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April 11, 2008



What a cute bunny you lucky girl! I'm going to have to get one of those tiny punches and try my hand at those cute cards, I printed the pattern out ages ago! Those cupcakes look scrumptious! I wish you were my neighbor!


The bunny is so cute, Karen. I think I might give the crocheted card a try!

They are predicting snow showers for us, on Sunday! The Cleveland Pears are beginning to bloom, so it makes perfect sense snow would be predicted. Other than that, I believe there are those building Arks in their back yards!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Cute bunny! Great name. Putting all the shots of your house is a great idea, because I visit your website frequently to get inspiration when decorating.

Sadly, the link did not work. Wondering if I need to do something else, other than click on the link?

Stay warm, hope
Spring gets to you neck of the woods soon!

Thanks for putting this blog together, I know it must be a lot of work but I check in several times a week and am always delighted when you post.


What a cute bunny...lucky you! Those cards are so neat with the crocheted edge, too bad I don't know how to crochet. Thanks for the cupcake recipe, can't wait to try it...I love cream cheese too!
Hope you get your link fixed...sorry I wasn't any help but I'm not techy either...lol!
Blessings, kathy


Okay...I think you need to publish, "The Little Yellow Farmhouse" dessert cookbook! These look so yummy. I LOVE cream cheese frosting... o my :o)

colleen formerly of South Africa

The bunny is too cute.

Mary Wood

The bunny is so cute. And I love the card you made it looks great you did a good job on it I am going to have a try at that.
Hugs Mary.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Thimbles is ADORABLE!!!!!! What a special gift!!! Love her name, too. Very sweet! Now I'd say ya did a fantastic job on that crochet piece! I am impressed - and sadly enough I cannot crochet either. Ya did a wonderful job!


PS: Those cupcakes made me gain five pounds just lookin' at 'em!

Kathy :)

Oh Thimbles is so cute, I love her !!! I heard you guys had snow, we were supposed to have a really crappy day and we awoke to sunshine.....WOW what a nice surprise....but just now we were chased inside with a thunderstorm, I am so gross from doing yardwork and can't take a shower...YIKES (sorry too much info lol) But the Sox are on....so I hope we beat those Yankees.

What a great idea to put those recipes on a sidebar...you know I love your recipes you should start a cookbook.

Have a great rest of the week-end, sending you warm/sunny thoughts.



Lucky girl! I love those bunnies. I think your crochet looks great...that card is very pretty! Hope the weather warms up for you :)


I have that recipe and now I see what they look like!! I must make them now !
You should stop by my blog, I have something waiting for you!
Have a great weekend ,


You lucky girl to receive one of those precious bunnies. I love the crochet around the card, I'd like to try that one day. I hope you do get a gallery of pictures, I like see them for inspiration. I never thought of cream cheese icing on banana cupcakes, what a great idea and yummy too.


I think Thimbles is going to fit right in *s*

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

That bunny has gotta be the sweetest lil fella I've seen for ages! No wonder you wanted to scream with excitement! Those cupcakes look and sound more delicious than I can put into words! Will most certainly be making them asap. Forget the diet, it was psuhed head first out the window a long time ago anyway! lol Hope you have a wonderful week Karen my sweet friend.

PS To answer your question the other day, yes we are getting some cooler weather now. I'm really enjoying Autumn, but it is certainly different here than the type of Autumn than you would be used to. Our Autumn is more like your Spring temp wise, and it's still very green & tropical here!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Lorraine Walsh

Just found your blog and it is sooo full of fun things! Scrolled back a bit and found a couple of recipes that look great!! and your goodies from the quilt shop are fantastic...love the picture with the saltbox houses and Live, Love Laugh - I laughed out loud when I read that you had a pattern in your hands before the door closed...I did that with a clothes shopping expedition the other week - hate shopping for clothes so go straight to the department I know will have what I want...and just hunt and gather, pay and go home...a couple of times a year does it for me! But quilt shops are a whole different ball game!


Oh Thimbles is so cute and looks so happy at your house. It was so fun to meet Anna this past weekend in Chicago. We had dinner with she and her Peeps...she got us going on the crocheted cards...very fun. Oh I must make those cupcakes...cream cheese on anything makes me happy!


Wahoo!!! You posted that cupcake recipe -- Thank You, Thank You! That's going right into my notes. I LURVE bananas AND cream cheese. When my arteries clog, I'm going to blame you -- you have THE BEST recipes!!! Glad you like little thimbles. And your card looks fabulous -- really -- you did a GREAT job. Is the bunny from Vintage Workshop? And that 1/8" punch doesn't look too bad -- I was expecting the holes to be much bigger. Also, I forgot to answer your question -- I'm not a big gadget person, so I don't know what the latest must haves are LOL! Thanks againg for the recipe -- my tummy hearts you LOL!


Awe, that bunny is so cute. The crocheted cards are nice too. I could do that! My gram taught me how to crochet. Lot's of sweet goodies here today. Thanks, Karen!


Aren't those cards fun to make? Ms. Anna gave Carol and I a lesson while in Chicago. And we loved doing it. Your turned out very cute and I didn't think the 1/8inch hole was too big. It looks good.
Cupcakes sound yummy. Sorry about all the snow. I kept hoping to wake up in Chicago, looking out the window and seeing white. But no luck.

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