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January 24, 2014



This does sound great Karen. I'm always look for crock pot recipes that take 8 - 12 hours to cook...that's my work day. Thanks for sharing this one!


I love that you are blogging more! I am in Portland now and have my Valentines project half done. That soup is a winner!!!


Can't wait until we have soup weather again...another hot week forecast for next week...all the closer to Autumn/Winter!!


Sounds delish....sourdough yum..yours looks buttered just the way Ilike it! Thanks for the recipe.

Anne Bryson

That's a great soup recipe. So tasty!


Hey Karen, just wondering if there is suppose to be barley in this recipe also?


Sorry - i can't read!

Patty Hogan

Yep,,,we love that soup, its a staple here also since you first shared it years ago. Thanks, Karen, for sharing it again so that more can enjoy this yummy soup!


Trying it today minus the barley. My little grocery didn't have any. Substituting vermicelli. I will continue to look for barley at a bigger store.:)


Yumm! Must remember this for my next soup day!

Julie Forslev

We had this soup this week too! I've been making it since you first posted it--one of my favorites! :)


You posted this recipe one other time several years ago and we've been enjoying it ever since. We LOVE it. :-)

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