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January 03, 2009



Yum! Thanks for the lil' weenies recipe {snort}{snort}! We'll be doing the same thing today -- I'm doing the LAST of the clean up -- I'm SO sick of cleaning! I want to just do NOTHING tomorrow -- even though I really need to SEW!

Kris Grover

Happy New Year! The little smokies look yummy!!


Those are some good lookin little weinies! Happy new year!!
Blessings, Kimberly


Happy New Year to you my dear friend. That wienie recipe looks delicious, thanks for sharing. My hubby has been keeping the birdies fat and a few peanuts for the squirrels too. Speaking of squirrels, I found some flannel with squirrels and nuts on it, I had to buy it for a hubby quilt...one day.
We are now over 40 inches of snow for the last couple of weeks....I'm just about had enough.

Becky Amundson

The smokies look so good!! Happy New Year Karen!! Also thank you for your friendship and generosity!


Happy New Year to you Karen! It sure has been wonderful getting to know you this past year, thanks for being such a great friend!
Looks like you enjoyed your New Year's celebration....we managed to stay up past midnight this year too :-)
Warm hugs, kathy


Hi Karen....Happy New Year to you too!
We celebrated with friends too and had a good time also:)

Love that recipe thanks for sharing:)

Mary Flynn

Ah....love to hear that the wildlife is taken care of! We generally see a movie every weekend and order the big bucket of popcorn so I could bring it home to the deer, squirrels, raccoons, possum and/or whoever else chooses to snatch it up! Yesterday tossed out some questionable grapes. I still remember a post you had last winter (I think) of deer corn and the ruckus they must have caused when the bins went empty. I had a great chuckle out of that one! Happy Holidays!!

Nicole Kelly

Karen-- OMG I make almost the same recipe, my mom had it for years...I wonder if she got it from someone in MN as we lived there when I was a little girl! Our recipe is slightly different prepare the weenies the same way however I sit each one up in a 9x13 with the toothpick standing straight up. Cover with the brown sugar and cover and refridgerate over night and just bake 1 hr at 350! I must try the mustard! I am required to bring these to work potlucks and parties every time. Love em!! Nicole from IA!! Thanks for such a wonderful blog and wonderful inspiration!! Happy New Year


Happy New Year to you and yours!

I'm sure the wildlife thank the Mr. for keeping them fed!


Well..........I'm pretty sure those things are NOT on the new diet. LOL I however have had them and they are delish. A gal made them for Wilsters open house when we bought his new place. I love them. Now I'll be craving them. Jeez thanks!!!
Oh by the way... love the snow photos. That looks like some serious flakes.


Happy New Year, Karen. The recipe sounds soo yummy, thanks for sharing.

I wish we would get a little snow, maybe not a snow storm... but a little would be nice :-)



Happy New Year my friend! We had a quiet (ie BORING LOL) evening. Snowed in we were!! No fun but we did manage to cook some porterhouse steaks and have a glass of vino to toast making it through yet another year together.

That weenie recipe was made many a time in my home growing up and in all the get togethers with family and freinds back in the day. Haven't thought of it for years!! We called them "sweet and sour smokies." I just might need to try it with the fat free dogs and turkey bacon - wonder if it will work!! LOL

Here's wishing you and Mr Farmhouse all good things in 09!! hugs, Linda


What do you feed your squirrels? Ours helps himself to the bird's sunflower seeds, and we just got him some peanuts....he loves those. Any suggestions?


Thanks for the recipe Karen. This is what J kept going back to, at the neighborhood Christmas party!!

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! You have a lovely blog!

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