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January 09, 2008



Congratulations on the weight loss! That should be GREAT motivation to keep going. I, too, have been feeling pretty tired and worn out - not too motivated but crocheting Valentine heart pins and towels nonetheless. I found I have been reading a lot more since the holidays - I am reading 'Eat Pray Love' - an excellent book if you haven't read it.
- Andrea in NJ


It looks like a winterwonderland where you live! I would be happy to just stay home and sew. I have the decorating blahs myself. I put away all the gazillion Christmas decorations and am really liking the uncluttered free spaces. Except it kinda looks like we are moving or something, things are so bare!

Kim J

I'm still trying to put all of the holiday stuff away. I don't think the bareness in the house will bother me for awhile. I hope you have fun in the sewing cave. Can't wait to see what you are working on.

Kim J. from VLCo.


Yeah on your weight loss, I too am doing WW but I'mdoing it on line...my first week I've lost 4 pounds and already feel better, does that make sense???? I keep walking into my sewing/scrapbook room and looking around and walk out...maybe that is the blahs!!! It looks beautiful where you are, I'm in California and its cold...well our kind of cold and dreary. Hope you make progress today with your sewing...show us what you accomplish so we can be motivated. Thanks for your wonderful blog!!!!


We would have to have winter before I could get tired of it...it's been close to 70 here in NJ! I'm thinking I should be in the garden rather than under a quilt.

Congrats on the weight loss. I've been doing WW since last April and have lost almost 25 pounds. About 8 pounds to goal! It's a fabulous program and is easy to adapt as a lifestyle. Good luck!


Sewing is a great cure for the blahs at any season.

Our winters are a little different. To cure the blahs around here I generally lace up my sneakers and go for a walk. I did that today - 4 miles. But I bet I won't lose 4.5 pounds this week. Good job on that!!!


Wow! You Go Girl!!! Congrats on the weight loss -- I can only hope my first week will be as productive! Have to get through this week's birthdays and cramming in my Last Supper Birthday Cake madness first LOL! Like you...something's feeling a little different. I'm only getting done what I have to. There's so much of the rest of the stuff, I just can't get organized. At least you have Cancun to look forward to -- Yipee!!!!

Mary Wood

Good luck on your weight loss you can do it your off to a good start. Hope you have a good holiday at the beach.
Hugs Mary


Hi Karen!
Blahs. Boy do I have them too. Your snow looks so pretty. It is like 30-45 here and pouring cats and dogs. I have no motivation what so ever. I am trying to get through the end of this week as I work the next couple of days and then I am hoping to kick myself in the rear and get my act together. Be productive, or creative, or something. Best of Luck. I hope you've been able to be productive in your 'cave'. ;o) Much Love, Jodi

Covered Porches

Congrats on the weight loss. Don't give up. Even in the future, if it comes off slowly-- at least it is coming off.

Cottage Contessa

Feeling a little blah myself. Your photo's are gorgeous, so magical. Congratulations on the weight loss, that's a fantastic start! Have a good day sweetie.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


Congrats !! WOW ! I know how it feels to have a lose like that one. You are doing awesome ! I just posted a WW hot chocolate recipe on my blog tonight,sometimes its a 'lifesaver' when in need of chocolate!


I'm feeling it too...winter blahs....my solution is a trip to my favourite quilt shop even if it means a bit of a drive. I bought a Jelly Roll and pattern to help me get my mojo up and running again.

Congrats on the WW...that's fantastic. I'm so very happy for you.

I hope you found some creativity in the sewing cave. I love to see what you are working on.


How is it going in your sewing cave??? I do the same thing when I have the blues. I had it on the Friday after my Christmas party. All my presents were made and out, my lace group get~together and the quilt group party was over and I found myself alone and done that day. I went into my studio and started a new table quilt. It is close to being done and then I can start quilting it.

Hugs from Holland ~


I know what you mean, I can't even get motivated to put the Christmas stuff away, period!lol. It's all piled up in one spot of the dining room. everyday I say tomorrow I have to get all those bins put away but I'm just not interested in lugging boxes and bins to the basement or attic. lol. I wish I was rich and could say to the help "I'm tired of looking at the Christmas stuff! Can you put it all away now?" lol!


kari & kijsa

It always is a little sad when those bright and sparkly decorations come down...but your photos are beautiful!! We went walking in a winter wonderland through your post! We feel cheery already!

kari & kijsa


It is almost liberating to hear others talk about the post-holiday blahs. I was beginning to think it was just me!
Thank you for sharing your winter wonderland photos! Being from the "sunshine state", we miss out on the beauty of winter.
Congrats on your WW success! Keep up the good work! Concentrate on all of the creative juice flowing through the clutter of your sewing cave and draw your energy from that instead of heading for the pantry! We'll all benefit from it, as you'll have lots of goodies to photograph and share with us and you'll continue your successful WW journey!

Cindy D

Wow you did good your first week. I don't think I will have done as well as you. I too have had the blahs this week. It hink because it was my first full week back from work and concentrating so much on what I have been putting in my mouth.


Congrats on the weight loss. And the trip to Cancun will be just what you need to cheer you up and get rid of the winter blues. Wait till you hit that humidity. LOL!!! You'll be wanting snow again. I remember walking out of our room and my glasses fogged up so bad I couldn't see a thing!


No winter blahs here! Pull out a new project and just while away the hours while you look out your window at the beautiful frost and snow. :-)

Cara.. again!

What a wonderful post.. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that is feeling the post-holiday blah's! I actually felt them pre-holiday this year!
The pictures you post are gorgeous~ I'm new to the blogging world, and yours is certainly an inspiration!!

Rose @ Classic Charm

Hi Karen!
You go girl on the weight loss! Yoo Hoo!
And have a wonderful and safe trip to Cancun...I've never been, but my sister has gone several times and she tells us that's her favorite place to go on vacation! Enjoy the sandy beaches...and golden sunshine.

Mary Issabella

WOW!!! you did good girl!!! I love the picture of the frost on the tree branches. It is soooo beautiful!! Smiles... Mary


Congrats! on your weight loss. Your winter scenery is beautiful. I hope you have a nice window in your sewing room to be able to see the view. We don't have much of a "winter" here, so it's hard to get the winter blahs. Cancun sounds wonderful, lucky you!

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