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June 10, 2008



Karen, I enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing the pictures!

I'd like to purchase the crow hollow b&b blocks and the candy corn...Plus, the santa, I mentioned in the previous post!



I would love to purchase the Harvest Season blocks.


I think it´s about time somebody forbid to showing these trips!!! You know..I get quite envy of you all...and more to come of another shop...Oh my... No ...please don´t stop showing..I love the pictures...;D And I love the wrapping you made for the presents to your friends...those tags were wonderful...and so was the summer sign...love them!


Hi, I would love to buy your Black Cat set of blocks! I just love reading your blog, so I'm glad you're posting daily, LOL!


Those gift bags are so adorable, love the tags!! Enjoyed seeing the pics and hearing about your trip....what a great store, it all looks wonderful....lucky you!
blessings, kathy


OK I give what is a strawberry emery? Love the bags love the blog. Did you buy the blocks or make them?
Keep the good stuff coming.


What a great shop to be close enough to visit. Lucky girls to get such a nice gift. Looks like I'm not fast enough to get in on the block sets. Did you sell them all?

Linda Rudman

Oh the shop looks wonderful and so much fun! 2 posts in 2 days = 2 treats! hugs, Linda


HI there :)

I wish I were part of your group...ok I don't quilt, sew or even know how to sew on a button but darn it would be fun!! Cute goodie bags!!

Do you have anymore sets of the candy corn blocks? I would love two if you have them :)



What a fun trip through Main Street Cotton
Shop...can't wait for the rest of the trip.
Those goodie bags for the peeps are as cute as they can be.


I love the tags on your bags, did you make them? If so, how did you do it? Don't you just love Main Street Cotton Shop! I have been there 2 times, it is wonderful.

Pam Bollatto

These blocks are so cute, would love to purchase the black cat bed & breakfast.
Thanx :)


Humm... more people have already said the ones (block sets) that I wanted so guess I will have to keep my fingers crossed with it for the next time.

Those gift bags you made up are just amazing. The bag itself is a gift! Wish I was one of your peeps. :) How fun that you got to go to THE Thimbleberries quilt shop. Did you not wish you could be really naughty and run up those stairs to say hi to Lynette? LOL! By the way, did you get my email?

Hugs ~
Heidi ..... who adores your new header and still thinks Ms. Cami is the best thing since pickles. :)


Gosh I love that shop.. its wonderful. I got a studio tour there once even. There used to be an amazing antique shop in town as well. Three stories and chock full of goodness. I loved my whole trip to Hutchinson.


A day late I guess. I love the harvest and the candy corn both. Gone? Probably. They are darling. It looks like you had a great time! Yes I'm jealous.


Hi Karen, It was I that was asking about the Prairie Flower Book. Thanks so much for showing the book, which has all the information on it. Blessings, Cindy


Wow, now there's some memories. When the quilty peeps came to visit me in MN we went to Thimbleberries and had a great time. She had a quilt in there and we all ended up getting the pattern so we could do a fun experiment and each of us make it in different fabrics (jewel-tones, two-color, 40's and I-forget LOL) Of course, we aren't done yet LOL. Looks like you're having fun so far...can't wait for more. Oh, and those gift bags? ADORABLE!


What a fabulous shop! It is so well organized and the displays are really appealing. Makes me want to go shopping!


Oh man - what a treat to go to that shop . . . I bet you could have sneaked up those stairs and given us a hint of what's in the works *s*

Connie W

Oh my gosh, what great stuff! more,more,more


i love the fabric. nice fall colors!


So much eye-candy! Love the bags you made for your quilty peeps - very cute.

Karen Beigh (Log Cabin Quilter)

How fun your road trip with friends must be! Thanks for posting all the pictures. Your bag of goodies for your friends was such a good idea. Are the tags on the bags made from paper?

Kathy :)

Those bags you made are so C U T E I bet your peeps loved them !!! Sounds like you guys had a ball !!!

All the best,
Kathy :)


I love your treat bags! that was sweet way to start off the trip. xoxo, Joanna


Fun stuff quilt store, applebees, dairy queen. You can't go wrong except for that rain.


I loved your posts about the shops that you went to. Wish their was something like that around my neck of the woods.

Can you please tell me what a "Strawberry Emery" is? I have never heard of it.



Love the quilty peeps giftie bag and the blocks inside. Did you make those??? I need a set of those. Do you sell them?
I remember going to the Cotton Shop a couple years ago. Great place. Thanks for the tour Karen.

Peggy Aront

Oh my goodness....so much to look at!!!
I was going to say I'd buy the pillow and candy mold and some of the blocks for halloween but it looks like I snoozed thru the week.... If anything is left over, please let me know.
Peggy in NJ

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