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January 30, 2008



What a sweet house, so glad you posted pictures of it! I enjoyed my tour. I love the quilted and wool goodies!! Your dog looks so comfy, glad he got to enjoy the sun...hope you warm up soon....kathy


What a beautiful warm home. I bet you had an awsome time. If that is all you gained drinking all those drinks hehe and eatting that awsome breakfast you did good. I leave for my moms tom. and I sure don't wanna weigh when I get home.


Ha! Ms Cami reminds me of our Max - basking in the sun! It's super cold and windy here too, and we're supposed to get a bunch of snow so I'm going to be a weenie and hibernate for a few days!

Your friends house is so cute, I love all the plaid....very clever idea with the door.


Love your new benches and Holy Scha-moly Sweetums -- I hope you're staying warm. You kids be careful up there in the frozen north!!!


What a wonderful tour of your friends home. I see she has many small quilts in that green cabinet...I'd like a better look at those...teehee. Great score on the tables, they look great. I'm sure you'll do something spectacular with them.

I've been a real wienie too and staying home...VBG


That's a lovely house, so much detail to look at in each photo.
You did well to get those tables - I think they would look great in lots of places.


Good news on the weigh in...you should be very proud of yourself after that wonderful vacation and all that good food and drink. Thank you for sharing Caroline's home...I love it. Miss Cami is as cute as she can be...very smart too...getting as much warmth as she can. Stay warm! Those benches are great!


I like those little tables! That's a clever idea with the door to make it into a divider!

You left a comment on my blog asking a question about a pattern, but you are set to no reply so I can't send you an email, I hope you get this comment. The redwork pattern is Four Seasons in the Garden by Bird Brain Designs, they have it on their website, it's to make a mini quilt. Good luck!


Warm thoughts to you Karen. We're freezing here and it's only in the 40's. For here thats cold!! I'd never make it in the negatives, LOL!! Your friends home is gorgeous and I love her snowmen.


I love your new tables. They are wonderful and I can see why you wanted them. Thanks for sharing pictures of your family's home. Such a cute place and so nicely decorated. I loved the grater light and the door divider. ~Adrienne~


Karen, thanks so much for sharing Caroline's home. I love it.

The coldest it's been this week, is around 8 above. Right now it's 25 and it's been snowing about 4 hours!


Rose @ Classic Charm

Hi Karen!
Love your new pieces, and I noticed my kitchen wallpaper on your friend's wingchair - ha! Love her beautiful country home - how charming!

Alison-My Little Stitching Corner

Your friends home is lovely. You all have such pretty homes. I love the snowman/grater lamp. What a fabulous idea!! I think your tables couldn't be more perfect for a place you call Liberty Cottage!

michelle ridgway

I recall the pictures of the temporary store that you posted in December. In those photos there was one of a star quilt, just above the photo of the bed that the store owners had built. Do you think that they are interested in selling that as well?

As always, so wonderful to read your blog.


What great tables you scored!!! I love them!!! They are right up our alley for sure. Your friends house is wonderful. Thanks for showing all the photos. Also thanks for checking up on me. Your a sweetie.


Hi Karen,

I'm glad that you had a nice trip!
Your friend has a very pretty home. I love that door divider. That's an interesting idea.

Liberty Cottage is a great name!


Hi Karen,

I'm glad that you had a nice trip!
Your friend has a very pretty home. I love that door divider. That's an interesting idea.

Liberty Cottage is a great name!

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Hiya sweetie! First I just have to comment on Ms Cami. Is she just the cutest little thing or what?! I love to pick my Paris Fifi up for a cuddle after she's been warmed by the sun, they're so ultra soft then! The table you got from your friend are just gorgeous. I can see them fitting perfectly into your cabin too. You'll have to show us pics of their final resting place ok. I really like your "peeps" home too. Does everyone in world except me have these fabulous homes and awesome style?? lol Hope you have a wonderful weekend Karen!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


The tables are so cute! I would snag them up too! I love your friends house and all her collections.....very cute!

Have a happy weekend!

:0) Sharon


First off.. Miss Cami, what a cutie!!! She looks very content. That happens to be my dog Sophie's favorite position!
I love your new tables.. I can't wait till summer to see how you've used them.
I've tagged you for 4 favorite things.. Its TOTALLY optional! I just don't have a lot of friends in blog world yet!
Enjoy your weekend!


Your friends home looks so warm and inviting! And your sweet little dog is adorable enjoying the sunshine :-} We're in the middle of another snow storm. It started around midnight last night and has continued to snow throughout the day with temps -15 brrrr.
Have a great weekend Karen.


Thank you so much for your supportive comment! I really appreciate it. The vacation pictures below look so wonderful...
Matt and I went to Jamaica one cold cold March, I've never been the same!


I am just finding your blog and enjoyed your posts. Looks like you have a lot of fun with decorating and quilts!


I am just finding your blog and enjoyed your posts. Looks like you have a lot of fun with decorating and quilts!


Yoooo hoooooo, where are you?????????????? I miss you!!!


Love the pic's... love the door as a little wall in the entry way. And I LOVE Miss Cami... she looks like my little Sweet Pea!


Hi there Karen! What a great find those tables are. I would love to see your cottage by the lake when you do open it for the season. Does Ms. Cami go with you there? She is just too adorable for words. Do you know that??? Oh well, it's a dogs life and what a life that is!

What a beautiful home Caroline has! She has a kitchen that says "Come on in, sit down and have a cup of coffee!" I loved seeing her little cupboard with all those small quilts stacked in it!

Hugs ~


Thank you so much for mentioning Rowe Pottery. It was my understanding that they had gone out of business. At least that's what the shop where I used to buy it told me when they said they couldn't get it any more. Your mention of it made me search online and I learned they have a website and it is indeed still being made. Thanks again.

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