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January 08, 2014


Anne Bryson

The pictures are wonderful. I vote "yes" on putting out your snowmen. More for us to drool over!


Beautiful, Karen! I agree with Anne. Bring on the snowmen! It's only a week into January. There is lots of snow time left. I'll bet they are already trying to peek out of the boxes :)


Your holiday pics are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I say yes to the snowmen (in greed) more work for you more eye candy for us! ;) Proud of you for your continued blogging. I'm a no blogger just read others when I have time - so you go girl! Stay warm up there - it's cold down here in IL too - way too cold!


Your house is beautiful! I am rather new to your blog and I cannot wait for you to roll out each season!


I love it Karen! Is that Santa a brick or a piece of wood? So cute! Are you freezing your buns off there where you live???? Gosh, I would be!! Stay warm!
xo Kris

Chris M

I love your holiday decorating! It is so warm and inviting even without the tree! Do you remember the name of the pattern with seasons in redwork - framed in an old window? I would love to know it - and of course make it. Please let the snowmen come out and play. It's the perfect weather for them! Stay inside and decorate to stay warm!


Oooh! I love that star over the white frame. Gotta make one of those for next year. It was hard to resist all the great Christmas stuff on sale over the last few weeks but right now I have a place and a plan for each Christmas item in my house. If I buy more, everything has to be moved or changed and I can't face that !!!! Beautiful work. Stevie @ ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

Sharon Bennett

Just the right touches for Christmas! What's say we skip the snowmen and boogey right into some Valentines? I've had enough cold and snow, how about you? ;-)

Sue Tokash

So many years I too skipped the snowmen. They always seem to remind me that it is too cold and snowy outside.


Thanks for sharing your Christmas decorating. I love that red table it's so cute.


Thanks for sharing. I missed your pictures. Such inspiring decorating, love your style. Clean, not cluttered. Snowmen & pictures please.

Paulette Doyle

Gorgeous...any time of the year!! Love EVERYTHING!!

Jan MacKay

I love the red work in the window frame. Red is my signature color. heheh. Your own pattern?


You have a beautiful home and just the right touch for each room. You do have the gift for decorating. I'm trying to figure out what to do now the Xmas decorations are put away and yes the snowman got put away early this year. I have stitched the Birdbrain redwork, need to get them framed. I like how you added homespun and reds logcabin style. I hope you don't mind if I do the same.


Yes, please put out the snowmen. More for me to drool over. I just love snowmen!!

Happy New Year, Janie


I love the decorating,I too decorate the top of my kitchen cupboards. I vote yes for more snowmen....A fan from Canada Janet



Beautiful decorations Karen. Where do you store all of these lovely holiday treasures?

Ginney Camden

I loved all the pics....especially the red work quilt displayed behind the old window frame with the wonderful red and white arrangement below.

Margaret Desjardine

Very nice decorating. I wonder if you would share the name of the color red used throughout your pictures. I LoVe it! Thanks. Hope Christmas was all you wanted and have a Happy New Year. Your little granddaughter is a dolly!

Judy P

I just discovered your blog while looking thru pinterest. You are living in my dream home!!! I absolutely love the way you have decorated it. If I wasn't living in an apartment, this is what I would have. I guess I can still embellish, yes? lol It's beautiful and I truly love your needle work. I have only been quilting for about a year and just started wool and fabric applique this past couple of months. I enjoy it very much but it is very expensive hobby.

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