilly night.

Debbie St. Germain

I love the cooler nights, perfect time to sit on the porch and look at the stars.
I do have some of the new flannels and would love to have enough and some patterns to make a warm quilt for my bed.


Sarah Quiring

Hi Mrs. Farmhouse! Sarah w/ an H here - remember me - the Peep Wanna-Be? First of all - Miss Cami is photo bombing! She's one happenin' little doggie! To catch up...we are all settled on the prairie (just north and a bit west of Sioux Falls)...while hubby is out planting apple trees I'm inside where it's much cooler and civilized checking in on you! Fall is my favorite season. Growing up in Florida we really didn't see much of a variance w/ seasons...Warm, Hot, Hotter and Muggier - that was about it. Well...I LOVE fall b/c of the color, from the turning leaves to the golden fields, mums and...let's see...more than just the wonderful colors...APPLES! Apple crisp, apple pie...PUMPKINS! The smells of fall - fires smell best when wafting through chilled air...cinnamon candles...apple crisp cooling on the counter...how about sounds of fall? Crunching leaves...cows mooing b/c they get to go into the freshly harvested field and feast on the leftover corn - like us, getting to lick the bowl after the batter/frosting has been taken out...HALLOWEEN decorations! Another thing about fall...it's cozy. Cozy when the cold rains fall and you make up that first batch of chili and cornbread and start up the first fire in the fireplace. Cozy when the weather man starts mentioning a chance of snowflakes to fall by morning. Cozy while curled up under a quilt working on your latest wool project or hexagons or cross stitch even and NOT feeling one bit of guilt b/c you aren't outside tending to things. No...fall puts outside chores to bed and brings you inside. And now you are a grandma and just wait until the little ones come over to your house for a Halloween party. Costumes come on, you gobble up Goulie Gorp and then put on THE MONSTER MASH and everyone dances to their heart's content. You can dance like a crazy fool w/ those grandkids and never feel one bit silly. Well...I could go on some more but I'll end w/ one more favorite thing about fall. Flannel! Okay, you know where that's going! Great talkin' to ya - maybe you'll read this...hopefully you'll remember me. Sure is fun being able to look you up from time to time and see what you're up to. You are not still for long, are you?! Next time you peeps go to Estherville, Iowa you all stop here and pick me up! lol
Happy Fall! Sarah


I love making fun fall decorations with wool - so many yummy colors for fall! And I love the lower humidity!

Cindi P

There are so many wonderful things about fall...the colors...the smells...the weather...but this year my favorite thing is the granddaughter who is expected to arrive around the first of October. Thanks for the chance to win.

Judy D in Upstate NY

Fall is also my favorite time of year. I have always felt it was MY season since my birthday is on September 23, the first day of Fall! I love the pumpkins, mums, colored leaves, cool nights, apple picking, everything. The only drawback to Fall is that it is followed by winter.
I have really enjoyed reading your blog on such a regular basis!


Fall is my favorite time of the year. Fresh cool air, beautiful foliage, decorating with mums pumpkins and gourds and of course fall quilts. Please enter me in your drawing. I love reading your blog. I'm also a Minnesota gal.


I love Fall! The colors are amazing-not only the leaves but the sky, weeds, everything.
I would so love to win the book and fabric (can never have too much).
Have a great weekend with your family-hope Mr Farmhouse is better.


I love sitting around the fire pit on a crisp, fall evening

Marlene Reimer

Fall is my favorite season as well. I love the colours,sitting by a cozy fire, decorating and pumpkin pie!

Debbie Idzikowski

Fall is my favorite time of the year too. What's not to love about it? The beautiful colors, cooler weather, pumpkins, and good times around the fire pit all make it the best time of the year.
I've been a long time reader of yours and I hope you will be blogging for many more years to come!
Thanks SO much for the wonderful giveaway!!


My favorite thing about Fall is THE COLORS! I just love the rust, bright yellows and especially the pumpkin colors. As sad as it is to see summer go, you just need to show me a bolt of pumpkin colored homespun and I am not sad anymore! Little Farmer apple orchard also opens! I love spending the day with my kids and grandkids there going into
the craft barn, enjoying the animals, roaming through the pumpkin patch, getting a carmal apple, and taking home homemade pies and muffins.


I love the smell of the air in fall - there's something about the smell of fallen leaves combined with the cooler air that just brings me back to walking home from school as a child in Massachusetts, kicking through piles of leaves along the sidewalk.....


Autumn is a wonderful feeling in the air. Warm days, cool nights. Bon fires. And quilts...lots & lots of quilts to make...Fall reminds me of my Mom. When I was growing up she taught the girls how to make all kinds of crafts out of all kinds of things/mostly nature things but she taught us all how to sew. A skill that I still treasure. Especially when making quilts in the Fall. Now I’m trying to pass those skills onto my Grand daughter. I would LOVE to win the drawing :)


I love reading your blog!! I love fall, the colors the smells and all the yummy foods that come with the cooler weather.


