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February 20, 2009



Karen... HOW FUN! Those girlies know how to throw a fun party :o) Glad you enjoyed it and glad you have wonderful friends who love you :o)


Hilarious! What a great bunch of friends you have - and so creative. It looks like you all had such a good time at the "funeral".

~ ~AHRISHA~ ~at JoyouslyLivingLife

You girls are havin' too much fun.
If the weather is nice I wanna come live there too!




Too funny! What a wonderful party with the woolies. Aren't friends just the best?

Eva Joiner

Oh Karen, I laughed so hard that I think I sprained something! Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I wanna be a woolie!


You are one lucky girl to have such great friends! I love the 50 sucks! LOL. Looks like turning 50 was good to you! ooxx`jodi


Well Karen, I don't really know you, and I don't live anywhere near you, but boy if I did....I would sure want to be your friend! What a hoot! You are a lucky gal to have such wonderful friends. That was a very fun post to read. I sure enjoy your blog!
Happy Birthday once again!


Holy Crap Woman!!! Did you just die (oooh, pardon the pun.) You must have been ROFLOL and more! What fantastic friends you have -- not to mention clever, creative and very talented. I'm SO going to steal a few of those ideas for an upcoming occasion.

Oh, and I'm very happy to notice that, in spite of all the laughing, there was no mention of peeing your pants. Maybe a few years left for ye OLD bladder, eh???


Your friends have BIG imaginations to think of something so hilarious to celebrate your Birthday. You must have been in shock to say the least.

Oh how I love the little quilts done with the churn dash block. Do you think I'll have time for making one of them....LOL



Well, That was just so much fun, those Woolies are the best for sure. Show and tell was fabulous once more. Your little pillow are all so cute.

Sherri S

Too cute, too sweet and TOO funny! What wonderful friends you have. I didn't know turning 50 could be so much fun. Ah, but I have a few years to wait my turn. Ha! Thanks for sharing the fun times with us in the blogging community. And someone without a blog? Oh my dear!


Karen....what a fab idea for a party!! You gals sure know how to celebrate...love that you knew nothing about it...and speechless....now that would be something!


Oh Karen...what a day to remember... and the gifts...wonderful... and thanks for showing all those lovely quilts!! :o)


omg hysterical!!!!
great friends and great memories of this minor occasion :)
Love the little pillows adorable.
beautiful quilts too
really have enjoyed reading all about your birthday celebrations


Karen, that is the most clever 50th I have seen yet. I'm ready to go thru my own all over again!! LOL. Love the pics and wow is all I can say. Happy B-day!~Terry


OMG Karen you have the most wonderful friends...what a spectacular day...good friends, good times, good food and wonderful show and tell...doesn't get any better than that.


What a hoot of a party!!! Way to celebrate!!! you do have wondeful friends!!! Happy 50!!!

Pat@Back Porch Musings

You always have the most entertaining posts, Karen! I love this!!


Tooooooooo funny !!!

Kathy :)


Just too fun! I'll ahve to make that sucker bucket for hubby..he turns 50 in April.


Wow! What great friends you have....how fun that must have been! Enjoyed hearing all about your party and seeing all those wonderful projects, so beautiful. Love your pressie....those pillows are adorable. warm hugs, kathy

Mary Flynn

Your truly spoiled with such a wonderful group of friends. I love their imaginations....and your gifts! Show and share always pleases too. Thanks for sharing.


You have got some great friends there missy. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!! You deserve it. Nice gifties too. Can't beat that. And the grape. You must have been in heaven!!!! You were in heaven right?? after all it was a funeral.


What fun!!


Karen ~ you make me smile!! Your friends are so sweet. I like the 50 sucks too and girl if you eat those suckers ~ after 50 ~ it takes one day to gain 3 pounds and 3 weeks to lose 1 pound. You need to know the truth about these things. LOL


Oh now that was just the hoots! I love it. What special freinds you have to do that for you. And the pillows and show and tell are all the eye candy we love to see when we come over here. Just think of how much fun it will be to find homes for them in the new house!

Lots of hugs, Linda (Typead won't let me sign in for some reason)


What fun!! Those little pillows are adorable--what a great idea. I love little pillows, too. Happy birthday. Julie


LOL, Karen, you're blessed with such creative, funny, loving, crazy friends!
I love what they did ~ I have to keep that idea in mind, it's just too cool!
Your pressies are so sweet, too...
Hugs, Julia


That was great! Your friends are a hoot! what lovely gifts you got!

Connie W

This was just too much!!! fun that is!!!

Jane Weston

What a talented bunch of ladies...Amazing Grace on the kazoo! Wow ;o)

How wonderful that you have such a great bunch of friends...they are very clever and inventive putting that all together...love the 50 sucks! I'll have to remember that.


Now that is a bunch of fun ladies!!! How blessed to have so many wonderful friends and clever to boot :)
Happy Birthday


what fun!


Your parties and friends are legendary. You are a very lucky gal!


How Fun! You have a great group of friends! I love it! Happy Birthday!


You have some great friends - count yourself very, very lucky! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!

Cathy McMann

What a hoot! You've got a group of very clever and loving friends there.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

What great fun! Morbid--but fun.

Carla Finley

What a great bunch of friends you have. How wonderful and fun that day looked. So clever and imaginative.

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