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March 31, 2009



The contrast must be a bit shocking, your trip looked glorious for sure. You all take care and your loved ones too. We have been watching the news in Fargo, its one thing or another.
On the lighter note your home is looking awesome from top to bottom. Waiting for just what you want is the best. Such a special home.
Enjoy thy needle N thread time.


Boy, that's a shocker to return to LOL! Looks like you had a grand time -- what a fun thing to do with friends. Silly me, I forgot all about it and imagined you mired in all sorts of building woes. On to the homestretch, huh? Hope things soon clear up in Fargo -- that's awful!

Mary Flynn

Glad to have you back and sharing your fantastic photos with all of us.


Sounds & looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Not so nice to return to all that snow - hopefully it won't head out to us on the east coast (I'm so sick of snow). We'll keep your son & his family and neighbors in our prayers.


At first I thought it would be mean for me to tell you I just got home and just planted pansies out front and that it is 60 glorious degrees. I thought that woudln't be nice to do that to you with all that snow you are getting. THEN I went back and looked at the pictures of your vacation and I decided - YUP! I am telling her. hehehehe!

On the serious side, I hope everyone in your area is safe and I pray the wind doesn't damage the dikes and the Fargo/Moorhead area is spared any further heart ache. Please keep us informed. I will keep #2 and all the area residents in my prayers.

hugs, Linda


I was just thinking of you the other day. I thought you must be busy moving into your new digs. Wow what a awesome vacation to be in the warm sun and blue water. Looks like a wonderful group to have fun with.

Sorry to hear about the floods, I hope the weather lightens up for everyone and the snow to be gone very soon. It's been cold here but no more snow.


Ohh...some contrast here... think I prefered the pictures of the sunny beaches... I just have to look outside here to see the same as in your snowy pictures... not fun at all..
Glad you had a great time...
Cross my fingers for them floods not beeing too difficult!!


Well girlfriend I sure have been thinking of you with all the news about the flooding and there YOU and MR Farmhouse are enjoying sunshine on a vacation !!!! The nerve....LOL

Glad to hear you are safe and sound...I LOVE your new tub !!!

Take care Karen...

xox Kathy :)


Wow, that is definitely a huge contrast!! So sorry you had to come home to a wicked snowstorm/blizzard....hope you all stay safe.
Looks like you had a wonderful vacation, thought of you often :-)
Will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers....warm hugs, kathy


Oh my, you got ALOT more snow than we did, yikes! What a wonderful trip though, at least you got to feast your eyes on that wonderful scenery for a week!

Julie Dixon

Looks like HEAVEN. How fun!! Our place looks like the snow-covered one. I know spring will be here some-day!! Julie


Karen what a wonderful, wonderful post. Your vacation looks like so much fun. I've said this before...you all are so fortunate to have that great group of friends. You're on the home stretch now with the house...I'll bet you're getting sooooooooo excited.


What a wonderful vacation-so beautiful. I've been to the islands in the winter and it's always hard to come back to cold & snow-so I understand the contrast. Hopefully though you'll stay healthy even with the weather change. Enjoy your day sewing.
Hugs, Noreen

wendy k

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday, really enjoyed your photos, Thankyou for sharing...hope you get to enjoy your snowed-in sew-in..lol!

Connie W

Karen, these are wonderful photos. The snow is beautiful even if it's not desirable. I LOVE your house pix, the tub is great. I know the house is going to be awesome and I can't wait to see the moved-in post!


Thanks for the post. . . was wondering if you were involved in the flood or not. . .and glad to hear that you were gone for a fun reason. Enjoyed pics of the house and trip ! Sounds like it is getting better in Fargo now, cross our fingers that the second crest will come and go uneventfully. Soon it will be our turn in Jamestown. . . . we are starting to sandbag this week. . .



Glad you had a lovely break. Thanks for sharing those great photos and my goodness what a contrast.Enjoy the sewing warm indoors

Ms. Faye

What wonderful, adorable pictures of St. Thomas! I was at home resting my poor, broken leg and my fingers are actually torn & bleeding from working on your wool samples. I said to my Mr., oh, golly, Mr., I sure hope Karen is having a good time while we stay home & worry about the flood & watch it snow. Oh, now, don't you worry about me. You know I "live to give"!! Our S #2 also lives in Fargo and fortunately for Fargo he is currently unemployed thus he was able to sandbag all last week and saved the city! Of course, if anyone knows of a bank looking for a very personable, young president, I can hook you up. He lives to give too, but gosh darn, a salary wouldn't hurt. Welcome home Karen - and honest to goodness, my fingers are fine. Attitude needs an adjustment maybe........Ms.Faye


I am missing your posts and hoping it is because you are busy moving!!


Happy Easter Karen !!!

Kathy :)

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