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January 17, 2009



Such beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. Makes me want to move stuff around and decorate again.

Carla Finley

Can't believe how pretty it all is. Don't know what I'd do to have a house with that much room and so pretty!


I love her pieces and that house!..that is one talented lady!...i wish I could quilt!!!

Quilt Hollow

You aim to please and you succeeded again! Ok....not thrilled to have gone out in that weather but must say to enjoy an afternoon in that gorgeous home....bring me the snow mobile!


I love the way your friend uses her quilts around her house.......I am going to steal some of her ideas for how to display them! :)


Holy cow...beautiful pictures. Is there a decorating gene in Minnesotans that escaped the rest of us? You guys all have such wonderful houses. So warm and cozy for those cold winters. Maybe that's it... cold winters = beautiful houses! Oh well, it was a thought. Love all the quilts and punch needle too. Thanks for braving the subzero temps for us all out here in bloggy land. Hugs, Anne


I see it's as cold out in Mn. as it has been here in N.B.! We've been setting records for the bitter cold....happy to see it hasn't kept you from getting together with your crafty friends :-) Loved the quilts, and especially loved that one hanging on the black settee...just wonderful!
Loved the beautiful home too, thanks for sharing.
warm hugs, kathy


When watching the news this evening, I found out that my son in Anchorage is warmer than we are here in VA. Brrrrr. It's cold, but not as cold as where you are. We are balmy 20 degrees. I love all the pictures of everyone's handy work. Such beautiful handwork that will sure to be family heirlooms.


Well no surprise I like the same quilt that Kathy likes. the colors are wonderful!! It must be somuch fun to have freinds with such nice taste so you can go from home to home.

Oh goody - can't wait to see what you have to show us next! Stay warm. It was a balmy -11 here today!
hugs, Linda


Stunning work ladies! My Hubby bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas, as some of you may know,today I've been browsing quilting webs for free patterns for the never ever quilter. (that would be me) I just love quilts, each and every one of them has it's own story. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures.


Connie W

I love that house! Want one just like it. Your temperatures are something I've never experienced in my life, the lowest I can remember was either 21 or 23 below. Brrrrr
Can't wait to see your house when you get moved in and all decorated in your prim style.


how lovely it all is
minus the temp outside
thanks for sharing


Wooo, that's cold, I think the worst it got here was around -25, which is pretty bad. Thank goodness it's changed now as we have sheep & goats ready to pop with new babies.
Love all the pics of her home and the many beautiful projects. I would love to learn how to do a punch needle project, they are adorable!!


As always fab pics - thanks for sharing...that is one beautifully decorated house! ........and the quilts........wow! I hope the bride and groom appreciate that quilt it is just fantastic! Is that a drink with ice it in on the table....wouldn't have thought you would have needed any given the outside temps...you gals sure are intrepid stitchers venturing out in such conditions....I can't even begin to imagine how cold that is....I think it is cold at 0Celcius!! Are these temps normal for you at this time of year?


OMG Karen thank you for those wonderful pictures...I am hyperventilating over MsPenny's wedding quilt. And there's another awesome table topper....you have the BEST group...Love the black frame...I'll be looking forward to the patterns on your site. If it could just be a few degrees warmer I'd move up there with ya...LOL! It was 30 yesterday morning and the wind was blowing like crazy when we walked the dogs and I was frozen. Now the fact that we really don't have any clothes for cold weather doesn't help any. But -30...I can't even imagine.


I enjoy seeing your pictures and hope some day that I can make a quilt as beautiful as those.

Karen Beigh (Log Cabin Quilter)

I hope you keep warm supplies in your car trunk so that if your car breaks down, you can keep warm. Wow but that sounds cold!
Glad that Miss Faye is considering a blog.
The projects shown are all good ones. A very talented group indeed. And I loved seeing the prim decorations!


Holy moly girl that is super cold. I checked the thermometer and that's as low as it with go....brrrr you must be cold.
Your group is very productive, the scrappy wedding quilt is gorgeous. The black and beige quilt on the plate rack caught my eye...hmmm maybe I need to make something in those colours.


Oh my gosh...Im in love...so many beautiful and whimsy prim things..I love it!! :o)


Thats a beautiful home and all those quilts! But Im still stuck on the yummy lookin lunch you had! That chicken dish looks wonderful !!
I thought it was cold here .... 29 degrees. WOW ! -30 ?!?! I guess were having a heat wave compared to you ! lol

Stay warm !


I admire needle punch. I think sometime I'll take it up someday I suppose. I always love to see your pictures. They are so full of ideas. Love everything. The quilts are darling.


That is way too cold. I was wondering if you are going to sell the needlepunch designs on your web site. If not would you share the name of the designs and where to purchase them! Thanks, Dianntha

Pat@Back Porch Musings

This is a fun post, Karen!

We were complaining about 2 below, the other morning! Weee Doggies is right!!! We're in mid 30's, today. Tropical!

I enjoyed Faye's post!

Patty Sumner

Absolutely love the primitive look! It does not seem to matter what the temp is outside the homes inside are warm and welcoming. Great job! It was as good as a "Country Sampler" magazine.


My goodness, that is cold, cold, cold. Wonderful pictures -- what a great house. Beatutiful quilts too, Love the Buggy Barn one. That is definitely a labour of love. And what an increrdibly beautiful result.

kim naylor

oh, no. It is 80-90 degree here in san diego.
Love Kim

We have are fans & air conditioning on.


Holy Smokes - that's COLD!!! BRRRR!

So much talent in your group of friends! I love it when you share!

BTW, we've been enjoying your Beef Vegetable Barley soup once again this year. My husband can't get enough of it. LOL So, we thank you from the bottom of our tummies! ;-)


Hi Karen,

YUP that sure is cold, we had a couple of really cold days here in the NE nothing like that though, we got more SNOW yesterday and overnight...but we are melting today !! WOO HOO

Great pieces..and lovely tour !!

Stay warm Mrs. Farmhouse,
Kathy :)


Wish I could send you some heat . . . . still in the 70's here. Barefoot and the backdoor is open *s*
Love that little snowman quilt.


Ok so that's so cold I'd be wearing my coat to the potty along with my scarf!! I'm just sayin!! WOWZER!!! You are my hero! That is freaking cold.
I love all the projects the Woolies are doing and the house tour..........wonderful. But did you say you ate that dessert??? I must have read that wrong. lolol

Carrie P.

Whoo!! that is cold. You all are brave souls to go out into that cold weather. I always enjoy seeing what your group does. Every thing is beautiful including the home decor.


What a delightful blog you have here, neighbor! I really enjoyed browsing your photos - thanks for sharing them! Like you, we here in Wisconsin are busy trying to keep warm and snug!



Holy Crap -- that WAS cold!!! Thank goodness for a warm up. GREAT pics -- thanks for sharing all of your woolie goodness. Taping and mudding already??? You'll be enjoying that new sewing cave before you know it!!!

Daisy Cottage

Hi Karen!
I enjoyed catching up with you here today - (love your banner with your doxie cutie pie) and yes that is COLD!! We are even cold down here in Florida!



I complain here in England when it is -5. That is so cold out there.! Those quilts were so great and all the other craft work that you showed in the photos.

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