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April 28, 2008



The Queen reigns supreme in her weather predictions LOL! Love the pillow and especially the close-ups. The flowers almost look like they were bound separately and then sewn to the pillow??? They're just adorable -- you talented quilting queen you! And that recipe -- yum-o!!! Thanks for sharing it -- although, I'm having to make quite an adjustment as it's not a big ol' fattening dessert! Has your snow melted yet? That's what I love about spring snowstorms -- don't bother shoveling 'cause the next day or two it will get warm enough to melt away.


Oh my gosh, you're just not getting any breaks with your weather back there! It was 100 at my house yesterday, and miserable. There doesn't seem to be a happy medium. That pillow is really cute! Is there a pattern for that or did you make it up? And that pot pie looks really good! I make one that uses a recipe off the Bisquick box that is pretty darned good, I might just have to make one.


Look at that snow...oh my goodness...and that sweet baby sitting with her dad...I'll bet that just made him feel so much better. Love your pillow!


Oh you poor thing with all that snow...it's unbelievable. And wowwie...holy moly that new pillow is gorgeous, where can I buy the pattern??? I know you just finished the design and it's not for sale yet, keep me posted on how to get it.

The chicken pie sounds so delicious and just the prefect comfort food for someone not feeling well. I hope your hubs is better today.


Thanks for the recipe for that great looking dish. I am sure that it was perfect for the weather you were having. I will have to copy it down and try it on my family.

Hope you see the sun soon.

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

Keep it where you are! We have been know to get our share of snow in April and May here in NH and this year I just don't think I could take another inch of the darn stuff. It was 84 degrees last week here-today it is in the 30's.


Thanks for the recipe, that would make a great meal in the field this spring...which is here, altho it sure doesn't look like it at your house. WOW!! It's colder here again but no snow. The pillow is amazing!!!!!!


Oh my gosh, you DID get some snow!!

Thanks so much for the recipe. I bet it was a nice to meal have on a grey and snowy day. I might have to try it on my family. I think they will enjoy it too.

Hope you get some sun!


Sorry for the double posting! I was not sure if it went through.


Aw just when you had your self ready for porch sitting and spring. Ain't that just life! Unreal snow. We've been hammered here with it so much I fully expect one more like that before we're done for the spring. And that pillow - so darling. Looks like good eats, too.

Mary Wood

WOW you did get some snow Sorry to hear hubby got sick hope he is feeling better now.Love your sewing it is Gorgeous. The chicken pie looks Yummy.Hope your weather gets better soon.
Hugs Mary.

Mary Wood

WOW you did get some snow Sorry to hear hubby got sick hope he is feeling better now.Love your sewing it is Gorgeous. The chicken pie looks Yummy.Hope your weather gets better soon.
Hugs Mary.


I do hope your hubby feels better very soon.
Hopefully all that white stuff will melt quickly. Boy, I am complaining because we are getting rain most of the week, I better be thankful it's not snow.
I just love the pillow you made. It is truly adorable. Do you have a shop that you sell in?
Love your blog, Janie


Wow what an amazing lot of snow I just cant imagine it, being from a place where it never snows.It looks lovely to me but you would get sick of it Im sure.We have just had rain here in South Australia for the first time in ages which is great but we need alot more to make up for what we've missed out on.I always enjoy visiting your blog thanks for sharing.Jo

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Firstly sweetie, I hope 'hubs' is feeling a lot better now. With sweet little Ms Cami as his nurse maid, then surely he must be fighting fit very soon! Secondly, you have out done yourself yet again with your sewing. I love, adore, and am head over heels with that gorgeous cushion Karen! Oh how I wish I could sew like that (or at all!). Lastly.......anytime you're ready to house swap........me there in the snow.......you here on the tropical beaches......just let me know! Maybe I should apply for a passport first before I start suggesting such things?! lol Hope you're having a lovely....warmer.....day sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


Oh dear, you did get a LOT of snow...hope it's all melted by now. I hope I don't see another flake...lol! LOVE how your pillow turned out... great job, you are so talented!! The recipe looks delicious, I think I will write that out...anything with chicken has to be good.
Wishing you lots of sunny days...blessings, kathy


Well, Im glad to see we're not alone! We dont have that much snow, but our weather has been so weird here lately too. Today, it hailed all day long. Two days ago, it was in the 70's!!
That chicken pie looks wonderful, Im copying that one down for sure!
Thanks for the recipe!


I enjoyed seeing your snowstorm pictures to remind me of what I am missing--I am from central MN, but now live in Indiana. We still get winter weather, but not usually that bad!
Thanks for the recipe--I will make it for my husband soon--I am a vegetarian but need some good and not too complicated recipes for meat dishes.

Pen Pen

Yuk! Snow in April! It is a pretty site, even if it is in April. Your pillow is gorgeous... love the fabrics and wish I had your talent! I have a pot pie recipe that is similar to yours. The topping is pretty much the same as yours..... wasn't it wonderful? I love that buttermilk topping.

Carole Meier

Your snow storm is probably due to my DH recently putting the snowblower away. It never fails! I asked him to store it earlier then he did, but he didn't listen! lol I'm just baffled that you got hit and not us! lol Lovely pillow! thanks for sharing!


The snow looks wonderful to me! I haven't seen real snow in many many years.

I love the pillow you made it is adorable.

Kathy :)

LOVE that pillow..Karen you are so talented my dear !!!

And if I never see a picture with , 4 letter word here, S N O W that will be too soon !!!

Hope hubby is feeling better....

And your posts are NEVER too long. I will be copying that recipe it's my daughter's favorite so thanks.

SPRING.....IS around the corner.

Take care,
Kathy :)

wendy k

Wow! That is a lot of snow... It looks lovely from where I'm sitting...lol! I think you did really well not to say 'I told you so' to your poorley hubby...lol! Your pillow is too gorgeous for words...I think you're gonna have to start publishing patterns!

Robin Leuschen

Wow...They were calling for snow here this past weekend , then moved it up to early this week now thankfully out of the forecast... I'm so sorry you were it with it !!
How is your forecast looking now ??
Your Cami is just precious...I often wondered if there was a bit of Dachsund ( spelling?) in my Scruffy as she had the longer snout with the just the tiniest crook in the end, and she also had some of the coloring, but she did have some Beagle in her also so ?? who knows she was my Mutt....LOL
Your pillow is just beautiful, as are all your projects.... I have GOT to join a class here somewhere and start quilting for real !! Besides all the beautiful creations you gals do, it sure looks like you are having fun, fun, fun at your get- togethers !!!
Hugs and Blessings...

May Britt

I've looked through your blog now and wonder what pattern you've used for the beautiful pillow you have made for Kari?


I have been watching your blog for evidence that you survived the eeewww! snow. No evidence to be found. It's been almost a month since you've blogged. What has happened to you?


I love the Church Suppers cookbook. This recipe looks really good!

Have you tried Chicken Spectacular! That's another really good one.

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