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June 29, 2008



Your post reminded me of one of my pet peeves, beer commercials. Picture the men out having fun, and the women adoringly on the shore cooking and adoring and getting the beer ready. I love that your husbands make it a nice vacation for you, too. I think they should do a commercial of some real men taking care of the womenfolk. Enough about my hang-ups. I love the bear, I'm not too much of an outdoors type, but nature gets me excited. Great pictures, and I loved the 'shack'. I would be happy to rough it there.


Thank you for the lovely photos of your holiday. Was interested how they moved over the wood etc for the building. Loved the pictures of the bear. Makes me want to visit that part of the world sometime.


Oh my, what a wonderful dreamy way to spend a weekend! I got a kick out of the bear..He looked like he was trying to cool off.
Thanks for sharing Love the new fashion trendy earrings!


that looks wonderful!


Wow! What a neat vacation! I love it when men do the cooking (my DH never does - I'm so jealous)! I'm also jealous of anyone being up north at this time of year. We have been having 100 degree temps just about every day here in Texas!


Karen that just looked like a perfect vacation get away! Beautiful country! Loved the bear.


Karen!!! You make me want to jump into those photos. What a beautiful place and such a nice pictorial of your time there. I loved it. The water looks so inviting and fun.


It looks like you had a wonderful time! My sweetheart and I went camping and fishing last weekend and we didn't want to come back. It's so relaxing on the water, isn't it? I love the picture of the little shack being built and it's 'tiny' boathouse. I could sacrifice and live in something like that. ~Adrienne~

Barbie Jo

Beautiful getaway Karen, loved the pictures. It reminds me of how many wonderful places there are to go here in the states, I should add this to my list!


What a beautiful place to have a retreat with DH and friends. I got a good chuckle out of the "little shack and boathouse" Good going guys for taking care of the ladies. Sounds so relaxing..... are'nt you glad its finally summer. Thanks for sharing.


Yep...I agree with the rest...what a BEE-U-TIFUL place!! I can see why you go up annualy.

By the way...pink is your color Karen!


Really enjoyed reading about your wonderful fishing trip and seeing all the beautiful scenery! I can see why you would look forward to that vacation every year, Thanks for sharing with us......love your pink hat :o) blessings, kathy


First off sister I must tell you I love the bobber earrings. You are a stylin fisherwoman. I'm just sayin!! Love the bear photo and that new shack being built...OMG how nice is that? Beautiful photos of the water. Looks like a fun time.


Ok I am ready to move! What a wonderful place... I wouldn't mind it being so isolated :O)... being sort of a hermit type that would work for me :O)... gorgeous just gorgeous!


Now that looked like one SWELL time ya all just had! The scenery was just splendid and so were those bobber earrings! It sounds like a terrific vacation to me.


WOW , I thought our get away looked fun, but yours looks even better! I cant wait to see your website, I will check back tomorrow for sure!
Have a great evening,


Sunning yourself while reading a book out on a lake . . . now that's my idea of a GREAT vacation *s*

Debra from Illinois

Wow! Sounds like you guys had a blast time!! You looked so CUTE with your cowboy hat on.

Last April, I visited at St Clare Shore up at Michigan and it was fun to look all those boats and your story reminded me of this.

Welcome back :)


Oh my gosh what a fantastic place to go every year. I can see why you'd look forward to a getaway like that. I bet you feel far away from everything. What a nice treat to have the guys do the cooking. Love the new ear rings I noticed the before reading the post. Thanks for taking us on this awesome trip...I loved all the photo's. I'll have a few to share next week as hubby and I are going to the Gulf Islands....woohoo.


Love the little shack photo!!! so glad you enjoyed your time away. pretty hard not to I guess. Great company, great food and of course...location location!! Jo x

Connie W

I really enjoyed reading this post. Amazing drive through boat house and also seeing that bear swimming - not sights seen in Indiana that I know of.


Will you adopt me?? Those pictures look wonderful after the stick icky weather here. And I agree - you look so cute in that hat! If you adopt me, I promise I'll do my chores and help around the house.

hugs, Linda

PS can't wait to come back later today and see what's in store!


Wow, that looks like a really neat area, I enjoyed all the pictures and I just love the "shack", lol! My husband talks about taking a fishing trip, which has never gotten me very excited but if he did all the cleaning and cooking....hmmmmmmm.........

Sweet Cottage Dreams

What a beautiful place to enjoy the days with your wonderful friends. The food looks amazing, too! Cheers!


Kathy :)

AWESOME Karen, now that's the life.

Glad you had a good time. Love those hats and YUM to a cocktail OR 2......lol

Kathy :)

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

WOW! What a beautiful place! It looks like you all had an awesome time away sweetie, and I think that is terrific! I love the way you live your life, always having fun of some sort, and finding humor and beauty in everything. Love it! Wishing you a lovely week Karen!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love that pink cowgirl hat.

Deb Noren-Kate's Buddie

I have decided that if you have a cancelation next year for the Canada trip, I should come along. I will talk Kate into it too. I think that would entail tying her up and taking her with. Great blog stories!


it looks like a wonderful time!


Beautiful photos. It looks like it was a very relaxing and enjoyable get away. I enjoyed looking at the photos.

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