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January 30, 2009



Well that was a quite an update, you are very busy at the Farmhouse, and it is showing the progress. Yum, one could swim in all that wool, you have a wonderful stash. Sounds like you made a thoughtful decision on the door, you are getting to the fun part of your home, seeing all your decisions come together. That framed stitchery is fabulous. congrats to Melissa, love the scientific manner Mr. Farmhouse uses for his choice. LOL....
Keep up the good work,


Congrats Melissa! Boy do I remember that packing, sorting, tossing, etc. I don't envy you although it is kind of cleansing, don't cha think? Great stitchery and the frame is just perfect. That's a good project for you to work on while the house is on the market. Easy to tidy up. Hey,nice wool stash there girl! Don't you just love looking at it and touching it... sensual. LOL!


Good choice for the door, I love that it will be red. The stitchery looks so awesome in that frame, I better get my butt in gear...my frame is still empty, the colour is fantastic too.

Your wool stash should keep you busy for a long time. Keep up the stitching.
All the packing will be worth it in the end.


I did leave a comment earlier...or I thought I did....must be hiding in cyberspace.....if you like I can "look after" your wool stash to save you storing it somewhere...LOL....but thanks to Farmhouse Woolens I will be making a good start on my very own wool stash....! what did we do before big plastic storage containers were invented????


Ok Seriously. I need Mr. Farmhouse's e-mail. If you can believe it, he got that DANG number WRONG again!!! Clearly, he needs a little schooling!

Looks like you're making great progress on the move. You certainly have my sympathy -- I just can't imagine moving again. But OH how exciting!!!

Oh, and I guess it would be polite to add...Congratulations to Melissa!


You are one busy girl and still found time to post! Crazy lady. ;o) ooxx`jod

Mary Flynn

I love the update...been wondering about you! I tell you Karen....I followed my husband's military career for 23 years before he retired. We moved often. Seeing all that and listening to your story brought back memories of all those hand projects I would carry....then finally the movers would show up with our household belongings I could get the new house in order but the best day of all was the first day I felt settled enough to go in and SEW for the first time in months! What a feeling that always was....it was liberating.

Also...could you share with us where the frame came from? I really like those stitcheries framed.....love that blackwork!

I'm glad Anne suggested small sample packets of wool....so many projects just need a smigen of color...as you know! Your the wool queen!


Congrats to the lucky winner!!

You indeed have been one busy gal. Just think, you will know exactly what you do and don't own when this is all done. No more surprises! LOL I always think of that when someone moves. For me, that would be the upside of all the dang confusion. There would be nothing left in hiding. Cept now with my CRS, I wouldn't remember what I found while packing. That's why I have my trusty label maker! LOL

Stay warm and have fun watching the super bowl! I am going nursery shopping tomorrow. hugs, Linda


From your whole post I couldn't get my mind off one particular thing...you are one of those people who bug me cause you don't take the labels off your plastic bins. LOL I just spent time yesterday removing them from my younger daughter's storage bins. Would you like for me to come and do yours? LOL Your house is beautiful Karen and I'm looking forward to seeing the new one.


I certainly don't envy you at all! Good luck...you'll find loads of things you forgot! Love the stitchery and the frames!... and the quilt is just too cute!


I discovered the world of patchwork quilt/sewing blogs just a few weeks ago and yours is one of my favourites. I've read all your archive posts and thoroughly enjoyed them. I have had so much pleasure following you around your quilt shops, quilt shows and sewing clubs. I love all the pictures you share of your beautiful home and projects, also the snow pictures leave me drooling. I live in the UK and we don't get half as much snow as you do. I'm really looking forward to following your blog and seeing your new home take shape. Good luck with the move, I hope it all goes smoothly for you. Thank you, Kathleen.


Love the stitchery and that frame is just the most wonderful! Your new quilt is great...it looks antique. Packing, sorting and tossing is such a big job. Good luck!


Congrats to the winner !!!

Karen, I recently met Linda from Behind my Red Door, what a doll !!! I just read her post this morning that she is going to be a Grammie to a baby girl. How nice !!

Great post...that door will look fab in the kitchen.

Stay warm,
Kathy :)


I won? Oh my!! I am just so excited I might do a kartwheel! heheh
Sendind my snail mail now.
I can't imagine moving from the house you are packing up, it is just beautiful. Can't wait to see pic's of your new home all decorated!
Love, love, love the stitchery in the red frame!


Oh my gosh... so much wool...:o)I wish I just had a tiny tiny bit of it.. :o)
Oh bet you had so much fun finding long lost to be projects...and thinking how could I ever have forgotten this one!! LOL.. At least I do from time to time...
Wish you luck with the packing...:o)

Louise Murphy

Congrats to Melissa for winning...yea...
I think that your sewing studio looks just like it should considering what is in progress. Nothing like a good purging I say!
I love that same stitchery pattern. Just purchased it a month ago when I was at Carriage Country quilts in Des Moines. It is any easy stop when going to SEATAC...Love your entire wool collection. I am really enjoying work with it..Louise


Congrats to the lucky winner:)

I'm so excited for you with moving to a new place and a place that you already love.

Love all the wool you have...just wonderful!


Somehow I stumbled onto your blog yesterday...very interesting. I love your big house, yard, gardens and the fabulous sewing room. Color me jealous. And your moving -- to what looks like a bigger house. How exciting. Anyway, I must follow this adventure. I'm a 50 something retired gal who lives in Florida, but misses Northern climates - especially the fall and the break you folks get from lawn care in winter. Thanks for sharing -- I'll be back


What a great wool collection. I am envvious. Good luck with the packing.


Everything has got to be so very exciting for you and at the same time draining. Hang in there and soon you'll be in your new beautiful home. You lucky girl you. I'm sooo jealous. I hear ya on cleaning up that sewing cave. Once it's clean stay away!! Dont even walk in there. Then you'll get the bug and it will drag you back in. And before you know it..........BAM MESSY AGAIN!!! lolol So stay away.
Dont work too hard Karen.
ps cant wait to see whats on the website. Love the idea of the greenery. I could use some new.


Ooops forgot, congrats to my buddy Melissa!!! WOOHOOOOOO Couldnt go to a nicer gal.

Little Penpen

I would love to know where you girls found that great frame for the monthly embroideries. It would make a great take along project.

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