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January 22, 2009



I just "landed" at your blog earlier and wanted you to know how much I've enjoyed reading about you! Looking forward to more from you! Enjoy your day today.

Kim Jones

I love your stamping closet. You have so much great stuff!! I like the color of the room. Thanks for the giveaway chance! Kim

Carla Finley

My gosh what a great post! I don't know where to start! Oh yes I do. That cake. It sounds wonderful. Just reading about it made me gain 2 pounds. I so envy you your lovely big home and yard. I like the chalkboard idea for the door. I adore the photo of the 2 squirrels and of course Ms. Cami. I'll have to put a photo up one day of our mini long-haired dachshund. His name is Capt'n Peekatyou Red. Have a great day!


I like the sound of the chalkboard door with the painted red part to match the island. BUT, if you wanted a less country look, I would go for the glass door with the star. It depends on the final look you are after.

I know from what I see, I'd buy your house in a heartbeat! Great sprucing up and isn't it lovely to have such a great friend who would actually help you paint!!! How awesome is that!!??


WOOOHOOOO to you!!! For the finish and for the fantastic breakfast... double woohooo and finally 204 posts...WooooHoooo ...:o)...
So please add me to your lovely giveaway!!
So thrilled you must be of your new house... and LONG for it to be finished!!:o)


Really enjoyed reading your lovely post Karen, certainly sounds like you are staying busy! I make that exact cake recipe but cook mine in a 9" springform cake....I agree, it's yummy!!! I eat it for breakfast too :-)
Your stamp closet looks very neat, want to come and help me get mine organized....sweet Valentine card.
Your room looks wonderful, and I do agree that the checked wing back chair looks perfect there.
Loved seeing the feeding station and all your wildlife....we feed squirrels too, but I wish we didn't!
Cami look comfy, and not a bit spoiled :-) hugs, kathy


I REALLY love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with us. The Chocolate Cherry cake sounds like a winner and one to put on my list of recipes to try. I like the idea of the glass panel on the screen door... very charming. You're full of good ideas.


My vote is for the door to match your island in color AND the chalkboard on the top half. I have a walk-in pantry and love...love...LOVE it! You will, too. As always, I love your posts and your photos....you whole blog. (The only problem with it is.....sometimes you disappear from us for too long....LOL) Anyway...please enter me in your giveaway and congratulations on your 200th + post.

Louise Murphy

I too have to start with the chocolate cake, oh my!!..What is wrong with cake for breakfast I ask you?? I vote 10 times over for the frosted glass with the star in the center..love it. The feeding frenzy is too funny. I bet that barrel is not going to be fun rolling back uphill. By moving day you should almost be done moving!! Have a great day..Louise


I'm voting for the chalkboard. Have had the same dilema sort of lately. Remodeled the kitchen a year ago and still no doors on the pantry. I have an old pair of screen doors that I'm sure Dear Hubby can retrofit just didn't know what with. Getting ideas now! Thanks (and please enter me)

hoosier homemaker

Hi Karen,
Yes - throw my name in the hat please. I think you should go with the screen door though My Sweet Savannah has a great chalk board door for her pantry. There are so many things you could do with the screen door - curtains - signs, etc.
Have Fun!


I know what you mean about feeding the critters! We feed the birds and squirrels and they look in my kitchen window at me when the feeder is empty... I am surprised they don't peck at it!

And yup, we did the same thing when we were building.... a load every time we went and it made moving much MUCH easier!

Love the CUTE CUTE stitchery kits and would love to be entered in your drawing.


I think, I've had cake for breakfast before, just a few times... LOL

Chocolate Cherry Cake, looks great,I can almost taste it! Mmmmm

Look at your puppy, had to look twice, looks identical to ours. Whom loves to sleep on top of the cushions of our couch too.


What a great giveaway! Count me in...your new home is going to be just beautiful I really can't wait to see it finished:0
Have a wonderful day!


I like the sound of a screen door (love them), but I'm afraid people would be able to see through it. I know my pantry wouldn't be very neat, but maybe your's would be. Hee Hee! Would love to win the darling patterns! Please add me to the draw.

Quilt Hollow

I like the idea of the glass look with the star. You have so many beautiful things that can "add" to the simplicity of that sort of door. It seems hard to believe that you have to simplify to sell your home...it is always decorated so nice and I guess for my eyes would be distracting because I'd rather see your pretties. They would sell me your house!! OK...now you know, I've written you before about this...I get great humor out of those deer stories. I love hearing they want more and the fact the were just standing there staring up at the house is just too much! I'm sitting here with a silly smirk on my face from the visual on scenario out there!