The best thing about THIS Fall s getting to move into our new house....being built right now by our mutual carpenter friend! :)
Fall colors and the opportunity to wear wool endear me to the season. I am eager to settle in and unpack my sewing room....and work on some of my stock piled projects...some that I still have from my Farmhouse Woolens shopping days. ;)
Enjoy your little Sweet Pea.....our just turned 10 month grandson has spent the last 21 days with us! (He learned how to walk) ;)
I'm glad you are back to blogging....keep the inspiration coming! :)


I love the vibrant colors, chilly nights (the fleece sheets go back on the bed) and I actually like doing all the fall yard work and picking up all the branches in the woods. When the leaves all fall I can see through the woods better to make sure I don't have any bear visitors!!


My favorite thing about fall is the colors...and no more frizzy summer hair!


I have so enjoyed reading your blog every day this month ( with a few exceptions ). I love the cooler and crisper days of fall for my daily walks. Thank you for the chance to win.


It's been wonderful each day this month to read you blog! I've looked forward to it each day! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you keep up the blogging more regularly! lol I know, life is busy, so do what you can! As for fall, I LOVE it! The cooler temperatures, a slightly slower pace, sweaters, jeans, the smell of wood fires burning, the hint of frost, the dark settling in earlier in the evening, lazy evenings stitching in front of the tube with my honey. Great give-away! Thanks again. Enjoy little Ellie over the weekend!


First, enjoy your family this labor day week in!For me fall is a beautiful time, cool night, trees are getting pretty with color, love to decorate for falland with all of the freezing and canning done from the garden it just a relaxing time and enjoy. Also a very good time to be in the sewing room.Have a Bless weekin.

Kathy Diederich

It is my favorite season also. I love the early evenings, the cooler days, the colors and the smells. I truly love everything about the fall.


I love everything about fall, especially since I spent 40 years in Florida where we had none. The crisp cool air, the falling leaves, football season, and of course Halloween.

Linda C

I love everything about fall!!!Especially the colors, I decorate my home from top to bottom with pumpkins, quilts, dishes and anything in the colors of fall.

Nancy Watkins

Fall is definitely a favorite! I love the smell of the leaves and a beautiful Indian Summer day. Thanks for sharing your blog with us. Nancy in WI

karin levy

I just love fall for the season with the cool air bringing all the color changes of the tree leaves with red,orange,& yellow shades. And we know that Halloween & Christmas are nearing.
Karin :)

Debbie Leschisin

There are so many great things about Fall. I'm going to say that one of the best things about Fall is food. We get back into cooking more, and the apples are ready for making pies!


There can never be enough pumpkins for fall, the more the better. Fall brings new beginnings and warm colours to give the feelings of comfort and warm.
Have a good weekend.


Karen I enjoyed reading your blog all month. Fall is my favorite season. I enjoy the cooler days, just love the colors, the pretty leaves. I love sweaters and boots. Hope you enjoy fall also!


My favorite thing about fall is harvest and weaning calves. The years hard work paying off. I'm also ready for sweatshirt weather, pumpkins, apple pie,
mums, falling leaves. Love it. Enjoy your weekend and spoil that grandbaby.


Fall! What a wonderful sound to me who has been suffered from Arizona heat for months!! I just appreciate the cooler temperature with crisp air during fall. We can do a lot things like baking, knitting and enjoy going to the local trails for a long walk with Ms. Limo :D Have a,wonderful time with your family and say hi to Ms. Cami for Limo!


I love Fall because I get the urge to nest. I want to re-arrange furniture, buy linens, stock the pantry, line up sewing and knitting projects, make jam, etc. I also look forward to not feeling like a hot limp piece of overcooked linguine, too--summer is too hot! Yay for cooler temps!

Kathy U.

Hi Farmhouse Family....wow...it's hard to say something original after all these comments...I, too, love the colors of fall, the beginnings of crisp mornings, sunny days and cool nights before the cold of winter. For me, summer is my least favorite season---it's something I endure each year--- so fall is what keeps me going through the summer --- keeping me sane (lol)! Fall is the light at the end of the "summer tunnel" for me!


It's been so fun to check your blog to see what you had to say.. I hope you continue to write often. Love to see the decorating, the gang you sew with, the family, and the quilts.


Fall has always been my favorite time of year. The cooler weather gets us cozying up our homes, cooking great comfort food and decorating inside and outside with pumpkins, haybales and scarecrows. With kids going back to school moms have more free time for road trips to wonderful quilt shops and some great craft shows. Mother Nature provides a beautiful background with the changing of the leaves. Let's not forget football games which soon lead to hockey games.

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your blog. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading it.

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