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January 13, 2009


Mary Flynn

Glad you got the pictures in.....I can now drool over all those gorgeous little quilts! Baaaaaaaaaad dog. Oh!!! Baaaaaaaad dog!


Hey, you can guest blog on mine anytime! When are you gonna start your own? OMG, I gasped when I saw the hole in the pillow. We do love our little critters tho, don't we? Love all the little quilts. Did Karen have one in there? Hope your leg is on the mend.

Carla Finley

Yay! I can see them now. I love the quilts. Especially the first one. They are all marvelous.

Connie W

I remember Ernestine very well and loved her routine on Laugh-In. At the time it was on TV, I was a telephone operator so it made it all-the-more fun for me.
What great small quilts, they are so pretty.


great quilts!! Baxter looks too cute to be bad! ......I came home to find stuffing coming out of my sofa one day - a long time ago when my dog wasn't perfect...oh that's right...she still isn't!! LOL


What beautiful quilts! Baxter is adorable but OH the pillow!! sob!
(we've used many a mousetrap to discourage a dog from going where he shouldn't, lol)


Ahhh, I LOVE all those little quilts, Your Loose Threads group is very talented. Argh!!! I Love that pillow too, Sob..can it be mended! Now I must say Baxter is the cutest, is he a Brittany?
Thanks for spending time with us peeps!


Just lovely little quilts! Thanks for fixing the pictures. Those were worth waiting for. Just wonderful!


Bad dog! Love the mini quilts!


Welcome to the guest blogger, you did a wonderful description of Lilly...brings back memories.

Those mini's sure look small, what an awesome group of quilters, thanks for sharing the mini's.

Karen aka Grammy Mac

Love all of the minis;) Even if today wasn't Baxter's day to be perfect...how could you get mad at a such a cute face?;)


My goodness but those minis are just eye candy and good for the soul too. :) I love miniature quilts. I remember Ernestine very well so I guess that dates me. LOL!

Hugs ~


Oh, oh, oh....the miniature quilts are wonderful! I drooled over each and every one of them. Thank you for posting them.

Karen Beigh (Log Cabin Quilter)

Okay, Miss Faye, when are you going to start your own blog? I think it would be a good one. I enjoyed reading everything today that you wrote! Very funny.
Oh, that poor pillow. I wonder if I have that pillow pattern. If not, I surely need to purchase one. It is right up my alley.
Glad you are mended and back in the groove.
And thanks for posting all the little quilt photos. Very interesting.


I loved Ernestine as well so when I saw the title of this post, I knew it would be fun - and it was! Thanks for all the eye candy as well. You really should start your own blog!!


Well hello Ms. Faye, so nice to have you join us. Glad to hear you're up and about after that broken leg incident. Your puppy sure is cute, but oh my -- on a new project -- very disheartening. You do know, don't you, that guest blogging is the first step to having your own blog???


Great quilts. Thanks for visiting and sharing. And my condolences on the pillow.



Carrie P.

Always love seeing your friends quilts. You have some talented friends.


Baxter is just too cute. Love all those tiny quilts. Man oh man someone has alot of patience. And I'm not talking about with Baxter. LOL I mean on making those itsy bitsy quilts.

Lynn Einarson

Your minis are fantastic. I love the size and the skill it takes a quilter to do something that tiny. Thanks for Blogging.


Darling darling little quilts. I loved Lily Tomlin as Ernestine. One of my favorite characters. I used to try to imitate her in school.


They are all so gorgeous!!! I wish I was home quilting right now!!


Hi their is Baxter a welsh springer spaniel?
He look remarkably like my girlie called Mery. Love all the tiny quilts.


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