Cake... for... breakfast... Sorry, you lost me for a moment there. I have that recipe and it is divine! Love the almond flavour in it, mmmmm!

Have a lovely day! (Your squirrel pic is so sweet!)

Blessings, Kimberly


Your chocolate cake looks yummy. I like the idea of the frosted door with the star. I have a friend who has this and instead of a star she has the words Pantry on hers and it is beautiful. What color are you painting the walls? Love the stitcheries.


Thank you for the wonderful kits in your give away! I luv your blog and all of your pictures and decorating! I am going to try that cake this weekend! Thanks so much--look forward to the drawing!



LOL - you forgot to mention that it has eggs and milk too. Sounds like a well ROUNDED breakfast to me! I actually have never had that and I LOVE chocolate and cheeries so maybe that will be my birtdhay cake in March! Wanna stop here on your way to your vacation and drop one off? I love Marshmallows too so leave a few out of the frosting to put on the cake if you don't mind. ;-)

I love that the pantry is at that angle! Can't wait to see what you decided on the door. oh oh oh red -- it is going to be so nice! It is a joy to follow this progress with you, it really is.

Oh doncha just love the gallery at Splitcoast? What a time saver!! The card is adorable!

And what a sweet giveaway. Someone is going to get a sweet prize! Congats on 200 posts. I have enjoyed every sinlge one!!(yes, before I started blogging and Kathy introduced me to yours, every day I went back and read a few. It was so much fun!) You were my inspiration to start a blog. I had seen others but never cared for them. You opened my eyes to what fun and eye candy they could be so thank you!!

How was your nap??

hugs, Linda

Chris Steinke

Your cake looks wonderful, but I'm wanting to know where you bought the plaid place mat that the piece of cake is setting on? I know it's probably an unusual request, but I've been looking for that some place mat in black and white. Thanks, Chris


Oh, Karen, you are always so much fun to read. Please enter me in the drawing. Oh, and I like the idea of the frosted glass door myself.


Now that's my kind of breakfast! The recipe looks great and I think I have most of the stuff in my pantry! Yummmm.

Yea, my quilty place is full too - so I just took over the guest room for my stamping! lol.

Congrats on your 200+ post! Please enter me in your giveaway. The kits are just wonderful! Maybe this will be my lucky day!

Happy staging!
Trina from FF

Karen DeCapite

Hi Karen from Karen.
Yup, I'm a new follower. Ventured around blogland, there you were and WHAM! Hooked me.

You are just so funny! Had to have been the sugar. But good for you for following the rule of "You touch it, you take it!" ;)

I vote the screen door with chalkboard on top. I love chalkboards and have several around. I can only imagine how handy that one will be for you.

Enter me too!

Thanks for the post. Keep it up!!!



I sure enjoyed reading your post, but then I always do. I loved the wildlife pictures. Give them time, they will be knocking on your door to get more grain down to them. Please enter me in your giveaway. I like the idea of the chalkboard and red door to match the island.


That cake looks yummy! Now how can I get that into my Diet Challenge 2009 journal...hmmm fruit...that will work. You have been one very busy girl..your stamping closet looks great. My vote is the frosted glass with the star. A star always makes me happy. Congrats on 204 posts.


I say...add pizza to the cake and you've got the perfect breakfast! Your card project is adorable. I vote for the chalkboard with the bottom painted the same red as the island. What a fun idea! Your sun room looks so nice and cheerful, no wonder Cami loves sleeping there.


would love to win!



I love the idea of doing the screen door for your pantry! Nothing says country home like a screen door slapping closed.
Cutie tootie stitcheries!! I would love to win =)


You've been a busy girl! And, hey, I want some of that cake for breakfast! lol Glad you were able to get some stitching done!


Hi there, I have been reading your blog for a while now and just love it. Your dream house is beautiful- both of your homes would be my dream house! How magical it all looks in the snow, but I would NEVER survive in the cold! I think anything under 60 is freezing! I live Down Under and this week it has been 105 (41 celcius).
I vote for the chalkboard door. There are so many things you can do with a chalk board- leave messages, write menus, quick phone number lists etc. Can not wait the see the finished results. The 'prim' style of decorating (if thats what you call it) is just not a style we see here in Australia and I love it!


