June 22, 2008



Thank you so much for the photos and summary of your visit to Country Threads. I was able to visit there quite a few years ago and your visit brought back those memories. My husband sent me back into the store two additional times. What was he thinking?? Love your Blog.


You always have the greatest pics and stories. You should write a book or atleast a column for a magazine!
My daughter would love that place, she is the quilter in the family!
Also,I chose you for an award, hop on over and check it out :)
Have a great rest of the weekend,


Looks like a fascinating place to spend an afternoon and poke around, especially if there are a few dollars in your pocket. I love country looking quilt shops with lots of displays.


Oh my gosh, how did you ever see everything that was there in 1 day? Too many treasures for this girl!! :) I think I would have blown BOTH of my girls college Education money if I set foot in that awesome shop.

Thanks so much for sharing. It was almost like being there but safer sitting behind a computer. :)



I would never ever have come out from there!!!What a wonderful place!! I love their patterns...and this...heavenly place...OMG!!


Thank you so much for your pictures! I would love to go there. It's so fun to see the patterns made up in samples.


Oh good heavens . . . how did you get out of Country Threads with a penny left to your name?


I loved your visit to this cute shop, Karen! Looks like you all were having a good time!



Thanks for the update on your trip to Country Threads and for those wonderful pics! What a great shop...I loved everything in every picture!!! How fun it must have been....glad you had a nice time.
blessings, kathy


Oh MY!! I wouldn't have been able to surface for air from all the patterns that I would have had in my car on the way home! That place looks awesome!


Wow, it looks like that place was chock full of goodies!


What state is Country Threads in??? It looks like a wonderful place and the sign is right..It's a Wonderful Life!!!! Dianntha


Isn't Country Threads just the best?? I love that place. Makes me wanna hop in the car and head on over. LOL!!
You picked some great patterns for your new lakeside place.
I love when you say SNAP MY SOCKS!!! ROFLOL!!! That just kills me.
And about that new adventure of yours.......SPILL IT SISTER!!!! We're waiting out here.


OH MY! I could spend days in there just looking around.


What a fantastic place to visit . Thank you so much for the pictures made me feel that i was there.


So there is Heaven on earth! What a great place. I generally do laps around my local patchwork store...just incase I missed something. Jo x


That is some store! So much to look at. I love that. Inspirational really.

Christine Rohloff

Thanks so much for sharing CT pictures!!!! I have been a fan of theirs for years....hope to get there someday!! Have done many of their patterns. I need to wipe the drool off my computer now.


What a fun adventure you girls had. That place was amazing. They even have quilts on the ceiling. That's a new one for me!! I can't wait to hear more about your new venture.


OMG Karen those are the best pictures of Country Threads...they could use those for an ad. I knew you'd go nuts in there...it is truly one of my very favorite shops.


OMW I want that Liberty Basket quilt!!! I don't quilt, sew..can't even sew on my kids buttons, haha but I sure wish I could!!! This shop is amazing!!! Can't wait to see everything made up!!! Glad to see you back!!! Jen


The thing that hits you about the pictures is that the shop looks so FULL of wonderful goodies. It must have been an amazing place to visit. Thanks for posting all the lovely photos to look at.

wendy k

Loved the pictures of the Country Threads shop! Pleeeaaasssseee can I come next time..lol!


Ooooh, looks like you had fabric and pattern overload! And you got some cute stuff. I'm always looking for cute ways to use the needle punch stuff -- not knowing what to do with it has kept me from making more projects -- I just don't want to hang stuff all the time. Looks like your minions are wanting that new venture stuff ... spill it sister!


Thanks sooooo much for sharing your trip to Country Threads and the many pictures. I have been a huge fan of these ladies for a number of years, and dream of going there myself one day. Have a great day -- thanks again.

Pen Pen

You girls have WAY too much fun! I want to be there. The shop looks wonderful.

Sherry Legan

I came over from the red door. I was scrolling through and loving your photos and had to comment. I love Country Threads too. I took a ten hour business trip with my cowboy only to arrive 30 min before they were leaving for market. They did stay a little late but it was a short,short stop. I was bummed but it was great to actually see it. Isn't it amazing? I'll be adding to you my fav's and reading your posts too. Thanks.

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