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February 05, 2009


Karen aka Grammy Mac

Friends and family that stick by us through thick and thin, sharing the good and the bad, are truly great blessings. Looks and sounds like you guys had a blast. Happy Big 50! Hey, did ya know...50 is the new 30...at this rate I'll never reach 100;)

Pat@Back Porch Musings

Happy 50th Karen. Looks like a wonderful way to celebrate! Thanks so much for sharing all the great photos!


Great party! Happy 50th.....Hey perhaps next time you have a birthday party it could be fancy dress....!! LOL.......I haven't been doing much in the evenings - too hot!! Looking forward to a cool change this weekend....and some time to work on my Wool Garden BOM.....really enjoying it....and for once I am up to date.....Anne has been a great inspiration!


Hilarious! That looks like great fun. Happy Birthday!

Carla Finley

Happy birthday!! Wow, really great friends. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.


Happy 50th Karen!! It looks like a fun party and wonderful friends. Great photos too. So, did anyone get around to watching the Super Bowl or were you having too much fun?


OMG Karen I laughed and laughed...what fun! That cake sure looks yummy! Happy 50th!


Hi Karen! - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May the next 50 years be filled with love, laughter, and those good friends who made your special day a real party!
Hugs, Julia


Don't you know? When you turn 50 you get to take naps and wear white socks.
Your party pics are great. You and hubby are so cute! Happy Birthday and God Blessings,
RiverBend Farm


Happy 50th Karen and many more!!!!

What great friends you have, a keeper group for sure!!!

Yes, something about winter that makes me lazy too,
Have a great one, Janie


Happy 50th! When is the real deal??? Now that is my kind of party. It looks like so much fun. You are blessed to have such a great group of friends.

I do get lazy at night and I may read a few blogs but then I am shutting off the computer earlier and earlier it seems. No stitching gets done either. And it's not like there is anything GOOD on TV most nights either. I think it is just winter. At least that's MY story and I'm stickin to it!!

Have a great weekend my friend! hugs, Linda


Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Karen,
happy birthday to youuuuuuuu!

What a fun surprise! I can see you enjoyed it all.

Today I visited the post office and your box is on its way. I am so excited for you to get it. My fingers and toes are crossed it gets there in just 7 days. I can't wait for you to see the swap blocks.

Birthday hugs ~


Happy 50th! Now that is a party to remember. The outfits are just too funny, I like the extra bit of blush on the cheeks or is that too much wine...hmmmm.
Thanks for sharing your special day.

I know how you feel about feeling sluggish, I've been forcing myself to do things. Must be the mid winter thing for sure.


Happy Birthday!! Those pictures are great! You should print them off on fabric and make everyone a pillow!


What great friends! I LOVE it! ooxx`jodi

Karen DeCapite

Happy Birthday Karen. I beat you to the big 50 by 9 months, so you'll get no sympathy from me! ;)
Don't you love it when the whole gang gets together? Our Harley group is the same way. There for you through thick and thin. Love it. Appreciate it. Encourage it. Treasure it.
HAGD! Karen


ohhh...what a party!!!
Happy Birthday to you in advance!!! :o)

Mary Flynn

First let me say Happy BIG 50!! You look great!!!
The friendships that you and your hubby have make me so jealous. DH and I have lived all over the world with several moves due to military so friendships made and left. I sure wish that some of those friendships formed lived close enough to have fun get togethers. You really have a treasure of friends.

Eva Joiner

Karen, I loved this post. Really brought a smile to my face!! Happy 50th, how blessed you are to have had such a wonderful group of friends to celebrate with.

And yes the lazies are going around, even here in Florida!


Looks like you had a great time, what good, fun friends you have. Love all the outfits, so funny. Happy 50th!


What a fun party! I just turned 50 in december! Happy belated!!


Happy 50th Karen....welcome to the group!! Looks like a wonderful party with all your friends, how fun that must have been...you are truly blessed to have so many great friends!
I too am feeling like a slug....I blame it on cabin fever myself ~
warm hugs, kathy♥


Holy Cow -- That's AWESOME Ms. Farmhouse! What a fantastic group of friends -- you are indeed, one very lucky girl! I LOVE that pic of you -- you should frame it -- those glasses are a screamer! And a those lady friends are just adorable -- they look like they are little old lady cheerleaders -- hot and all!


