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May 12, 2008


Penny Miller

You are always on an adventure! Have a great time at market. The plate is wonderful - I had to take a chance!!


I tried to find one on-line as soon as I saw yours before. For all who obviously won't win (with only one winner), could you give us an idea where we can get them? PLEASE???

Thanks in advance!

Lynne in NH


I love the quilts you posted and of course the tray from before! Glad you had a good mother's day, so did I!


Looks like you had a Great Mother's Day! I love DQ- Hubs and I had our first date there.. so its a sentimental favorite~!! Have a great week!

wendy k

Glad you had a fun Mothers day with your boys, luurrrvvve the sound of that ice-cream cake...do you think it could be calling all the way across the pond to me too?...lol! Think you best get it eaten all up before you go away, have a great time!

Christine Rohloff

I so enjoy your postings!!! I too, am going to quilt market but only for a quick run thru on Saturday....have a great time!
Would love t win that plate!!!
Christine Rohloff

Rhonda from Minnesota

Good Morning Karen.

I was at the Antique Mall on Saturday. I picked up that plate and carried it around almost the whole time I was there. (1 hour and 45 minuets!!!) I ended up putting it back.

I bought a picture instead (among a few other goodies)that just kept calling my name. I believe the picture was called "Grandmas House". LOVE IT!!!

I hope you have a wonderful trip to Portland. Take lots of pictures to share.

~Rhonda from Minnesota.

PS ~ Oh, and the picture of the kitchen island....oh what I would give to have that in my home!


I teach penny rug classes and the bowl would be perfect for show and tell. Please let us know where we can order one.


I love stopping by to see what you are doing. You have a beautiful home and I love all your quilts. I love the bowl and it would have a nice home here in Kentucky with me.



Oh my gosh, I'm so excited about that wonderful plate....I'll keep my fingers crossed. Say hi to my friend, Anne Bryson at Quilt Market, she'll be hanging around with Bunny Hill...tell them all hi!! It sounds so fun...Love the kitchen from the prim sale....cute cute cute!!!!


Oh, yes, please, add me to the drawing! In fact, do PICK me too! LOL! I loved that plate you bought and sort of looked on line but didn't see one. And do please post more photos of the house with the prim stuff--get her permission or do whatever will make you feel better because I think I NEED to see it! ROFLOL! Love the one you DID show! And finally, of course, I'm glad you finally got to have your ice cream cake--perfect for Mother's Day! Yes, I do remember the last one that melted. I think you'd better eat what's left of this one pretty fast--just in case!


What a beautiful kitchen island she has! Love the quilts, your boys are quite handsome! Sounds like you had a wonderful day


What a wonderful family you have...that cake looked really wonderful...I would have had trouble to eat it up...it looked so nice!
I loved your little quilt and a great idea to frame the quilt...have to try that!
And that plate...love it...come to Sweden please...*LOL*


What cute pups!!! Glad you had a nice Mothers Day and finally got to eat cake. Have a good time on your trip.

Linda Rudman

Happy Monday Karen,

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day - so glad you got your ice cream cake finally.

I have always loved that plate - what a treat for some lucky winner. How sweet and generous of you.

Have a great trip on Wednesday.

hugs, Linda


I have just finished reading your blog archives and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed myself! I wish I had just one ounce of talent that you have. Your artwork is absolutely beautiful.

As I would read through your archives and find one of your give-a-ways I was so disappointed I missed out. But now I'm so excited to finally put my name in the hat! Thanks for the opportunity to win the beautiful bowl!


Beautiful picture of the lovely home - ask if you can show more, please. :-)

Very handsome boys!

The plate would be beautiful in my kitchen - so Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me - please!


That house is gorgeous! Please sign me up for your giveaway, that plate is too cute


Sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers Day. I have been looking for that plate since I saw it on your blog. Good luck to everyone.

Kim J

So glad you were FINALLY able to enjoy a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Yum-Yum. Please enter me in the drawing for the plate. It would look great in my mom's home. Have a great time in Portland!

Kim J.


Wonderful photos! Glad you got to eat your ice cream cake this time. The plate is wonderful - thank you for the offer!


Love your blog - you have given me lots of inspiration with decorating my house - its only a year old log cabin and I'm decorating it slowly to look older!


Oh my add me to the drawing! That plate is fantastic! I LOVE the sewing Ice cream cake and more that you finally got to enjoy one!

That house is fabulous and if she gives you the okay, I'd love to see more pictures! Glad you had a great Mother's day!


What a lovely give-away, how sweet! We will all be hoping to win that, lol! Sounds like you had a very nice mother's day. When I first glanced at the pic of you with your boys, I thought you must be rather petite, but no -they are just very tall! Glad you finally got your DQ cake, they are so yummy! I'll bet Max would love a playdate with another doxie, it must have been a riot to watch the 2 of them play.


I love those cute little quilts, especially the framed one. I have some of the Lori Smith fit to frame patterns, I may have to make a few of them one of these days. How nice your sons obliged and took pictures with you on Mother's Day, very handsome young men!


