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June 30, 2008



OK, does leaving the first comment count for anything? My comment is that I will be in line for purchasing Christmas gifts. I just love the runner and I know of a few local chicks that would as well. I have not worked with wool applique, but I'm up to the challenge. I have some wonderful Woolrich wool black and red plaid fabric (I'm talking yards and yards that my husband bought at an auction-what a guy!). I'm looking for ideas other than lap throws. I love your site and check your logs often. Happy 4th of July to you and your family. PS - I think 8 x 8 would work for most....


I'd be in the market for 8 by 8 pieces of wool for exactly the reason you mentioned, and I'd buy kits more than just a pattern. Hope that helps. I am still giddy over my penny rug tray win, so please don't enter my name in the drawing and let others have a better chance at winning.

Have a great 4th! hugs, Linda


I definitely would buy kits and fat quarters for the stash. Happy Fourth of July!
Nancy in WI

Sherri M

I'm just starting to want to work with wool, and I am buying a kit for just the reason you said. Actually, I'd also love to buy 8 x 8 groupings of wool so that I could begin my wool stash without spending all the money on a fat quarter or larger piece. Love your blog!


I don't know if this helps but...if I have the color of wool on hand for the project then I would only buy the pattern but if I need to purchase too many different colors I would buy the kit and try to hold down the cost that way.
I would also purchase a stash to keep on had for rainy days and Sundays! ( is that a song?) Enjoy your weekend.


What fun for you! Kits and 8 x 8 wool pieces sound great. Enjoy your holiday.


I would prefer to buy a kit rather than just the pattern if I like the colors and fabrics used in the sample. However, I hate it when designers make so many substitutions in a kit that the finished product no longer looks like the sample. i also really like the idea of the bundles of 8 inch squares.


I have been reading your blog for sometime now and just love, love, love your home and decorating style...I too have a country farmhouse and love the country style. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I really look forward to your posts you are so funny and seem so down to earth! I'm a stay at home mom and reading your blog helps me to feel a little less secluded when I get to read these wonderful blogs each day! Have a great 4th of July holiday!


I just love doing wool applique and your timing couldn't be better. I am trying to find 2 kits for a pattern in a book entitled "Summer Weekend" by Blackbird Designs. It is the pattern named "Stars and Stripes Forever Penny Mat". So, first, I would definitely say that I prefer to purchase wool kits for the reasons you stated regarding the fact that most times you only need a small bit of wool of one color in a pattern. Second, wool can be expensive and although I have a "stash" (who doesn't??)...I don't always tend to review my stash for a new project. I am relatively new to your website, but just love it. I wish you the best in your new endeavor. Happy 4th! Maggie in IL

Dawn Dee

I think the 8x8 bundles is a great idea! That way I could build my stash without the big expense of large pieces or FQ's. Happy 4th!!!


I just bought my first penny rug pattern and while not technically a "kit" they had wool bundles that contained all the colors needed for the patten and I bought one of those too. Maybe once i build a stash I will work out of that somewhat - I would imagine probably more for smaller projects though. I also do not have a lot of stores in the area that carry wool and the ones that do don't have a great selection, so I think I would continue to buy kits. Hope this helps - and good luck with your new venture - I will definitely be a customer!


I love wool! I've been collecting for a couple of years. I actually live near Woolrich, PA however they don't have as much in their scrap bins as they use to. To answer your question, even though I have a small variety of wools at home I am never adverse to buying a kit that contains just enough in all the right colors to complete the pattern (at a reasonable price). It's just great to have everything you need in one bundle!


I would be more inclined to by just the pattern. I generally prefer to work from my stash rather than purchase a kit. I like to pick and place my own colors so mine won't be like anyone else's.
I do think for wool applique small bundles are great so you can get variety since most patterns take so little of each color.
Looks like I am going against the majority. Hope it helps.


I'm still pretty new at quilting so I feel more comfortable with a kit, unless I have some fabric at home I'm itching to use.
I've not worked with wool, so I'm clueless there.
I do enjoy reading your blog, it inspires me!


I would love to be entered in your contest.
I don't have a blog,does that matter?
I enjoy yours.Maybe one day,I can get one started...
Have a gret day.


