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March 11, 2009



Oh my gosh...it's just breathtaking! Please take pictures when it's all done. Looks like a lovely place to live.

Mary Flynn

Simply beautiful.....I love it!

Carla Finley

Oh, so beautiful. I'm so green with envy.


Wow, you have come along way, I love it, man your views are fabulous, this is definitely getting to the fruits of your long planning. Best wishes on selling your home! Great show & tell!!


I love the colors, can't wait to see it with your stuff in it.


Karen...I am in love with that house.....!! Thanks for sharing photos of your dream house....it has been fun being part of the journey with you....wonderful that you are so close to the end result of all your planning! Love the neat sewing room in your current house....I would be hard pressed to see the floor in mine at the moment! We are on the verge of doing some work on our house and I can't wait to get started!remind me of that when the work is underway!


Lovely house. you must be proud. I like the kitchen cabinets.


What a beautiful home! Definitely the stuff dreams are made of. You must be so anxious for it to be done so you can move in!! Love the sewing room! I'm sure you will spend many happy hours in there.


Karen, all I can say is WOW! Your home is going to be fabulous. I have never seen so many cabinets in a house. It should make organization much easier. Good luck with selling your house. Look forward to seeing move in pictures. Winona


wow! I can't wait to see your decorating touches when you move in. It looks awesome! Can't wait to see some more pics! Happy moving! Jo xo


I'll take one of everything please! So beautiful! I'm sure your excited.

Your quilt that is hanging in your sewing room....was that the swap with Pat Sloan?


LOVE, LOVE it.....your house is beautiful Karen! Love the red cabinets, and the black ones too....not one thing I don't love. You must be soooooo excited to be almost done, and able to move in.
What a great porch....wish I could enjoy some iced tea there with you, enjoying that view! Everything is wonderful....can't wait to see it all decorated. Good luck selling the house!
hugs, kathy


Wow, the home is beautiful. I can't wait to see it all decorated. Love the red!!!!!
Good luck with everything, Janie


You 'think it might be ok doing laundry in that room'??? My goodness - I could DIE in that room alone! Your home is looking just awesome, and the red are so yummy!

Have a fantastic day and all the best with keeping your sewing room clean!


You have great taste; everything is beautiful. Heck, I'd love to buy the old house even. Best wishes for lots of happiness in the new home.


I am hyperventilating now and drooling and going Ohhhhhh and ooooooooooooh! It is just delicious - gorgeous - yummy - awesome and plain od wonderful. It is so exciting. I feel like I am right there with you seeing all these updates. The colors are all my favs so I can just feel the warmth is going to wrap around you. I am getting the chills for you!!

Best wishes selling the Farmhouse. Someone is getting a heck of a home!!

hugs, Linda


What a gorgeous home you will be moving into! I can't wait to see more photos as things progress.


You must be so excited to finally starting seeing everything you've been planning for a long time. What fun to design your dream sewing room and your dream house. I love all the red and black cabinets, you've made some fantastic choices. WOW soon you'll be moving in and getting back to normal life. Thanks Karen, I wish I could come for the house warming.


I think you need me to come watch the place while your not there, dont ya think?! I love it! Im so envious!!!
Your veryyyyyyy Blessed :)


The photos are wonderful and the house looks great. Are you going to change the name of your blog to "My Red Farmhouse"?

Connie W

The house is looking great and looks like you've planned things in detail. So happy for you. Looks like a dream house!

Nadiah Alwi

Oh, what a beautiful house...
So happy for you :D


It's going to be just gorgeous . . . . I bet you can hardly wait@


I have to ask, did you all build the desk that is in that first photo? I so want something like that for my craft room! Please share the details with me!


You're ahhhhlive!!! I was starting to get worried, but I know you're been really busy. I'm getting SO excited for you -- it all looks so pretty -- I can't wait to see the finished rooms -- especially that sewing room, which is looking just fantastic! And of course, I'm drooling over your pretty new shingles too LOL!


What an absolutely gorgeous home Karen! Thanks for the little tour - I can just imagine how excited you are to move in.

Pat@Back Porch Musings

First of all, please do not forget how to do a post!! If you need help, e-mail me!!;-)

As usual, these peeks at your new home are fabulous! I love the red island!

I dread the day we put our house on the market! That picking up and cleaning up can't be fun!!


Oh YIPPEEE you're in today...I came by yesterday to check on you, didn't want to bother you cuz I know it's a BUSY time for you !! Things look great Karen...

All the best,
Kathy :)


You must be over the moon excited! I don't blame you for not wanting to mess anything up. When we sold one of our houses, I used some kind of product on the door knob of the front door that kept tarnishing within a day or so. I had to run home from work at lunch time and polish the door knob in case a realtor stopped by!
Your new front porch makes me green with envy! Even more than the fantastic sewing room!

Kris Grover

It all looks wonderful! I am especially fond of that red island! I love, love, love red! And your new sewing room looks divine!


Love the red island! All those big windows at the back of the house are just awesome. Your yellow farmhouse is incredible.
I agree that who ever buys your
farmhouse will have a very lovely
home! This is a great time of the
year to sell a house.
Hubby and I have been living in our
dream house for 10 years and we
could not be happier!
Pamela the RN in Ohio


Karen it is absolutely wonderful...your attention to detail is amazing!


OH wow. I can see why you are so excited. Beautiful house.

Peddlecar Quilts

What a beautiful home you will be moving into! I love the red, I use red alot, and all those cabinets are a dream come true!!! That is great, I'm so happy for you.


Wow, I can't wait to see your lovely new home completed...you must be thrilled to no end!!!

Jean Eakin

Wow, your new home is fabulous. My mouth is hanging open after seeing all the wonderful space you will have. Hope your house sells really fast. It should , its great too.
Jean in virginia


Hi Karen! I have been released from the hospital and back home. I am tired but so glad to be home. I was not allowed to sew while in the hospital and boy did I suffer withdraw. I loved your old sewing room and cannot even believe the new one. Hey! I thought you were supposed to be downsizing? The house is just gorgeous. I love the colors you choose for outside as well as the to die for wrap around porch. I really miss porches in Holland. Of course, I think I could fit my house in your garage...lol!

Hugs ~


I am ready to move in there with you after seeing all those nice photos! I think your sewing studio will be big enough for two!


Oh, Karen, everything is looking so amazing! I bet you can't hardly wait. I am looking forward to more and more pictures!

Have a great day, Denise

~ ~AHRISHA~ ~at JoyouslyLivingLife

Very nice. Thanks for the tour. I love the pop of red for the island with the white cabinets. But then red & white are favorites of mine.
Have fun packing!
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Karen Beigh (Log Cabin Quilter)

Are we all invited to the housewarming party?


OMG Karen it is just beautiful. I would be soo excited.. Your new place is going to be wonderful and I love all the cabinets and especially the red ones. Your sewing room....WOW!!! In floor outlets.WOW
Thanks for the tour. Miss you


May you always walk in sunshine.
May you never want for more.
May Irish angels rest their wings,
Right beside your door.

Happy St. Paddy's Day,

Kathy :)


Beautiful. I think you have your hands full with the new house and keeping your home clean for viewing. Your new sewing room and home will be wonderful. Good for you!


OK, If the house is going to be red, is the blog name changing to "My Little Red Farmhouse"?


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