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January 19, 2014



Looks like a fun weekend and what a super special sister you have.

Noodles, cheese and chicken! Winner. Thanks for the link to the recipe!


Little Ellie is just too cute! She is really growing. This recipe looks like a great cold weather dish.


Your little one is getting so big, so fast! Seeing her standing there, is hard to believe.
The casserole sounds yummy. Yesterday, I made football game watching food. A sinful cheese and chili dip...and guacamole....then a fattening dinner of honey baked ham, scalloped cheesy potatoes, and pie for dessert!
XO Kris


Awwww, look at that cute little Ellie! You didn't go to the MOA??? I used to love to go there -- not for the shopping but just to people watch and be amazed at the sheer size. When people came to visit, we had a place to park and the perfect entrance to impress them with the grandeur of it all LOL! Thanks for the link to the casserole -- it looks fantastic in the middle of the winter!

Ann in PA

Ms. Ellie is sooooooooooo cute!!!!

Martha Kronberg

Had the Country Chicken Casserole tonight for dinner. Everyone loved it!


Little Ellie is so cute in her pink shoes. I need a pair of those for me. I'm heading over to check out the recipe.


I thought your casserole looked so good that I had to go to site and get recipe. WAS DELICIOUS!! What a hit with my family. This is a keeper. Thanks for sharing!

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