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January 01, 2014



happy new year to you and your family! Your little peanut is precious!


Joy was my word for last year....not sure if I will change it for this year...guess I havent decided yet!


Wishing you & your family a JOYous New Year! We had our "little peanut" New Years Eve - she is now 10 y/o! LOL Time flies - enjoy it! We are getting some snow/sleet mix here in IL right now. It's been a weird winter so far with warm temps then sudden drops & snow/sleet! Love your blog and will be following you all year...Best to you & yours!


Can't think of a better way to spend the first day of the year, she is a sweetie. We relaxed and spent the day doing mostly nothing.
I look forward to your daily posting.


What a wonderful way to spend the day! She is a cutie!


She is precious! Can't believe she walking already! Happy New Year. Happy New Year!
Oh, and my husband has done a little beer making too. It is big here! Fun!
xo Kris


Can't think of a better way to start the New Year! Enjoy that sweet little girl...they grow up so fast!


Ellie is a little cutie for sure. You are so blessed to have such JOY in your world. Happy New Year!!


What fun you must have had! I am jealous Geoff is my only child and they have decided to not have children.. so no grand babies for me. I love watching you enjoy yours. Have a Joyful and Happy New Year!


Oh that little Ellie is a cutie! My littlest grand is almost 6 & I miss the babes. Happy New Year.

Anne Bryson

I can't believe she's already walking. Your days of SITTING and watching her are over...completely over. Make sure you take your tennies with you when you go see her! Hee hee. She's just so darn cute!


Really love seeing the photos you share of that sweet little lady. I am sure you have already gained some sweet Christmas memories. Love the photos of your Mom's very lovely home..especially the red plates in the white hutch! Stay healthy.

Robbie Gillette

My goodness I can't believe she's walking already!! Isn't she like 5 months old??? haha Time sure flies - especially the older I get. So glad to hear that you are making a conscience choice to look for and create more JOY in your life.. . This word has definitely been on my heart lately as well. Blessings to you and yours Karen in the coming year!

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