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February 16, 2014



Good morning,
I love your post! You know, I love reading tid-bit, not a long entry. Very interesting and to the point.
I would love to post like that...but I'm a chatty Kathy once I start and can't stop putting it all down. LOL.

Anyway - how adorable is Ms. Ellie...she is really growing!!! Our Gr-Grandson Zayne is probably just a couple months younger than her. So cute! Thanks for sharing her update with us. Isn't it fun to spoil them?

Kari did a wonderful job on the new item for your class - everyone will love it - I know I do.

Thank you for the recipe - I love English Muffins and used to be able to find the bread here but can't find it anymore. I will certainly try this in my bread machine.

Your February block is really cute! I don't do quilting but I love looking at what everyone does.

Ooohhhh I love the punch needle. I have a few of Brenda's designs - isn't she just the greatest designer??? Love your piece.

I used to cross stitch until my eyes got too bad for it - although I do think if I wore a different pair of glasses it just might help me see the little holes! lol Good luck on your new piece.
Now please tell me about that ADORABLE THREAD HOLDER and those tiny spools of thread! Soooo cute. Please tell!!!

Well thank you so much for a great post - I so enjoyed it.
Oh I forgot - our kitty used to burrow like your Ms. Cami - she loved getting under things and then working her way to the opening. I always enjoyed watching that process.

Blessings to you and if you are in cold weather...stay warm



Your little one is adorable! Love that age!
Cute project with the seed packets. Must seem that Spring is far away for all of you under the snow. But it will come!
That bread is just the best. Think I will make some today.
xo Kris


Ms. Ellie is so sweet. I love all the projects. Thanks for the inspiration.


Wow -- cute little Miss Ellie is growing like a weed -- I'll bet you're having the time of your life! You're sure a busy Grandma with all that beautiful needlework going on -- that must be how one stays warm in the deep winter freeze LOL!

Ann in PA

Miss Ellie is absolutely adorable! Lots of eye candy-love Brenda Gervais designs...cross stitch is back (or maybe I just left it & I'm back)did you see her mice pin cushions?.. and oh, I don't need another set of gadgets but love that punch needle. Last but not least...hard to find Miss Cami at first....dang, she's sweet.

Chris at the Resort

Thanks for the bread recipe. I'm going to try it soon--maybe even tomorrow! Thanks for always inspiring me. And as a fellow Grammy, I know how precious that little Ellie is to you!

Robbie Gillette

Such a great post from beginning to end!! Glad to see you all are holding up under the winter snowfalls. Ellie is super adorable and I can't believe how big she's getting!! So fun for you and Mr. Farmhouse. . .
Thanks for the tip on the good light w/magnifier for the cross stitch projects. I've been wanting to try some but know that my eyes wouldn't be able to see well enough - but w/your encouragement I'm off to find a light so I can get started!
Oh and loved your new website. . . had to figure out how to enable cookies so I can sign up for your newsletter. . .teckie stuff + me = grrr haha
So good to see Ms. Cami all snuggled in.
Have a lovely week!


Thank you soooooo much for the mention of your Mighty Bright Light with magnifier. I've researched similar lights before but could not find one with a design that I liked or that I could afford. The best price that I found, if others are interested, is Walmart online with free ship to site for pickup. Also, Hobby Lobby has them and you can use the 40% coupon (still a little more than Walmart with coupon but a better price than Amazon....plus I had a gift card to Hobby Lobby so ended up getting there ;). Anyway, LOVE it and just wanted to say thank you!


Yoo hoo, where are you? Missing your posts!


Miss reading your posts, hope everything is alright with you and your family. Mickey in Pennsylvania


Miss reading your posts. I hope you and your family are ok. Please continue your posts. They really brighten my day and love seeing how you decorate for the different seasons. I also enjoy seeing the projects that you and your peeps have made. Have a great day.

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