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January 03, 2014


Anne Bryson

Cute pin cushions. Nice idea for a swap. Hey, are you inspired to make that quilt? I know you have the pattern. I think Ellie would love it! ;)

Pam Thorne

Love the pin cushions. It is always a good day when you can get together with your stitching peeps! We are getting ready for some nasty weather, too. Our guild meeting for Tuesday has already been cancelled so I plan on spending the day in my happy room. :)

Pam near Music City, TN


Cute pin cushions! Love your kitchen :o) Going to be remodeling mine this year and I look at your decorating for inspiration! That bad cold is going to be here too. It sure makes letting the dogs out go very fast, lol. They can't make it in quick enough to suit them!


Oh I love pin cushions! What a good idea and there are some really cute ones. We had the bitter cold yesterday and it's coming back in a couple of days. Stay warm!!


Really like the little velvet pumpkin, I am coveting that stem on it..LOL the pincushion swap, what a great idea!


Glad to hear some quilting peeps could make the meeting. The pincushion swap is fantastic idea. Keep warm and sew!


Love the pin cushions!
xo Kris

Karen Beigh

The baby quilt is adorable.

Robbie Gillette

Love the pin cushion idea!! I try to make a pin cushion for each holiday - Valentine's, Easter, July 4th, etc. and put them out at each place setting for the girls in my quilt group. We have quite a collection going! It might be getting a little ridic - nope! You can never have too many cute pin cushions!! haha

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