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August 03, 2009



You've sure covered all the must-have topics: food, fun, and some quilty/crafting goodness.

Here's hoping your summer cold hits the bricks soon. It's just no fun to be sick -- especially when summertime has finally decided to make an appearance.

Take care...


Hope you're feeling much better today Ms. Farmhouse! LOVE that fire pit -- I'm soooo jealous -- you know I loves me some s'mores. Those cuppycakes look Yummy -- thanks for the link and the blueberry recipe too -- definitely no calories if blueberries are involved! Thanks for the awesome show and tell too!!!


I am so sorry you are under the weather. I hope it passes very quickly so you can enjoy your days a bit more.

Kamp Karen looked like a lot of fun. Those lucky gals got to see your home in person. I am sooooo jealous!! And all the goodies you all made/ worked on and showed. Wonderful creative stuff going on there!

Thanks for the recipe - I need something for this weekend and I think that will do the trick.

Here's hoping by the weekend you are back to normal. Ahem - whatever that is! :-)

get well prim hugs, Linda

Elma Riedstra

I hope you feel better soon. Love all the beautiful gifts you got!! So nice. Oh I so wish I was talented! I was at the flea market and I found an old window that had six panes then behind each piece of glass I would like to put six little quilts:) Now I just need to get crafty.

Kim Larson

Hope you are feeling better! Those summer colds are tough to kick. I so enjoy your sense of humor in your blog. Keep it up girl, it's what gets us through, ya know?


I hope you are feeling much better by now! Girl, I love all the little quilts and penny mats you are working on! I really do need to try some of that!
And how sweet for your friend to make you those wood blocks! I LOVE those! I know you had to be so tickled to ge them.
Hope you have a great week!


wow....for someone who is sfeeling under the weather and not doing much you sure have loads to share!!..the blueberry dessert looks awesome...and I am guessing tasted the same!!Love the wooden blocks Anne sent.....they are birlliant! The fire pit sure looks like it was a hit.....enlighten me..."s'mores"?? Ihope you have kicked that cold to the kerb and are feeling much better.......!


....and I am suer the wooden blocks were not only "birlliant" but brilliant as well.....oooops....!


Wow - I would say you're getting your energy back after this fun-filled post, Karen! Hang in there! Love Nadine and Anne's gifts - aren't they both so sweet! And I think we'll be having those cupcakes soon! Oh my - and the peeps - what wonderful projects - ALL! Both pumpkin projects have me waiting for Fall with baited breath!


I hope your told has turned the torner! Not fun in the summertime. Wow, I can't believe how much you all get done! I'm amazed. Do you think it's because they don't have blogs? LOL I have the pattern for that pumpkin table mat. Hmmm, maybe I should get it out. What a wonderful retreat. Nothing better than good friends, huh?

Red Geranium Cottage

Hope your feeling better soon Karen. It's awful when you can't sleep because of a cold. Put straws up your nose, that will help with the breathing. lolol I'm JUST SAYIN!!!
Great projects from the peeps. I love the quilt your making again?? The baskets. Which pattern is that? And your new little basket block is the cutest.

Kaaren Johnston

Hope you're feeling better soom, Karen. Summer colds are the pits! And speaking of which, I love your fire pit!

The Fall wooly projects are crying out to me. A wooly gathering on Thursday, huh? If I start out now do you think I can make it?

I love Stacey's designs. I am just trying my hand at x-stitching. I just can't die before stitching a sampler and a prim needlecase.

Super post, Karen. I loved every word!


Hi Karen,
I hope you are feeling better, you can type a great post when you're under the weather though, I loved reading it all. We've always made that blueberry recipe in our family and called it Blueberry Buckle ??, your cupcakes look yummy and I'm going to go over and check out that blog. All those quilts are wonderful and I love both of your basket projects especially the one with the flags. I loved seeing the embroidered basket quilt too, I picked up that pattern in the spring "Meredith's Inheritance Quilt", it was on display in pink I really liked seeing it in the green. Thanks for the fun post and take good care Karen!