Hi Karen
Go with the chalk board so neat to put your everyday reminders on I would love to have one.
Still stitching on Karens squares hee hee.
hugs Darlene

Becky Amundson

I"m so glad that you have had 200 posts!! I can't wait to read them as they are posted!! I can hardly wait to see some "staging pictures". Until then.......


I absolutely LOVE your blog!! You have awesome taste, as you prove time and time again in your posts. So, I am sure anything you pick for the pantry dor will look great. But if I had to pick, I'd say the door to match the island with the chalkboard paint.

GREAT giveaway!! PLEASE enter me!! I have really wanting to try to start making my own prims and this would be a perfect start!!

Hugs!! Carrieā™„

Mary Jane Smith

I vote for the chalkboard on your pantry door. The cake looks yummy!

Mary Jane


Congrats on your 204th post! I've read every one and enjoyed them all. Although I live in Florida now, I'm still a midwest girl at heart--your posts feel like "home"! As for the door, I'd go red with chalkboard. I just remodeled my kitchen and LOVE my red backsplash--so cheerful and lively--the perfect punch of color.
Oh, and aren't chocolate cake and pie considered the breakfast of champions?!

Sandy Beaulieu

I just love reading your blog...you are always so comical :)

Your cupboard looks so very organized. Feels good when we do that...makes me think I to need to do some organizing myself...YUCK! I keep putting it off...LOL

I can't wait to see your new home all completed...it will be beautiful I am sure :) I love the idea of your cupboards and island. So I am with you...the chalkboard door for the pantry same color as your island. That will look awesome! Like I said, I can't wait for the completed look.

You are so lucky to have all that wildlife around your house. My girls would go crazy over them.

Please enter me into your giveaway. They look so awesome.

Have yourself a wonderful evening...



Congrats on 200 posts, woohoo!! All your door options sound great, but I think my first impulse is for the chalkboard door. Your stamping cupboard looks awesome and the little card is adorable. What a great giveaway - I'll have to check the shop for those if by some accident I don't win, lol.

ps. Miss Cami certainly has the right idea!

Jennifer from NY

Hmmmm, I'm going back and forth between the screen door and the glass one with the star. What a nice kitchen it's going to be! I have a big pantry, but it's not walk-in...I would *love* that!

We feed birds and they absolutely look at us through the window when the feeders are empty. And the chickadees wait right near you while you're filling them!

I really like those stitchery patterns! Thanks for doing a giveaway! --Jen


The cake sounds yummy!
Cami looks so warm and cozy! :o)
Would love to win a kit!
Stay warm....TamaraP.


You are too funny...cake for breakfast, well if you have milk with it then that's ok...LOL
I like the sound of a screen door but then I'd need to see pictures to get the full idea.
Super duper congrats on over 200 posts....they are all spectacular. Here's to another 200!


Wow I love that stamp cabinet and the cake looks wonderful! can't wait to see the new house done. the giveaway looks great:) Have a wonderful weekend


That was one heck of a post. I'm drooling over (in no particular order) the cake for breakfast, the new kitchen, your extremely tidy stamp cupboard (with SO many stamps), the sunshine that Cami is dozing in, and the patterns. My mum used to make a cake using the cake mix and cherry pie filling. She baked it in a bundt cake pan. Yummmm!

Oh, and I would pick the door with the chalkboard. I can think of a hundred uses for that.


I vote for the screen door...I have wanted one that goes into my laundry room but whatever you put will be beautiful. Please enter me in your giveaway...I'd love to win! The cake looks delicious and I don't have that recipe (but I do now)...THANKS!


Hi Karen,
I can't wait to see your new house when it's finished. I love watching it progress. I vote for a wood door on the pantry and I think red would be great.
Love the stitchery patterns. Please count me in.


I love the animals in the snow pictures. We don't get much snow in TX. The new kitchen is looking good. I know you have to be excited about the new home.

I'll have to make your chocolate cake recipe this weekend. Yummy! We've been known to have "leftover" cake for breakfast.


Oh, that cake looks so good!

I think either of the door ideas sound perfect. I love the island being red. Can't wait to see the finished products.

We have been going through more feed this year than ever before. They are hungry little gritters this year.


I want that cake so bad..so very bad...........

Karen aka Grammy Mac

I say "cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner:p!" Yum Yum Yum. Your house is the bomb;) You are one very lucky lady. As for the pantry door...My vote is for either the screen door or the 'star' door. Either would be very cool, in my opinion;)


I kove reading your blog. Please enter me in your giveaway. Congrads on your 200 plus posts. Sharon

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