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February 10, 2009



Wow...you are blessed with some very talented friends! Happy Birthday and thanks for the giveaway--I'm just drooling over that
braided tablerunner!


I adore german chocolate cake and have had that as my birthday cake now for as long as I remember. YUMMO!!! Happy Birthday!! I did the big 50 thing a couple of years ago and let me just tell ya, It's not that bad!! haha Thanks for sharing with us!!

Julie Butler

Happy Birthday!! I love your blog!! My favorite birthday treat is a ice cream birthday cake. Have a great day! :)


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. Farmhouse!!! It's the big day -- did ya have to get the wheelchair out this morning LOL??? Most excellent pkg from Wendy -- she's a sweetie! My birthday favorite treat is my mom's triple layer chocolate cake -- she makes it for me every year!!!


Happy Birthday, Karen!!!

My most favorite birthday treat is anything with chocolate and MORE chocolate!!!

I just love all the give away goodies, please enter me.

Enjoy the day, Janie


Grattis på Födeledagen!!!!Oh my what was that.. ok...happy birthday on Swedish!! Oh my Wendy sure had a VERY nice surprise for you..the gifts were just wonderful...!!!
Hope your day will be even more fantastic...!!
Birthday treats... hmmm... what would that be... I think just beeing spoilt!!! :o)


Seriously I am not worthy to be in such TALENTED company, my GOSH those gifts are amazing....why can't my FINGERS do things like that !!!

Karen my dear I love coming to visit thank you for being so kind to Mrs. Anonymous, Happy 50th Birthday I wish for you many, many more.

What is my fave treat on my day, "a card" they mean the world to me.. when my kids, hubby etc...take the time to pick out just the right card. And it's always the right card cuz I love them all. When the kids were young and they made them WOW :)

I wish for you many cards,
Kathy :)


Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about drooling...that pack and quilt and everything...AWESOME!

Anyway. My birthday is Monday, 2/16 and I always have angel food cake. Made by me or someone else, I don't care...as long as I get me some.

And the giveaway items...perfect for my house!

Happy Birthday to you. 50 isn't so bad...I'm past that already. Have a great day!!


Yummy peach cobbler for me on my birthday... and I also hit the big 5-0 more years back than I care to remember.

Lucky you to get such good gifts from bloggy friends....


How lucky are you! Happy Birthday! My favorite B-day treat is ice cream. Anything chocolate!


Hap...Hap....Happy Birthday to you! I just turned 50 four weeks ago and it isn't so bad. And I was all over my blog telling the world I was 50 so NO it isn't wrong to shout it from the rooftops. I had a crazy adventure myself with Dear Hubby's gift to me, got spoiled at the paying job and was treated like a queen by the Dear Kiddies. And I shared it all on my blog. That's what it's there for!. My favorite treat is for Dear Hubby and the kiddoes to NOT cook dinner for me. It takes them forever, they use every pot and pan in the kitchen and what a mess they leave. They clean it up eventually. But I love it when they go to KFC and bring the meal home in a box!!


I love chocolate cake with white icing...my favorite! I'll be tasting one on April 7th when I turn 58...comes just to fast for me:)

What a wonderful giveaway, I've always wanted to try the McCall's candles, and the braided runner is lovely, please enter me:)
Have a great day!

Jane Weston

Happy Birthday...I hope you have celebrated it with your favourite things :o)

Personally I like having an extra large piece of chocolate cake! YUM

Judy in Michigan

Happy Birthday dear Karen!!Your birthday gifts from Wendy are just wonderful - love them all. The secret to turning 50 is to hang around older people - that way you will always be "the baby" :-)

My favorite birthday is to have a nice quiet dinner with my dear hubby and have some Graham Cracker cake. Have you ever tried it? It's made with graham crackers instead of flour. It's amazing!!

Enjoy your special day and hopefully your DH will pick me!!


Happy Birthday, the big 50 is a special one and you have received a super special treat from Wendy. I LOVE them, makes turning 50 a bit easier for sure. I got a bit sappy on my 50. It is what it is right, but on my birthday I love going out to the local garden shops and buying flowers for my garden. Its May and they are almost safe from frost then, and going to a lqs that gives a birthday discount. :)) Chocolate, Caramel, Cream Cheese all work for a perfect birthday treat. Enjoy your special day with Mr. Farmhouse and sons!


