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March 12, 2010


Julie Forslev

I was able to access the new site and place an order! Then, when I went back, it was the old page again. Now it appears to be working and I can access the new page once again. I hope it all gets sorted out for you soon. It looks great! I can't wait until everything is loaded--your pictures show so many wonderful things!


I can't remember what the old page looked like. Here's what I see -- the homepage has a header, then a big black picture, then a picture of your shop off to the left and near the bottom. The products page has categories, but about four of them don't have pictures with the category (stitchery patters, patterns, books and wool kits). The blog tab links to a page to sign up for the newsletter. The newsletter tab links to a page that is empty -- it has the header and footer but no content, if there is supposed to be any. Contact us page looks right with info and a map. Also, on the home page, none of the links on the left hand side are actually linked.

Make them come back and fix it LOL! Good Luck -- websites are SOOOO frustrating!!!

Dianntha Lessig

I only see the old page...HTH. Dianntha

Sue Cryderman

I was able to access the new page , but could not navigate around in it.

paulettte Doyle

I see nothing on the right side bar...red stipes taking up most of the page...I see none of what the writer one up from me sees. I think this is your old page.

Jen in NY

I see the new page, it looks great! All the categories come up too. Wonderful!

Jen in NY

Could it be that the commenters who don't see the new site are thinking you mean the BLOG, not the STORE? Someone mentioned the red stripes, that's on the blog.

Karen Perry

It seems like everyone is seeing something a little different. Maybe tomorrow things will look better for me, lol - talk about frustration. Thanks everyone for your input :).

Tootles Karen

To: kaboperry@hotmail.com

Judith Poulos

I'm only getting the old one here.

Janet Pittman

I'm still getting the old one too. I can't wait to see the new one. Good luck.


Karen - just went to check out the new store site and it came up - I was able to shop, but none of the links on the left side bar on the main page worked for me - just the links along the top of the page. I did notice when I clicked on the link for your blog, it came up with a newsletter sign up form - but that didn't come up when I clicked on the newsletter - go figure. Looks good and I'm sure it will only get better as you iron the kinks out. Good Luck!

Terry Rossi

The new page looks great. I had no problem even trying it over again. Best of luck Terry


New page came up. Love the bunnies and chicks in the needful area. Looks wonderful!


I get the new page, and have the same experiences as Thimbleanna and Amy. Looking forward to visiting soon ;)


Got the new page but not to much in any category. I did see the rabbits.. Cute,,


I am only seeing the old site - I am using Google Chrome . I wonder if it matters which browser a person is using. I've heard of that happening before.

Karen M

I'm a little late in responding but I see the new page and was able to place an order. Everything looks very nice. The left side bar doesn't work to click on but the top does. I was so excited to see everything up and running, I had been checking daily for it. I'm really glad that you are offering the wool block of the month again. I'll have to call next week to sign up. Thanks, Karen M


Sorry to say, the old site is what comes up for me at 11:25pm PST.


There is one pic of the store, but a lot of the site does not seem to be working. The links on the left side don't work and the links across the top disappear after you click and then click back. The 'blog' link takes you to the newsletter signup page.

Karen Beigh

Saturday morning & I just checked. I can view a few items but not very much.


The website is not working for me - It appears to be partially constructed with little content - Thanks

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