Wow! I love this post, Karen!!

Hope you are all better soon. Those bad old summer colds are being passed around our family, lately!


Wow, I love those quilts especially the flag and star one:)

Hope you are feeling better now thankfully I haven't had a summer cold this year.

I'm sure you are enjoying your farmhouse and BTW I love those blocks that your friend gave you:)


What a great post!!! Loved all the pics and the recipe ... Also, the "Red Farmhouse Blocks" are awesome!!! Your friend "done good :)" Tks for sharing and feel better!!!

Ms. Faye

Hey, lots of eye candy girl. Anne's wood blocks are way too awesome. If I lived in a red farmhouse,those blocks could have fallen into my purse one day. I'm just sayin......
Can't wait to try the blueberry dessert or will you be handing off a piece to me when we meet up this morning?? I didn't think so. Dang.
I like seeing the pics of the peeps "sewing". What a novel concept. We may need to think about that for the Woolies.
Sniffle on girlfriend.


Well, I wasn't hungry before I read your post, but I am now, lol :o)

Love the projects.... absolutely love them!

Hope you feel better soon.

Julie Dixon

Man, there's nothing worse than trying to get rid of a summer cold.

You still have been busy, though. Loved all the quilts you showed. I found the Serendipity by Whimsicals book that you told me about. There are so many cute projects in that--thanks!!

Is the Liberty Star pattern on their website? I couldn't find it there. It is darling--your projects are the best. Thanks. Julie

Louise Murphy

Sorry to hear about your summer cold. That is just not fair ..but you would never know you are under the weather with this wonderful post. I am always impressed with all of the work the Peeps manage to get done. Thank you for the yummy sounding recipe..love those blueberries..Feel better soon! Louise


I hope you are feeling better. We have just got some cooler days and I have more energy today then I've had in the last few weeks. The record temperatures have really drained all life out of me.
Your quilting kamp with the peeps looks like a fun time. The projects you showed are inspiring. I love the little "a" word basket.
Thanks for the recipe, maybe I'll get enough energy to bake. I made dinner tonight, hubby probably thought I would never cook again.


Hello, just want to say how much I enjoy your blog, I love seeing all the quilts and sewing stuff and seeing into your beautiful new home. Its all so different from life here in England. Oh, get well soon and I'm already looking forward to your next post. TFS.


Sorry to hear you are under the weather Karen. Get well soon! I have a bowl of fresh blueberries in the fridge that we picked this past weekend. I am going to try your recipe. I hope to do so tomorrow after I get back from my biopsy at the hospital if I feel up to it. I am wanting to try a new recipe and here is yours just waiting...

Wow! What eye candy. Everything looks great.

Hugs ~


Sure hope you are feeling better soon! Summer colds are the worst.

Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful pictures!


By the way, I love the picture with the sprinkler in the background!


Oh boo! A summer cold...they are the worst...they just want to hang on...hope you are feeling better soon. What a fun retreat at your house...yummy blueberry cake...what awesome show and tell...you have the best group!

maple leaf

Hi Karen , I check your blog every day because I enjoy it so much. I wish you could post more often, but , I understand how busy you are. Could you also find a way to get your blogroll back? It's also fun to look at what your friends are up to, even when you can't post. Thanks a bunch. Maple Leaf.

Karen Beigh

Wow! A long post with lots of photos of quilty things. Very interesting read.
I very much like those wood blocks with Red Farmhouse on them. That was a very thoughtful and creative gift.
Those Peeps just keep on creating good stuff. Wish I could be part of your group but I think the distance between our homes is a big draw back to that. LOL! I see you have started the basket project and have personalized it. Very good!

Carrie P.

Hope your are feeling better today.
Yummy recipes you shared which I will give a try.
What nice gifts you got too. I know you are glad to be settled in your new home.
Always great show and tell from your quilting buddies too.

Nadine Hogrefe

Hope you're beginning to conquer your summer cold. I made the Tea Cake for Anne and Brenda Wednesday....it truly is AWESOME!

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