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January 25, 2014



She is so adorable! Life is wonderful isn't it?!


I can't believe she is almost one already! Time flies!!! Such a pretty little thing, she is!! They just steal our hearts, don't they?
xo Kris


What an absolutely beautiful, beautiful baby!!! I am sure she is just a delight to play with and look after and has her grammy and grandpa wrapped around her tiny finger! It just doesn't get any better!!

Enjoy your snow tomorrow - I'm out here in the West and we haven't received a single drop of moisture since December ;o( Enjoy your wonderful snow day - I'm jealous!!


It really is the simple things that bring the most joy! Adorable and how fun to be celebrating her birthday already. Love her pink shoes!

Sue Watters

Time certainly does fly i can see how she can bring you so much joy.


What a keeper.... Nice that you folks are close enough to spend time together.


Major cutie!! Love the tennies but my grands couldn't get them off fast enough either. Always mopped my kitchen before they came or their socks told on my housekeeping.


What a doll... I can't believe that she's almost a year old already. Time is flying! Enjoy every minute!❤️


Love those shoes! She is truly a beautiful little girl:)


She is so sweet! And I am partial to babies with shall we say.........just a little bit of hair!


What a doll! She is so sweet :o)

Paulette Doyle

Your little Munchkins is absolutely beautiful...she looks just like her Grandma!! And yes, I agree it DOES feel like yesterday...now that year flew!


Awwww, she's adorable Karen! I'll bet you're having a blast with her. Stay warm!!!


What fun you must be having with your little sweetie. I can tell your husband is enjoying her every bit as much as yourself. I have your beef/barley soup in the crockpot today. It will smell so good when we come home later on. Geez I didn't even tweak the recipe!!


Pictures to attest to your favorite saying...moments that take your breath away!


Best way to spend a day!!! She is beautiful. I take every opportunity I get to spend time with our 2 yr. old little Lexi. They grow up so fast.

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