What a hoot!!! Looks like it was a great time! Happy Birthday!

hoosier homemaker

Happy Birthday Karen! What fun friends you have. I'm sure they had a lot of fun planning and shopping for your party.


That is hysterical! LOL I love it.

You are indeed lucky to have so many good friends.

Have a great weekend, Denise

Louise Murphy

Oh my what a group of sweet fun friends you have. How I wish I were still 50!!! You are a baby yet..I too turn in quite early this time of year. I gather up my stack of favorite quilt books or magazines and along with my cup of hot chocolate or tea climb into bed ...sometimes I even watch an old movie or two..Happy happy 50th Birthday!
I wish you many many more. Louise

mary's cottage quilts

Hey Karen!!! I hope you had a great birthday, and what a very fun party!!! I'll have to remember that for my 50th!
Happy day!
I totally understand the "lazies". I was nodding off at the dentist's office yesterday - and it was only 2:30. I woke up at 5:00 am way too many times this week... Darn those school science fairs (and I had TWO this week) Oh well, now they're over and it's saturday and I can sleep in! Yay


You are so lucky! What fabulous friends you have! Happy Birthday Karen.


What a fabulous group of friends!


Happy Birthday to you (singing)
,•:*¨ ♪♫♪♫ ¨¨*:•.* •:*¨ ♪♫♪♫ ¨¨*:•.•:*¨ ♪♫♪♫ ¨¨*:•.*•:*¨ ♪♫♪♫ dear Karen ¨¨*:•.* Happy birthday to you and many,many more !! (okay done singing) what a surprise that must have been when you opened the door, hilarious. Those are my kind of peeps, I just love FUN people !!

WOW 50 are you old !!! lol (been there for a couple of years not too bad at all !!)

Yes I think it's the Winter blahs...and its been a stinker of a winter everywhere!!! Plus you've been very busy with your new abode !!

All the best Karen,
Kathy :)

***Woo hoo a giveaway now if I can just remember to come back on Tues...ya know the memory is the 2nd thing to go....LOL

Louise Murphy

I thought for sure I posted wishing you a very Happy Birthday..and don't I wish I were still just 50!!
What a great group of sweet fun friends you have..all the food looks pretty yummy as well.Louise

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Oh Karen, sweetie what a wonderful party and an awesome group of friends! I wish for you a truly amazing birthday, and hope that this year is full of all your dreams coming true! Sweetie, when you get a chance pop on over to my blog for another birthday giveaway! Have a great day Karen!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


What a fabulous bunch of friends...and wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
luv Ann.xx


What fun!!! It looks like your friends are as fun as you are. Happy Birthday Karen, a little early. I also have the lazzies...I think it's the lack of sunlight here in the northern United States! Where the heck is Spring anyway?


Happy Birthday Karen! What a fabulous Birthday party you had with your friends :-

Jennifer from NY

Karen, looks like a great party and a great bunch of friends! Those costumes are a hoot. Happy, happy birthday! --Jen

Lynn Einarson

Happy Birthday It looks like you had a fabulous time.

Cindy C.

Cannot tell you how much you made me chuckle with your photos. Too darn cute, too darn funny. Wonderful memories.


Happy birthday, Karen! What a great bunch of friends, and we all know that friends and family are what it is all about. Over the weekend I made your cherry chocolate cake from Jan. 22nd and tonight I made your cranberry white chocolate oatmeal cookies. Over the holidays I made your vanilla snack mix and I have to say each one of those was a winner! Thank you for sharing so many yummy recipes. No wonder you have so many friends, ha, ha!!! My husband does not eat cake but he loved the cherry chocolate cake. It is the first time in 36 years he has complemented me on a cake!! Thanks, and happy birthday again!


Happy Birthday to you Mrs Farmhouse and many many more to come. You have so many friends because you ARE a friend to so many! Hope this is your best birthday ever!

Hugs, Anne


I remembered to come back, wait it is Tuesday right ??? Yup just checked the calendar LOL

Kathy :)


It looks like you had a great time. I got a few chuckles from the pictures. What a great sense of humor they all have.

Carrie P.

Happy Belate Birthday. It looks like you all know how to have a fun time.


It looks like you had a great day. Your friends must be such fun to be around.
A very happy birthday from me! x


You have the best friends in the world. I love this. The mink coat is my favorite. Love that.

ann du québec

Big party!!!!

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