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January 15, 2008



Hi Karen,

Congrats on your healthy eating success!
I love that little quilt, especially those nice rich colors with the the black. It reminds me of some of my favorite Amish quilts, in a way.

10 things:

My new camera
Fresh flowers in the house
My new Amos Lee CD's
Having a CD player in my new car..and the new car! LOL!
Cherry Garcia ice cream
The scent of hyacinths
French roast coffee
Blue and white dishes
The book I'm reading,,A Thousand Days in Tuscany by Marlena De Blasi
My wedding ring
A photo of my son and husband on the beach
A quilt made by my grandma
A little clay vase that my son made in first grade of his hand holding the cylinder where the flowers go
Oh gosh....it's too hard to stop at 10!


Congratulations on the weight loss and life change...you are doing great! Yes, I read, re-read, spell check and still end up with something that just makes me shake my head. Your challenges for the year sound wonderful...a great way to focus on the good and happy things.


Congrats on the weight loss. I know it is hard for me. I just love cooking and eatting out with friends. I have to make some new choices.


Well Cripes! I had that Kim Diehl book in my amazon basket and I took it back out cause I wanted other stuff. I love that quilt. Maybe next time! I read, re-read, re-re-re-re-read and I still have typos. Drives me nuts. I hope everyone understands the way I understand if I see them with a typo. Congrats on the weight loss. I can't list 10 things I love right now, 'cause I'm sure they'd all be some variant of sugar!!! LOL!!!


Congrats on the weight dropage!! Is that a word??? LOL!!! WOOO HOOO. After my house guest is gone and we've eaten crap the whole week I'm gettin serious here.
I love that quilt our gonna do. I have all those books. And I took hubby's favorite b-b-que book and had it spiral bound for him a year ago. He loves it!!!


Dang your ahead of me - ha! I've got to get moving on this better lifestyle thing...I'm tryin really I am.
Ok, I LOVE those black stars in that quilt book with the fleur de lis (sp?) as a base, where do I find those??? And your project, yep that's real cute! Ok 10 things I love,
roosters...toile...fresh snow fall...my fireplace....the sound of my boys laughing...the way my little boys just love their mommy...black/cream checks...ok, somebody stop me....ha!


Congrats on the weight reduction, I know how hard it is. WW has been the only way that I could lose the pounds. I love the idea of listing "10 things I love", fun idea. I've seen those bound books but never got it done. Your next project looks like a really nice one.

Don't worry about the typo's I do it ALL the time....LOL.

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Congrats on the weight loss! I've said this before but, you and your peeps look like you have such fun together, I wish I was there too! Great idea about the book spine conversion!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Covered Porches

Good job on the weight loss! I've never had a Kim Diehl but the photographs look beautiful -- definitely on my wish list now...


Way to go on your weight loss! :-)

I take all my favorite quilt books to Kinkos or Staples and have them spiral bound. So much easier to function when working on a special project and/or tracing an applique pattern.


Watch out! You are an inspiration!

I have made a few changes. And I am counting my points.

Plus ... I love the "Ten Things I Love".

Sounds like a great blog post too.

Lois Atchison

Great post, Karen! I love the idea of spiral binding books- how cool is that? You must share with me where to take them.....

I am working on my 10 Things I Love list and you are on it!

'til later! Lib

Kim J

Congrats on your weight lost. Something I need to work on. I love your Top 10 list idea. My camera would also be at the top of my list along with your blog! Stay warm and have a great week!

Kim J.


Congrats! on the weight loss. I think your photography sessions to document your months are a wonderful idea. I do hope you will share them with us. I love the idea of putting spiral binders on your books... I had no idea this could be done. Thanks for the info!


Lightbulb Moment! Great Idea for introduction at February Quilt Guild Meeting - 10 Things I Love. I need more ideas for guild meetings - any out there? Also, need help with next Quilt Show - I'm the Chair - Yikes!! Has anyone written a book as a guide for Quilt Shows? Love your blog - when I get a spare minute I'm going to have one....


Hi karen
congratulations on your weight loss!
Thank you for your visits to my blog, and your kind Birthday Wishes.


I just love your new projects Karen! I love the ideas you are doing with your scrapbooking gals. Isn't it inspiring to get together with those who are like minded? But I just adore your newest quilt project!!! I am working on a penny rug right now and this look of one as a quilt, well, it is fabulous! I can't wait to see yours done. Will you share some progress photos with us?
You are stronger than me my friend. I love to eat good food and even though I don't eat all that much, I still can't loose a pound. Of course, with a chronic illness, I also am not able to do much physical activities. Keep up the great work but also enjoy life!

Hugs from Holland ~


beautiful quilt, love the colors.


Congratulations Karen, on seeking a healthier life and the 2.6 Lb loss! ..I'm looking to try that too! I had better get busy..have a regular doctor visit the 2nd of Feb!!!

I like the idea of 10 things I love.


Mary Issabella

Congraulations on the weight loss. Way to go girl. 10 things I love....1pictures my grandchildren draw or color for me...2 our dog,never had a dog before in the 34 years we have been married...3 my church family...4 red birds...5 chocolate...6 hot tea with honey and lemon...7 BOOKS (MY FAVORITE THING)...8 fannel sheets...9 paper.I love all colors and weights and kinds of paper....10 blogging...so I can meet all of you wonderful caring people...Blessings....Mary


I love getting my books spiral bound . . . makes it so handy to keep them open to the proper page. You're right that does look like the circle project I have been working on *s*


Your photo assignment sounds really fun and a great way to appreciate the small things in your life! It makes me sad to hear you guys were not in very many pictures for the wedding, but yet we all know you were such a big part of all of it. I think that is just the way it is. I think I am in one Christmas picture this year because, of course, I'm the family hisotiran and photography! LOL! Any way, sometimes I feel funny saying "now you take one of me" but I am glad I do that because it PROVES I was there!

Have a happy weekend! Sharon

kari & kijsa

Congrats on the weight loss!! You are an inspiration!! your photo assignment sounds fabulous!

kari & kijsa


goodluck on your photo assignment.


Congratulations on the weight loss! Its a challenge for sure :)


OMG I wasn't sure how to get ahold of you but, I commented a few posts I am the one that lives just south of you in Iowa...anywho I continue to find wonderful quilt blogs everyday and today I was reading one and you will never believe what I noticed! I am way too excited because lil ol me actually noticed this and had to check it out. This gal visited a shop near where she lives its in Temecula CALIFORNIA its called Quilters Coop and in one of her pictures is YOUR pillow that you designed back in the fall for your friend's business!! Yep there it was....I went thru your previous posts and it is the one and only even a sample all made up and everything. Now I am pretty new to blogland I don't have one of my own...I tend to just be a lurker and enjoy everyone's inspiration whether its decorating or quilting (these two mainly but I still visit a few others on photography and cooking) thats beside the point anyways....I don't know if I can just give you the bloggers address over your comment section....if you want to see the pictures shoot me an email and I will give you the address.....If you think its ok to do so over comments I can....I just don't want any blogland police chasing after me LOL.


Oh my I love the idea of getting spiral put on books!!! mmm I don't know if we have Peeps here in our area? I will have to check and see. I would love to take a few books into town next time I go and have that done!


Hellloooooooo, where are you???? Are you withering away to nothing over there on your diet???????? I'm missing you!!!!! Knock, knock, anyone in there?


Your quilts are so awesome, I also snagged the cream cheese and choc chip dip and the cherry coffee cake recipies. Yum Yum!!

Take care,

Tammie, Harrisburg PA

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