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April 07, 2008


Rhonda from Minnesota

Happy Blog Anniversary!
I recently came across your blog, and love it! You have so much talent and are so inspirational. Thank You for sharing yourself with us readers.



Yum! I am dreaming about how that Banana's Foster tastes right now.

Happy 1 year bloggyversary!


I just really wanted to say that your house is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love it!!! :)


OH YUMMOOOO!!!! Thanks for showing the fat foods -- you know those are my favorites! We need a typepad person to teach you how to tag your recipe posts so that there will be a quick way to look up your recipes -- 'cause I'm sure I'll be back for these! I LURVE bananas. Hey -- did you light the sauce -- aren't bananas foster sometimes on fire for a minute or two?


Congratulations Karen on your 1st Blog anniversary!! So happy that I found you :o) Oh my, I sure do not envy you that snow...I thought we had lots! Ours is finally melting, and you can see patches of bare ground...temps in the 50's this week, a heat wave...LOL! That dessert sounds so yummy, I love french toast so with that sauce it must be wonderful. The cherry cobler sounds great too, must remember to pick up some cherries...thanks for sharing. Look forward to seeing your goodies.....blessings, kathy


Happy Blogiversary!! I'm so glad you started your blog, I enjoy reading it and seeing your beautiful home.


You are the terrible dessert lady anymore Karen! Just reading your blog can make a girl fat. LOL! But then with all that snow you need a warm and cozy thing like cherry cobbler to keep you going. Makes winter a worthwhile time when you can enjoy the wonders of the kitchen like this. Boy I seem to be craving some hot chocolate right about now just talking about this.

Did I ever tell you that my nickname is Pickle too? I used to be called Sally Pickles and it has been upgraded now by my family to Miss Pickles the Elf. I also call my little grand niece Zoe Pickle. So does this mean if I come visit you for some of that cobbler that I can walk up the Pickle Path? :)

I wish I had your view when I sewed. Are you going to share a photo of your latest pillow? Speaking of pillows, I have some large bolster pillows I need to get recovered before my mother arrives. There is never enough time.

Hugs ~


Happy anniversary! I enjoy your blog so much!
Your sweets are not good for my weight loss...I will have to try them sometime. Wish I had the ingrediants to make the cobbler for dessert tonight. YUM!!


happy blogiversary to you! Keep the posts coming!



We had an ice storm, no cherry cobbler, but no snow either. Virginia, MN has 31" of snow tonight.


I cannot believe all that snow! Holy cow!!
Happy Blogiversary!!

juststartedweightwatcherslastweek.....will not lust after yummy deserts!!!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Brrrrr...I am cold just looking at all of that frozen white stuff at your house. I won't tell ya that we are going to be in the 80's in a few days.

Your yummies look devine! I'd try them out, but I am on a diet...shedding the winter poundage!


Mary Wood

Happy Blogiversary. I love the photos of all the snow. And all the yummies you make. make me hungry.
Hugs Mary.

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Happy 1st Anniversary sweetie! Both the snow and the food look soooooooo good to me right now! Have a wonderful week Karen!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


Happy 1st Anniversary in Bloglandia, Karen!

I cannot believe all that snow!!! We finally had sunshine over the weekend and took advantage of it. Of course the rain is to return today.

My mouth is watering over these recipes! Delicious looking!



Wow, what a storm you got! Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I have enjoyed getting to know you through the world of blog. What a treat to have new friends we never dreamed possible. ~Adrienne~

Kathy :)

Happy Anniversay

YUM YUM and YUM....great recipes.

Have a great day,
Kathy :)


Congratulations on your blogging milestone *s*

Gosh - all that snow. I just looks so lovely. And while I know you are most likely sick and tired of it - I sure would love for a flake or two to come my way!


Congrats on your 1st Blog Anniversary, I've loved reading everyone of your posts.
Brrrrr those pictures make me feel cold. We've had cold rain but nothing like all that snow...you poor dear thing. When does spring start for you?

Those yummy desserts are making me drool and gain a few pounds too!
I look forward to seeing your pillow.

Karen Beigh (Log Cabin Quilter)

Congratulations on the Blog Anniversary!
Oh a trip to Jamaica sounds wonderful. How can you ever get that many people to agree on anything!
You have way too much snow for me. Hope that is all you get until next winter.


Happy blogiversary!! What a very yummy looking dessert!

wendy k

Those recipes are to die for... just reading your recipes had my mouth watering and my hips inflating...lol!!!!


Happy Blog anniversary Karen!


I think I just gained 5 pounds reading your blog...if not I for sure will when I make your yummy recipes!

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