Happy Birthday! Just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

My favorite treat on my birthday is my husband makes me an pineapple upside down cake. Very special..........


Oooooo! I collect blue banded yellowware and I would SO love to have these! I would actually be able to use them instead of just admiring them like I do with the old stuff! My favorite birthday treat is a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting topped with cherry pie filling. Mmmmmm......


Happy Birthday!! Mine was yesterday! We must be twins seperated by one day! lol! Hope your day was as special as mine!

Melody - The Demanding Doll

Gotta be lemon meringue or key lime pie and I never get either. DH (bless his heart) gets me a cake from the grocery bakery (uck) and I gotta tell ya, I nibble a small piece and he and dd eat the rest. Maybe I should be thankful for that cause I'd load up on either of the pies.

What wonderful goodies you received for your birthday and Happy Birthday by the way. :)


Happy Birthday!

My favorite birthday treat would be an ice cream cake.....


Im with you, caramel, on top of jamoca almond fudge ice cream with almonds and whipped cream on top!


Found your blog through Quilt Hollow, it is so cute! On my birthday I treat myself and my family to the chocolate cake you get at Costco. It is huge and reminds me of the cake in the show Matilda. Anyway, I love chocolate cake with a dab of vanilla ice cream on the side. What a great giveaway.

Ann Frank

Happy Birthday! Mine would be enjoying mint chocolate chip ice cream - not big on cake. Please enter me in your Bday drawing. Thanks. ~Ann


Happy Birthday!! Mine is tomorrow (the 11th). You share a birthday with many people that I know...my ex-BIL, a high school friend, a friend's mom, and a nephew. My favorite treat on my birthday is a card from my sweetie and a card/call from each of my children.

Hope your day was great!!!


Happy Birthday sweet friend! I hope you got the Monk E Mail!! LOL It looks JUST like me.

This year I am trying the recipe with chocolate and cherries and the marshmallow frosting you posted about, but cheesecake with cherry topping tops my list. Yummo!!

What a wonderful giveaway. You are much too generous!

Hugs, Linda


Hi Karen
Happy 50th my favorite thing is anything chocolate which I have at 3:00 everyday lol
Enjoy your day Darlene


Let me just say "Happy Forty-Ten" ;) I'll be hitting Forty-Twelve on the 19th so I guess it's alright to be thinking of what sweets I want to make myself. I too love chocolate and caramel but I think the chocolate and peanut butter combo will win out and I may make myself some Buckeye Bars. Love the goodies you received from Wendy, she's very talented. Too bad not all of us "Wendys" have that kind of talent.
Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to youuuuuu, happy birthday to youuuuuu...can you hear the music?

My favorite birthday treat is to be taken out for Chinese and to stop for an ice cream cone on the way home, if there's still room.

I just love your generous birthday giveaways.

Nancy Stevens

I'm an odd bird who likes lemon meringue pie on my birthday!

I'd love to enter your give-away.

Shawn  ;  )

Happy Birthday Karen,
You do look like the young one in the group with your friends all dressed up like that, it looks like you had a great time. My favorite treat is no chores, being with my family and anything sweet and homemade! I received my BOM from you today and every time I do I feel like I'm getting a gift. The wool is beautiful and that background fabric is so neat **and... I love geraniums* Enjoy your special day.
xo ~you're sweet


Happy Birthday Karen. I hope that you had a great day. My favorite treat on my birthday is Butterfinger Cake. It is to die for.


My favorite thing to have on my birthday is "My Inspiration Cake". It is a recipe of my mothers and she use to make it for me on my birthday. It has grated chocolate and nuts in homemade white cake and is frosted with white frosting on the top and chocolate on the sides. Yum!


WEll 50 happy birthdays! Good for you. It just gets more interesting I think - in some ways! - as life goes on. Happy Happy Birthday. My favorite treat is a cake from our family's favorite bakery. If I dont' get a cake from there - it is not a happy day! ;-)

Love all your stuff. Cute cute.


Happy Happy Birthday!!! Didn't you get some lovely treats, lucky girl. I hope you enjoy your special dinner and weekend surprise. My favourite birthday treat has got to be Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!


Happy Birthday Karen! Love all the goodies you got. My fav birthday treat would be Dairy Queen Cake. Enjoy your evening.

Carla Finley

♫♫♫ Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ♫♫♫ Great gifts! White chocolate and caramel mmmmm You can pretty much satisfy me with anything sweet. Peach pie mmmmm

Becky Amundson

Happy Birthday Karen!!

