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January 06, 2014



Oh how I feel for all of you in that awful cold!!!! Hope it passes soon. Til then, stay in your warm Jammie's and and wrapped in a quilt ,,, love your stitching!!!!
XO Kris


very cold in michigan
also getting kinda tired of it stay warm

Bari Jo

Thank you SO much! I'm so excited to win the giveaway! I received your email and sent my address to you! Hugs! Bari


Sew glad your surgery went well. My husband had one eye done a year ago this month. He was amazed with the results.
You will really enjoy your stitching now. Got a full report on Chicago's weather tonight from my grand daughter and her husband. Good thing they are both cold weather lovers! Tomorrow is my sew day.


Yikes Woman! We're freezing our tookuses (ok, I can't spell it LOL) down here too -- we're at -15. We have a ton of beautiful new snow too -- ala MN style -- Yipee!!!

Congrats to your winners and looks like you've got a cute little stitchery going on there!

May Britt

Hope you all are staying warm. Guess you have a lot of quilts to wrap yourself in. Here where I live it is raining. And that is not usual for this time of the year. Been a strange winter with almost no snow. And we are used to have down to minus 30 C. Rusken loves it because now he can stay outdoors all the time.


Can't wait to see the projects. I've been playing with reds too. It's -19 here.. You win... in a sick sort of way I guess. It's been 40 days of single digit temps and below zero weather. Last Saturday it warmed up to 26--- amazing how warm 26 degrees feels with it still below freezing. Snuggle up ---stay warm.


You win-20 here BUT poor DH & DS have 80 head of cattle, sheep, chickens & such to feed & fight frozen waterers.
THEY win along with others who work in this weather.
Love you New stitching. Looking fwd to finding a hand project to sit with family & do.


Wow, that is terribly cold. Stay warm and safe. Cute project you are working on.


It is still that cold here again today.. uggh! I have to go to the dentist. Don't want to venture out much less go out for something SO not fun. Love the sneak peek at your new projects! Very nice :o)

Karen Beigh

I am in a heart kind of mood. I hope you will soon post a picture of your whole project. I am looking for ideas.

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