I live for your blog every day. It is excellent. I would buy small wool pieces, maybe a kit once in a while, but I also like to do my own thing. Whichever you choose, I'm sure it will be the right one. You seem to be a leader of the pack, from what I can see, and I am here to follow. You give me such good ideas when I need them the most.Good luck, but don't think you will need it.You are the best!


Oh my I love the runner...I have just recently started working with wools. I am on the last block of a wool block of the month..it is adorable..very primitive. I am very interested in having a place to purchase wools but I do buy kits as well. No place close by me to do this. Therefore I am looking forward to your new venture and seeing what treasures lie ahead for us.

Farmyard Crafts

I'm definately a kit kind of girl. It's too hard dragging to toddlers around a fabric shop trying to decide what to get!! I generally order kits... over the internet!! Easiest way for me!! I do love the idea of being able to go browse and buy from a normal shop though!!

Sandy Beaulieu

I would be looking at purchasing kits instead of patterns. Especially penny rug patterns. I live in New Brunswick, Canada and have shopped around for wool kits and so far had no luck. I also would be interested in the 8X8 sizes but then again bundles would be also be great.



I have been working with wool for a few years and building a wool stash is not as easy as cottons. I love wool bundles. 3 coordinating 4" peices sewn together with a button and string. Yep, its in my bag. Cute!! I do buy kits also because I hate to use my favorite pieces up and if I want to substitute I can. My prim store has gone out of business and I am looking forward to your venture. Best wishes and Happy 4th.


If I love the colors in the pattern I more than likely would buy the kit.
I would love to buy 8x8 pieces of wool...individually or bundles in colors or graduations of one color...
thats a great size to collect.
I love that table runner in the picture....would be interested in that in other colors though.

wendy k

Hi Karen, I always,always buy kits...I love kits especially anything 'woollie'! And I always buy Fat quarters...just too scared to 'run out' of my favorite wool! In fact I've been known to buy the kit and the matching fat quarters too! My husband reckons I'm not supposed to be adding to my stash, but, as I keep telling him ...alot of people love me and keep buying me presents!!!! LOL!! (He hasn't yet met any of these people..lol!) Hope that helps...Good Luck with everything. Wx


I dont do a lot of stuff in wool, so a kit always is a preferred option, but 8" squares would work too.. but if I can get a kit for it, I'd buy a kit.. but if we are talking a quilt pattern vs kit, I always buy the pattern, I got enough fabric for me and a few others! LOL



Love the runner!!
I would prefer kits. Looking forward to what your store will offer!


Karen I have a ton of wool but when I see something that I like and it's in a kit, I snatch that kit right up. Sometimes I'll change a piece or two out with something from my stash...but if I'm attracted to a pattern for wool and it's all together I'm lovin it. The 8X8 square packs would be wonderful...lots of variety for a whole lot less money than buying 1/4 yards...you are going to have a wonderful site...can't wait. Are you going to sell the candles on your site...we don't have anyone around here that carries the McCall's candles...only Yankee and they aren't prim.


I love the idea of kits. I don't have any wool and my fabric stash is overwhelming so I don't plan to start another stash!! So a kit would be perfect for me. I would love to win your giveaway! I have just the place for the runner. Good luck with your new venture.

Robin in VA

My stash is almost completely quilting cottons, but I think if I were stash-building with wool, I'd go for the 8"x8" squares. I'm not that much of a kit person when it comes to cottons, because I like the challenge of subbing in my own fabric choices. But maybe with wool, I might be more inclined to buy a kit because it would be harder to come up with a substitute that had the same 'feel' as the sample...

Cathy Dukes

I am so glad you are doing this. I am a counted cross stitcher and since I have been
visiting you home I would like to try something new and have been looking for supplies for this. So since I am a newby to this craft probably kits first and fat squares for variety and stash bulding.
Have a great 4th.

sharon mac

First of all let me say I love your blog and your country decorating cant wait until you have your website up. I will have to get another job for my spending habits. But to answer your question, I LOVE kits. Takes the guess work out of it and also we dont have that many shops here that sell wool. Thanks


Hi Karen,
I would love to buy kits. i think the 8x8 idea is great. Love your site. Happy 4th of July , have a great weekend, Janie

sharon in Florida

First, let me say, I really enjoy your blog and I love that you share all your pretty things with us. I haven't started the "wool" thing yet, but I think for someone like myself (just getting into it), the small pieces make more sense.
Please don't stop blogging - I visit everyday.
Sharon in Florida