Cheese Cake or anything with cream cheese in it would be my dessert of choice!

Loving your giveaway!!


Tammy Spencer

Happy Birthday! First time to your site..it must be "meant to be". I linked over from Bunny Tales. Great blog (both). My favourite treat isn't actually cake or ice cream (although they are nice) but to spend the day with my son. My birthday is in the summer and for the last few years it's just been me and my son usually camping and travelling for my birthday..what a great way to spend a day. Children grown up so fast and it's nice to have some alone time to enjoy them. Hope you have a great one today. Tammy

Sue Tokash

Happy Birthday! I am so surprised you didn't say favorite thing for eating is choc and cream cheese! My favorite b-day treat, a local creamery opens the ice cream season about my birthday-that first scoop of real, farm fresh, true ice cream. Yum.

Mary Flynn

Wendy truly is a special gift! I love the goods she sent you....enjoy once settled. Now as I've said in my post before....hate holiday birthdays and mine is just three days before Christmas. I guess it could be worse being on Christmas. I was sitting here thinking of what my favorite birthday dessert would be....giving the time of year and all the holiday baking it is really hard to say. So I'll pick my favorite dessert of all time for other days of the year. It is called, "Better Than Sex Cake." I don't know if it truly is....but dang it is good! German Chocolate cake, carmel, whip cream, chocolate, nuts....yummo! I didn't say it was fat free...close your ears Sharon's Dieters! Anyway, Karen....Happy 50th!


Pizza! Happpy Birthday!!


Happy birthday and what a beautiful give away.

My favority treat on my birthday is chocolate cake with a big scoop of ice cream (chocolate).

Hope you had a great day !!!!!


I hope your day was wonderful! And your birthday gifties were sooo nice! Wendy is very talented :o)
Okay... down to business! My favorite b-day treat is... Angel food cake with pink frosting! Yum yum.... something that is a reminder from childhood. :o)

Pam from New York

Happy Birthday and many, many more!!! What a wonderful friend Wendy must be to shower you with all those goodies. Well, my favorite birthday treat is some gooey, chocolate cake.. any kind will do...but the best birthday present is hugs and kisses from my sweet granddaughter, Lilybeth! Thanks for the chance.


Happy Bday Karen. It is a big one but I think we just get better as we get older -- like wine, right. This will sound silly but my favourite bday treat is a foot long hot dog at the hot dog stand outside of Home Depot. I go there every year because I just don't let myself have hot dogs. And last week we were in Costco and they had a wonderful chocolate cake to sample. That's the cake I want this year -- a new favourite. I had to take off my bright green coat and go back for seconds hoping they would not recognize me! Again, happy Bday and please enter me. Love those runners. Glad you got to celebrate with your family and friends

mj poracky

Happy Birthday to you and many more. Pie is my favorite cherry, raspberry and blueberry. You get the idea..LOL
I really enjoy your blog. Wendy sent you some very special items. Thanks for including me in your drawing.
MJ Poracky Hammond, IN

Sherri S

Wow what a wonderful give from Wendy! Beautifully made. I am LOVING the table runner. It has the PERFECT colors for my kitchen and the bowls are TOO cute. And a candle. Yummy!
My fav birthday treat is Granny's pound cake. Not a huge icing fan...but I will fight ya over pound cake! LOL
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ...sounds like the celebrating is over a week long! How GRAND!


HA! My favorite birthday treat is SANITY! My big day falls on September 2... the first day back toschool from summer break! It sucked when I was a kid, but now that I'm a mom... I'm LOVING it!

So glad you had a great day... hugs to you!

Blessings, Kimberly

Debbie K

Happy Birthday Karen! I hope you had a very enjoyable day. Your birthday gifts from Ms. Wendy are beautiful. She too is certainly talented.

On my birthday, I usually get homemade pumpkin pie. (Yup, I am a turkey time baby) Your giveaway items would go perfect in the new (old farmhouse) I am getting ready to move into. I love those style of bowls. I keep hoping for a set but so far nobody has taken the hint. You'll have to check out the bowl my DH found while cleaning out the old farmhouse, along with all the other goodies.

Happy Birthday!


Chocolate - DEFINITELY!!!! Chocolate!!!! in the form of German Chocolate Cake, Fudge Cake, Milk Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse or just about any other form a chocolate dessert comes in.... LOL!

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