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January 13, 2008



Sounds like a fun day! The sandwich you selected sounds like my kinda lunch *s*

Mary Wood

Glad you had a fun day. love your little dog she is so cute.Like the project you are doing it looks good. You make me jealous when you say it is snowing outside I wish.
Hugs Mary.


What a great day! Your lunch looks fantastic!

Fondly, Sharon

Mary Issabella

Looks like you had a very nice day...Smiles


Karen, you have some fabulous places to shop!

The sandwich looks great, as does dessert. I'm trying to behave myself...don't know if I would have had Kari's will power, though!



Wow! Looks like you had a great day. Gee thanks for posting that deelish dessert -- only 3 more hours until dinner LOL! I'll get back atcha! Love the little project you're working on -- will be perfect for V-Day!


You have a wonderful life! Cute dog, great friends, great quilt shops, good food, and a whole lot of talent! I'm glad you are getting out of your blah slump!


What a awesome day of shopping with friends and a delicious lunch too. Love the wool flower basket you've starting working on.
I've been thinking about making those fingerless gloves and never got around to it. Let me know how it goes.

Cute doggie picture.


Karen- your trip sounded like tons of fun. That sammy you had looks scrumptious and way to go keeping on the ww plan. Your dog is a cutie pie. Hope you feel like sewing/decorating soon. Spring will be here before you know it.

Cottage Contessa

Everytime I come to visit you, I always leave with the feeling that I wished I actually knew you and your peeps in real life. You guys have such fun together! A cozy fire sure does sound good. Hurry up Winter, I'm waiting for you here!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


Friends, fabric, food, fun (the new 4F club). :-) A great day, indeed.


I listed my blog under the URL. Didn't realize it wasn't there. :o)

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