Oh I think you must live in primitive heaven . . . that island is so wonderful *s* Have a great time at market. Can't wait to see what goodies you find there.


I have coveted that plate since first seeing that plate on your blog....

Please put me into the draw.....


I love that plate! It reminds me of the beautiful flower panel pillow you made!
It would look lovely in my home! Hope I win! :o) Good Luck to everyone!

Have a safe trip!


When I saw that kitchen I said out loud "be still my heart! " Just what I needed to get the joices going this morning.

Please enter me for a drawing of that adorable platter/tray.

Love visiting your site, which I do at least three times a week. It is my authoritative source on country/prim decorating. Even my husband loves it!

All the best- Michelle


That island is TO DIE FOR! Thanks for the kind words!

Heather Graves

I adore that DQ cake!! Almost to pretty to eat..LOL

Please enter me in the drawing, I have an empty spot for it right here :)

Have a great Week!


I enjoy your blog and seeing the pics you post of your home and quilts. You have a knack for decorating. Also love trying out your recipes. You can come to my house and help me decorate anytime!


Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day...what great looking kids and bringing Mom a sewing themed DQ ice cream cake...mom you did a great job with them. Love that Lori Smith quilt framed...what a great idea. That bowl is just so wonderful...loved it before and I love it more now. That kitchen is just wonderful...maybe we'll get to see more. Have ton's of fun at Market.


Hello Karen,
Glad you had a great Mother's Day!!! You have a nice looking family. That house sounds like the house i DREAM of. I can imagine what it looks like from the photo of the island. Yummy!!!!!
Have a great week, and please enter me into the drawing, Janie


Karen you always have the best posts. I love your new blog look too. Love all your pictures in this post, too. Such fun stuff.


Your boys are quite handsome! I have 2 boys as well and 2 daughters.
We went through the same emotions when we lost our Charlie (ShihTzu) to cancer. We had to make the "decision" and thought never again!...flash forward about 8 weeks and Braxton came into our lives - then Lulu his former house mate. Both "rescues" - both the loves of our lives! You blog is always a feast for my eyes - thanks for being willing to share.

Michelle Rosborough

I love your kitchen island

Beth Chattin

I have only been reading your blog for a couple of weeks, but I must thank you for all the quilting ideas.I'm just learning to quilt.
Please enter me in the give-away.


Sounds like you have a great time Mother's Day. The cake looks yummy! I enjoyed all your pictures. Would like to see more of the prim home pictures. Please let us know where we can buy one of those plates. Have a good time in Portland, take lots of pictures.


Sounds like you had such a nice weekend with your sons. Again some beautiful photos of prim and quilty goodies. Have a great time at quilt market:)

Richelle Robinson

I always love all the pictures that you share. Your friends and you have such wonderful prim tastes. Thanks for sharing.

Ginny Worden

What a lovely family, my boys have the height gene as well. Lets put my name in the hat for the uniique plate, and have a great time in Portland. Maybe I will see you there, You never know.


I've been on your blog several times but never left a comment, just thought I'd leave a note saying how much I love your decorating style. You have a lovely home and great taste. You inspire me to look at my surroundings differently and change things up a bit. Thank you for sharing your life with us.


what a great cake! and MsCami is adorable. and that kitchen island-WOW!

have a great time at market, i was supposed to go with my mom but can't *sob*

thanx for the chance at such a great prize!


Ok, now you've probably jinxed it with your warm weather comment. I said on Saturday that spring was finally here, and I'll be darned if we didn't freeze our buns off yesterday! That island is amazing. And HOLY COW don't you look cute with your boys! And Tall??? OhMYGosh!!! Like Ms. Rohan I just assumed that you were pretty small -- Did you go broke keeping those boys in shoes LOL? The cake is amazing and that pic of the pups is adorable. Silly me -- when I read that they wouldn't stop for pics of the "big event" -- I didn't think you meant the big event of meeting, I thought you meant...well, you know...the BIG event ROFLOL!!! Have a super time in Portland you Lucky, Lucky girl!!!


Oh my goodness I WANT (make that NEED) a kitchen island like that!!! Could you pretty please, ever so nicely, ask her if you could share a few more pics of her house? I would love to see more. And you are such a whiz at decorating too - I think you need to come down here and help me!! LOL I hope I win the plate - it would look fabulous here - Thanks so much for sharing!
Amy in MN


You sounds to had a great Mothers day.
Here in Sweden we have our Mother´s day 25th may and this year I get my sewing friends here the whole weekend. I hope it´s fine weather so we can sit out in the sun and stitch or read magazines..

And of course I love the plate and the colors..

Take care!


I really do love this! I keep entering these drawings with the hope that one day I will win...maybe this will be the lucky time!

Pam Schroeder

I absolutely love your blog and hit it at least everyother day! You and I have the same taste. I also forward your latest to a "Quilt-Crazy" friend of mine that has a quilt room to die for!


What cute pups...and cute sons, too!!! I'm glad you had such a super weekend and love that kitchen island photo you posted! Whoa...some TALENTED folks in that house!

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