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April 16, 2008


Mary Wood

Im sure Ms cami enjoyed her walk The house looks like a Big old haunted Mansion I like the quilt you are doing I might ae able to do something like that I am just learning.In the photo of where you eat the one with the grey lounge I spotted a doll in the corner I collect dolls.She has some nice things.
Hugs Mary.


How fun to get the chance to tour that old house - twice! There is a house in the town I grew up that I would love to get inside.

That pillow is pretty darned sweet - I'll keep an eye out for that pattern.


Love the Jo Morton project...I wish we had a group near me...I think the closest is about 3 hours away. Guess I need to just join a group online.
Your pillow is just great...I'll be watching for that pattern to be available.
Oooooooooo, love that house.


woohoo @ Spring, I can't get over how many birdies have nests in that tree!! its autumn here and getting a bit nippy in the mornings, and the birdies here dont share, they attack one another if they are in the same tree!
I love the quilt, I have a thing for 9 patch blocks on point at the moment, just joined a civil war repro 9 patch swap and can't WAIT to get them back to me! LOL going to whack those 81 blocks on point!


Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

First off I just have to say that Ms Cami is the sweetest lil thang! lol I love her! Next that restored house is absolutely gorgeous! So beautiful, as is the town and the little shop you had lunch in. A really beautiful part of the world you live in, thanks for sharing it. It's so different to where I live and I really enjoy the 'virtual tour'! Have a wonderful weel sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


Your doggie is so cute!

That house is georgeous! Would love to see inside it. And I love your new pillow pattern. Will definitely have to look out for that one :o)


Oh My! That teacher's sample is awesome. I love the green and I've always just loved nice simple blocks. Wow! Waving to Miss Cami -- she's such a cutie. Bet you're glad it's starting to warm up, huh? Winter sure is dragging her feet this year! Oh! And looove your pillow -- I love those flowers!!!


Hello! I love your pillow!! It is way cute! Thanks for sharing!


Happy to hear that spring has arrived, sure took it's time this year :o) I would love to see inside that house, I can imagine it's just beautiful...how nice you got to see it two times.
LOVE that quilt, such pretty colors, I too love that green! And, I really like your pillow...great job!
Most of all, I love that shop, wouldn't I love to eat and shop there!!
blessings, kathy


OMG that pillow!!!! ADORABLE!!! Great job you did. And that house...........can I move there?? I'd love to own that one. And the Jo's quilt is to die for. But those blocks are itsy bitsy for sure. Cami is a cutie!!

Kathy :)

Hey Karen,

Ms Cami is adorable, love that pillow. So glad to hear that Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods...

Have a great week-end,
Kathy :)


I love your pillow. I would love to have/buy a copy of the pattern when it is finished. Thanks for taking us along on your walk. That home is beautiful. Also love the Jo Morton samples you showed. I am going to have to get a few of those patterns. Thanks for the blog. I love reading it.


What a beautiful looking house and what fun to see inside it both during and after the restoration.
Your pillow is beautiful! I love your fabric choices.

wendy k

Ooooh Luurrrrvve your pillow!! Managed to see your home tour photos...what a beautiful home you have , I love all your little corners and especially your quilt ladders...got a little green-eyed over them...lol!!!

Camille @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

I enjoy your blog and Ms. Cami is my favorite blog dog. If I could give her a "FAVORITE BLOG DOG" award I certainly would!


Gosh I'm kind of feeling guilty now for complaining about how hot it was in my neck of the woods!

Gorgeous house! Wouldn't it be something to live in a house like that?


Oh Karen the pillow on your black bench is wonderful and that Little Jo quilt is a "I must have it". All the little quilts make such nice accent pieces. That house looks like it would be a interesting place to visit for tea.
Ms Cami must be happy to have the snow almost gone.


That place looks like so much fun ! Ms Cami is very cute and looks like she has so much personality!
Have a great weekend :)


Thanks for the tour. Love your new pillow. Glad there was no food on this post, HA!


What a FUN old house! Ca-yute! And love the pillow you made!


Oooh, Miss Cami brings tears to my eyes. She looks just like our Annie! Annie died as the result of seizures...she was the sweetest and funniest little girl!


I would love to see the inside of that house!

Your pillow is perfect and I like what you all are working on, too!


Karen Beigh (Log Cabin Quilter)

I like the pillow that is sitting on the bench.

Sandy Beaulieu

Hi Karen...I am dropping by to let you know that I have awarded you with ***You Make My Day Award***. You can go to my blog for the rules to follow. I also wanted to let you know that I look forward each day to read your blogs and I just LOVE your home. It looks so Welcoming! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Sweet Cottage Dreams

What a lovely place to go and walk little Cami - who btw is just precious!

Your pillow turned out great and I love how the back of the flowers is even quilted. Too cute!

Get busy sewing! That is what I am doing today.....




Recently discovered your blog. You are doing a fab job girl, just fabulous!
The house that was redone....I am from MN, currently living in IL. The house reminds me of the one in my home town....at one time it was apartments. My grandparents had rented one of the main floor units and Flora Schwartz lived in the apartment behind them, also on the main floor. Tons and tons of happy childhood memories. The house since has been put back into it's original glory. It was open to public years ago for viewing...sure wished I could have seen, but lived in ID at the time. Again, love the blog....a touch of home! (gotta love those MN winters!!!)

Carole Meier

Lovely quilt and what a cute pillow! I need to get back into my quilting. I bought a Jo Morton kit & book at the quilted crow that is begging to be started. Like I need another project?! LOL You are fortunate to have quaint places in your area. Upstate NY is so borring! Thanks for sharing!


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