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April 25, 2008



I think the Winter of 2008 is going to be one of those record years of so much snow that people will be talking about it for years to come.

My great grandfather used to say, "My favorite winter on Rainy Lake was the summer of '46".

I feel so bad for you Minnesotans... As I type this in my shorts and t-shirt in hot & humid Texas!


It's in the 80's right now at my house, I'm just sayin'. LOL After living in Southern California all my life, I don't think I could ever live in the snow.


We're having some kind of Spring, aren't we? It's been unseasonably cold here with hail and snow the other day. More hail predicted in a few days but in between we have SUN and mild temperatures. Glad you have your laptop back. It's like a reunion with a dear old friend. ~Adrienne~


Hahaha -- poor hubs! Instead of saying "How long have you lived in Minnesota" you should have just said "Ok dear, but you KNOW I'm always right"! ROFLOL! Well, now I know why those midwest storms have been so violent and I can't get into Chicago -- it's that cold front. At least you got snow instead of tornados! Sorry about your dinner party and hope you got lost of sewing done today!


I can't believe you got more snow!!


Ohhh...I know how you feel...really good...*LOL*...


OMG look at all that snow....sorry about your dinner plans but hopefully you got lots of sewing done. Glad your computer is home safe and sound and working well again...Poor Hubs...when will these men learn to listen to us? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Wood

WOW look at all that snow but then again us woman are always right LOL sorry hubs.
Hugs Mary.

Covered Porches

I bet you are sending that weather our way... Permission to quilt I say...I used to have a laptop, but I hate the touch pad in the middle. My wrists drop and then the curser suddening jumps somewhere out of nowhere and messes up the documents. But the portability is great.


So sorry about the snow, will this winter ever end??!! Hope it melts quickly and you can begin to use that patio furniture :o) Glad you go t your computer back, missed you.....blessings, kathy


Hi Karen! Can I come play in the snow??? :) I must say we are now finally into spring and sat outside to have lunch. It is weekend and we stayed at the house to paint the gate as Jos has three days off this week. We will go to Cranberry Cottage on Tuesday afteroon and stay till Sunday. I am glad you have your beloved laptop back and hope you will stop by to say hello and see some of Holland that I have been showing my mother. I am trying to visit blogs on and off and will try to stop in again next week...

Hugs ~

Kathy :)

Hi Karen,

Glad to hear your computer is up and running again.

You poor guys....more SNOW!!! what a winter ...well at least hubby didn't put the umbrella up right ????

Hang in there Spring IS around the corner !!!

Kathy :)


Glad to hear you got your laptop back and working again. We missed you! Oh you poor thing, more snow that's incredible. We've had a long winter too, I'm hoping for spring to arrive soon. Tell hubs to shovel the snow off the patio furniture...teehee.


Oh, I love snow and would move to Minn. in a heartbeat. We never get enough snow here in Ohio.


Oh dear. The vision of snow on the patio table is just so bleak. You should be out there watering the geraniums and enjoying some sun.


I have shared the same experience here...the sun is melting it all away. The sun is shining and the geraniums, well, those are soaking up the rays here in my sewing room window! Safe and warm. Typically, it's the day after Memorial weekend by the time I feel sort of comfortable leaving plants outdoors anyway. Hope hubs made it through the weather safely. He's such a dear to haul that furniture out so you could enjoy it for those few nice days we have had to enjoy...I can count two.


Hi Karen, I'm sitting here at the desk, doing my nails and reading the mail, etc. I sure do need to buy a laptop! Would be great to take it along to the hotel, this week!

Our good friend Aunt Pitty Pat called from Wisconsin, last night. Yes, there had been some snow. J sort of teased her about the weather. He'd better watch what he says! We have frost warnings for tonight! All the pretty baskets are back indoors.

Have a wonderful week!

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