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April 09, 2008



Oh what beautiful things you found in that shop...LOVE it all!! You are soooooo lucky to have stores like that around you :o) That wool looks wonderful, those are just the colors I want to pick up when I am down in the States...yummy ~ I really like the pillow you are working on, can't wait to see it finished. Love the picture too, just my style :o) And, thanks for sharing the cards you made, I just may have to borrow some of those ideas for myself...lol! I have that big flower punch and it's one of my favorites.
Looks like you will be busy for awhile with all those projects...have fun! Blessings, kathy


Love all of the cards! They are so cute.

I love all your goodies from Primitive Gatherings. You did well :o) I have a lot of those same patterns. That place is incredible.

And I really love that flower pattern! So pretty :o)


I'm with you...if I've been gone all one day I want to be home the next. What wonderful goodies from Primitive Gatherings...I'm heading right for that booth at the show this weekend...along with many others I'm sure. Love the cards you all made...they are just so cute and the pillow you did is wonderful. Yummy banana cupcakes...can't wait to hear.


That's quite a good haul of yummy purchases, I hear ya on the weak part, if I see a kit and sample that I like it's scooped up fast. Boy would I have a good time at Primitive Gatherings.

Me too, if I'm out the whole day, I really like to nest at home the next day.

The cards are very sweet and all done very nicely.

Look at that new pillow pattern your doing, it's gorgeous, I love it! I'm hooked on CW fabrics and you've done a great job. Please show us when the pattern is finished.

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Karen, you never cease to blow me away with all that you have going on, and with all of your creativity! I think you are just so amazing! I don't know how you do it all! Have a wonderful day sweetie and enjoy those delicious cupcakes!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


Love all your cards--they are so cute!

That Primitive Gatherings is a neat shop, I have some of the same patterns.

I hope you show your cupboards after you get them decorated. I always have trouble with what to do with mine.

Banana Cupcakes YUM!!

Mary Wood

Karen I love all your work I dont know where you get all the time to do all these things you are very clever.
Hugs Mary.


Those cards are very pretty, and so clever how they left a blank space in the design so the greeting could be varied.
You got some amazing goodies, it must have been lovely to get home and play with them all!
Your own pillow design is working out beautifully. I love the different ways you have done the flowers.


Oh my gosh! What a loaded post. The cards are great -- I wish you'd come to my house and make some with me -- I need some standbys! The pattern you're making is awesome! I can't wait to see it in Modas. And what? You're going to Portland???? I'm sooo jealous -- I hope you have a fantastic time. Ok, enough of the chitchat. I'm here for the bananas. Cough 'em up LOL! (Sorry, that was a demanding minion doing what she does best -- demand!)


Love what you found at the SHOP...Oh my ...don´t know if I´m going to be happy or not to have a shop like that near me...*LOL*
Good luck and thoose cupcakes sounded really yummy...


Oh I'm right there with you when it comes to being at home . . . I just love being in my little corner of the world. And I'm always more than anxious to get back to it - and stay - when I am forced out into the world *s*


Now you are a busy lady!!! I love all the patterns too...I just don't have enough wall space LOL. Enjoy your decorating project! Dianntha


Great job on your shopping spree! Hope I'm as lucky this weekend! The crow on the pumpkin is just darling - need to keep my eyes open for that one. Oh and the watering can with American flag too! I've done Early Blooms as a framed picture (Maggie Bonanomi is a favorite of mine). I just love your flower pillow - it's perfect just as it is!


I love the new pillow your designing! The flowers are gorgeous and I like the fact that you didn't just put them on a plain background.


It is so fun to see what other folks buy when they go on a shopping spree! Looks like soooo much fun.
I'm planning on making the Winsome Baby name quilt for my first grandbaby(due in August) There are a bunch of darling things in that book! I've got all the fabrics washed and ready to go and all are similar to what is pictured. But I'm paranoid that they will change the name or discover he's a she! I can't post pix of the fabrics on my blog because DIL is an avid reader !

wendy k

All your goodies are just gorgeous, I love your taste in patterns and fabrics . And your pillow that you are designing for your friend is just adorable...love those flowers!

sharon t

Love Love Love your BLOG. I stayed up late last night looking at your beautiful things.
You have such wonderful taste and I love the colors and the country items you use. I am a lover of quilts and crocks too.

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