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November 24, 2013



I've been wondering about. I've been posting pictures of our build and hadn't heard from you. Glad your better...and blog more girl! I don't Instagram .... Yet.


I have really missed your postings but so glad everyone is hale and hearty again. Oh my that little bundle of sweetness...gotta love those chubby little fingers and toes..enjoy the journey before you know it she will be off to college and married like our's..happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Susie Delewese

There you are!!! 'bout time. lol Good to see some pics of sweet Cami and that adorable turkey, Ellie. Hope your Thanksgiving turkey is as scrumptious as that one.
Your cushions are almost done :o)


Was missing your posts. Eeww, not a good time to have heating problems. Glad all is well. Looking forward to your next posts!


Oh dear I forgot to send you wishes of luck on your surgery. My husband had one eye done a year ago and is so happy with the results!


so glad you are back loves reading your blog and seeing all of the pretty decoration and home and all of the sewing thing you show. Glad everything was ok and I know time can get away.

Paulette Doyle

Wow!! You have been busy!! Wishing you well with your surgery! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family..and kiss the babes for me!! SEW happy that you are baaaaaack!!


I always love seeing you post. Glad you are feeling better! And what an adorable owl costume! Your granddaughter is a doll :o) Good luck with the surgery and a speedy recovery to you!

Also, I want to compliment you on how wonderful the BOM is that you have been sending! So neat and organized and what treats you send along! Thank you so much for going over and above, giving us something to cherish.


I am so glad your doing ok. Love seeing your posts..instagram has been much easier to post on that blog. I have to get back to blogging more as well.

Good luck on your surgery I am sure it will go well!

Have a wonderful holiday season! Love seeing the pictures!!!!!

Chris M

I am so happy that you are back and that all is well. I recently found your blog and have caught up on all your past creativity and have been missing new "news". You posts always inspire me. Can't wait to see your holiday decorating! Chris

Becky M

It is soooo good to read a post on your blog again. Glad to hear you are well. I was getting worried! Best wishes for a speedy recovery from the eye surgery. Looking forward to more postings about you, the family and the peeps! Happy Thanksgiving to All.


Well, so glad you are ok. Know how those bugs and everyday life can get in our way,, have a wonderful holiday..


Whoa Mr. Farmhouse -- I'm glad you're over that little bug. Ms. Ellie is growing like a weed -- I can't believe she's so big already -- I'm pretty sure you just told me last month that you were going to be a Grandma! Things are looking grand at the Farmhouse -- you're WAY too organized. And glad you found that leak -- I wish ours was that easy. We've been fighting a drainage sort of leak for YEARS and we just can't find the stupid thing. VERY annoying!!!


***MRS. *** not Mr. LOL!!!!

Melvonna Collier

So glad you and your family are safe and you are feeling much better. I really love reading your blog and was becoming concerned that something was wrong. I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Missed hearing from you and seeing your home decorated for fall - but so glad all is well with you and your family. Your little one is adorable and she's getting big! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Judy in Michigan

Thank you so much for your post - I've missed you so much and was hoping something bad had not happened. Happy Thanksgiving = one thing I'm thankful for is the Yellow Farm House!!


It is wonderful to see you back on the blog! I love to visit you here. Your stories of sewing, recipes, family, and all of the activities are just a joy to read.

Ann  in PA

Good to know that the Farmhouse family is doing well. Sorry to hear your bout with the crud and the cruddy heating people. Mr Farmhouse and friends are very serious about that pile of crabs. LOL Nice to see Miss Cami and oh my, your sweet little Owl, Ellie has the longest eyelashes and the cutest dimples!!!Wish you well with the upcoming surgery. Blessings & Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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