I'm a total kit person myself, that way I get what I need, and I suck at picking fabrics and stuff, I like the professionals to do it. And 8x8 squares of wool sounds like something I would do. "Snaps your socks", that's too funny! LOL


Hi........I am so excited to see your new web site.
I have just begun getting into working with wool and mostly I have hit the thrift stores to find different. Would love to get into dying of wool myself.
Anyhow...........I think some offerings of 8x8 pieces sound great, also like the idea of kits when there are many colors involved.
Oh, please don't get too busy that you have to slow down on your blogging.........just love reading all of your hints and your photos of your adventures.


I would purchase kits - I dont have a stash of wool so would prefer kits....hope that helps!! LOL .... seems a lot of people are having problems with the "new" Typepad....hang in there.....!!


I am a kit person myself as I am color challenged. I like it that someone else does the thinking for me! I can't wait for your store!


I would definetly buy a lot of different patches than a fq... so I vote for 8x8 !!!!
Cause where I come from we cant find the wool at all!!
This is really exciting... :0)
Good luck to you in all the decision makings!!


I usually always buy kits. It is so handy to have it all put together for you. Where I live I don't have close access to wool so 8x8 pieces would be great! Enjoy the 4th


I would be up for buying kits, since I have no wool stash. I'd also purchase the 8 x 8 squares...then maybe I could build a stash! Your runner is beautiful...reminds me of the rug my parents had in the family room. I remember sitting on the floor with a curved needle trying to sew together the braid where it had come loose...


Hi, imagine with all this computer stuff there is always a glitch now and again!!!
I would prefer just a pattern, only because there are times I may want to use cottons instead of wool. I like to do things different. That makes it interesting and get different looks too!! Good luck with your on-line shoppe!!!


I would prefer to buy a kit. Love your blog! And don't you just love when you have to re-do everything 10 times? Sorry, I won't get you started again! I am just suprised that there is someone else out there besides me that goes through that!!! : ) Hope you have a great day!


My vote would be for kits. It's very hard to find anything in the area that I live in. I want to win, I want to win!! Thanks, Cindy


I really like the idea of the 8x8 squares of wool in coordinated colours...i like variety. Love the candle and runner...please enter me in your draw...fingers and toes crossed.Jo xx

Judy in Michigan

I would like kits AND 8x8 packs. I love your site...check it every day. Happy 4th!


I vote for kits and the squares as well because you are correct -- it is slow and spendy to build a good wool stash. I even spend lots of time at thrift stores looking for wool articles to cut up and felt but it is tougher and tougher to find real wool. Oh, and enter me in the drawing. Love your new endeavor


I sure wish there was kits around when I started working with wool. I have so many pieces that I'll never use again. So yes I would definitely buy a kit and the 8x8 pieces would be prefect for most projects. I found rarely did I need that same large piece again.
I hope the problems with typepad get worked out soon....I know how frustrating it can be.
I'd love one of those braided rugs, if I don't win it's on my list to purchase.
Have a great long weekend!


My favorite quilt shop sells wool by the yard...so I drive out of my way to the shop that sells the squares. I have a large wool stash but if I needed more than a couple of colors I would buy the kit. So I guess this doesn't help you at all. LOL I wish you the best of luck in your new adventure, and have a safe and wonderful 4th.


I do both, buy patterns and kits. It depends on the project. I know lots of quilters love love love kits. My sister won't make anything without a kit. She says she doesn't trust herself to pick out fabric. Weird. Thats part of the fun! I think its all good.

Covered Porches

I have no quilting resource for at least 50 miles other than Wal-mart. Wool 8x8 piece ssound perfect. Most of my wool "wishes" are applique spots. That size would be perfect for the old crow or the burgundy heart that needs stitching. Ok-- admit it... the candle jar is as special as the candle , right?!?!?! I just love the lid...


I would prefer to buy the kits as the closet fabric store is an hour away from me, so it is easier to just buy them that way.


I would have to say that a kit would be more appealing to me....however, I am not going to pass up a great pattern, either! :)
I would use the 8x8 squares of wool rather than a fat quarter.
I am so excited for the give-away...I am certainly going to keep my fingers crossed!!

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