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September 04, 2013



Oh my goodness. I just want to kiss those chubby little legs. She is so cute. I was just thinking today that I need to get the fall "stuff" out and start the decorating. You've given me the extra push I need. Thanks.


I love the idea of taking her picture in the same chair each year. She'll be running soon enough. Thanks for a wonderful month of posting. I enjoy each and every post. Can't wait to see what you'll be selling.


Oh my goodness! Just love that little Miss Ellie! What a shame those gorgeous chubby little legs and arms aren't as cute on someone my age! :) ...looking forward to seeing the Autumn decorating continue....won't be long and we will be putting the Christmas deccies up! Yikes!!

Kathy Upton

Great minds working together....I just purchased a little green chair similar to your red one for my 21month old grandson...or his 5 month old brother...to use at our family reunion the end of last July! So if you ready to look for suitable suitors for Miss Ellie...look no further...either Roryk or Ronyn are handsome, sweet and brilliant...in my unbiased Gammie opinion! lol....

Glad you're back and all is well-ish with the Farmhouse Family....congrats to Lori...(but I'm turning a bit green with envy...)


Great idea to take a picture of her each year like that. She is sitting up like such a big girl!

I may have to get the fall decorations out soon myself. Maybe looking at them will make it feel cooler!


Cute cute pic of Ellie..like the idea of annual chair photo. Will you still be blogging so we might be able to follow? My goodness even her little toes and fingers have little creases!
Sweet baby, enjoy...

Susie Delewese

Love Ellie's tutu sun suit, so sweet.
I haven't gotten out the pumpkins yet but you've inspired me.
Congratulations to your winner Lori...Lucky girl!
That wine looks good. I'm gonna go do that right now. It's 5:00 somewhere, right?

Patty Hogan

Love, love, love those cute little legs...chubby legs are the best and before we know it they are long skinny legs...well at least for some!!!! I'm dragging fall out today, love to see all your ideas....

Robbie Gillette

So sorry to hear that Mr. Farmhouse was down for so long. . . There's been some icky stuff going around here in our neck of the woods that sounds very much like what he's been fighting off. Hope he's up and back to his normal self real soon! Love the pics of Miss Ellie and your fall decorating is lovely. Especially love the window vignette. ..


Awwww, would ya look at that adorable little Ellie? What a cut little bathing suit too. I'm glad Mr. Farmhouse is getting better, poor guy. Sounds like you had a great end of summer!!!


Loved all the photos you shared...But have to tell ya Karen that Miss Ellie stole my heart so I could just imagine the warmth in yours!


What a wonderful idea - Ms Ellie in that same chair every year - she's a cutie! I need to get my fall stuff out this weekend & get with it! Thanks for the inspiration. Our temps are finally coming down from the high 90s to the 70s this weekend - bring out the fall d├ęcor! :)

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