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March 11, 2010


Karen Beigh

Your store looks like a place that put a big dent in my wallet! Lookin' good.

Do a blog post when you can. I think most of us will be here waiting. After things calm down, maybe you will have more time. Love seeing what the Peeps & Woolies are doing, so keep taking pictures.


Don't Stop Blogging!!!! This is so funny -- I just sat down to read blogs tonight and was thinking I needed to e-mail you and see how things are going! The shop looks fabulous -- I'll bet you're having a grand ol' time. And what are ya thinking with your grand opening? That's just a short week before market! Speaking of which.... ;-)

Jen Hein

I agree...Please don't stop blogging! I love to stop by and see what you are up to. I am so happy things are going well with your shop, it looks absolutely beautiful! Come back and chat when you have time!

Louise Murphy

Oh how nice to see you post to your blog and fill us in on your little corner of the world. Everything in your store looks wonderful..I would like one of each please.
I do hope you find the time to continue the blog for those of us so far and away.. Will wait patiently for your website to be up and running..oh that is tomorrow right? See you then..


Hi Karen!!! I have been waiting and watching for your post about your opening day! I thought of you, and sent special good luck wishes!!! If I were within 100 miles, I would have been there for SURE!! The shop looks fantastic!! Just my kind of place! I am getting into wool lately, and having fun collecting it.
Please don't stop blogging. Yours is one of my favorites. But I know what it is like to be torn in so many different directions!! Continued luck with your shop. Are you limiting your days to being open so that you stil have a life outside of the shop? Congratulations!! Can't wait to check out the web site!

paulettte Doyle

Blog when you can...we will be here waiting!! Your store looks like MY kind of shop!! LOve it!!

Tanya Grimm

Love seeing pics of your new store and only wish I could start one of my own again.

Those quilts are absolutely stunning to say the least!

So glad you decided to stick w/us in blogland and hope to see you back here again when you have a few mins. to spare.

Good to hear from you!

Can't wait to see the new website!


I have been checking and checking the website and waiting,, know that it just takes time. And you do have lots going on.. But good luck and the shop is looking like a magazine layout? Oh, I can see them coming to cover the new shop for an article.. Hang in there and will be visiting your FARMHOUSE WOOLENS soon. Glad you are back and will take whatever you can give us with updates..


Just want to wish you all the best... if I could be there I'd buy one of everything!


Karen the shop looks fantastic! You'll settle into a routine and you'll be amazed how you get things done in the tiniest amount of time. I laughed when you talked about your snowmen...one year when I still had the shop, I had Santa's up for Valentines Day...as long as you're having fun! ENJOY!

Mary Flynn

Karen....will you open another shop here in NC just for me? Your shop looks so darned inviting I wouldn't want to leave it. Congrats on your opening!!
Those dogs just crack me up...too funny. I have a soft spot for pets.

Wendy Kirby

Hi Karen,
You've been sooooo busy! Your shop looks heavenly, wish I could visit..lol! But I still love the website and I'm very patient! ;) Don't worry about blogging too hard, just do it when you can, I'd miss you if you stopped :( Take care and have lots of fun!
Love Wendy x


Your shop looks great Karen! I would love to see it someday. I'm in agreement with the other ladies. Please don't stop blogging! We know your are very busy with the new store, so visit with us when you can. I love to see you pictures and hear your stories. One of my smaller Christmas trees is still in my dining room (I did get the decorations off lol!) I've been busy with 2 elderly relatives. Dr,s appointments, hosptial stays, shopping ect. So I understand busy. I wish you much luck with your new store and am looking forward to doing a little shopping at Farmhouse Woolens


So happy to hear that everything went well w/the "silent opening!" Now here's wishing you an abundance of success with that beautiful new store :)


So glad the opening went well. The pictures are fantastic. Love the star quilt with black sashing you showed on your last post. Will the pattern be available on your website? Dori

Sandy Beaulieu

You sure have been one busy lady. Love the look of your store, sure wish I lived closer. You have some really beautiful colors of material. Can't seem to find anything like that here in Canada.

You had a full house with three doggies. It's the same in my house, no sneaking treats. She hears everything and comes running by our side.

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope the sun has found you.

Judy in Michigan

I check your blog everyday and wait patiently for a new post. I don't mind waiting because it is sooo worth waiting for. Best wishes for your new adventure!!


What a faulous update!!!!!!! Your store looks absolutely wonderful....I hope to come personally this summer. Looks like I will need to save up lots of $$$!!!!! With all you have going on it's amazing you get to post as often as you do, but am always excited when I see you have!

Best of luck with your new endevor!!!

Weekend Cowgirl

Love your blog so just blog when you can! Good luck!!


Just want to say good luck with your new venture. I hope it fulfills all your dreams. Please don't stop blogging, I love to see all your pictures. One of these days I intend to visit the Great Lakes and your store would definitely be a stop on my tour.


I took a chance and YIPPPEEEE you're in...oh Karen things look FANTASTIC...

Blog when you can we will be (well) I will be here :)

All the best,
Kathy :)

Angie Berry

I enjoy your posts when you do blog. I love getting a peek inside your shop since you're so far away from me. Looking forward to checking out your website. Thanks for sharing all your pictures.


WOOHOO!! I am so glad the opening went so well. Your shop looks wonderful. And the new website is going to be awesome - I love the new design.

You have had some fun outings lately too - those quilts are pure eye candy!

I wish you continued success in the store and the website and BLOGGING! I think we both came to the same conclusion - we'll post WHEN we can and not promise any more than that!!

warm hugs, Linda


The shop looks fabulous! You have such a "knack" for decorating! Can't wait till you get that website up and running so there's finally a place to shop!! Don't you dare quit blogging. Bloggy land would suffer greatly if you left!


Your shop is beautiful! I would love to dig in to all those fabrics! They are just beautiful!


NooooooooooooooKaren you can't stop blogging
we will take you when you can and just keep checking in on it. Your store looks fabulous just wish you were closer. Take care and do Have a Happy Easter. Hugs Darlene in Michgigan

Karen Isham

Hi Karen,
This is my lucky day checking your blog. I was hoping to read about the opening of you store. It look fabulous & just like a place I would want to live in! :-) I wish you wonderful success for many years to come!! Please keep blogging, your faithful readers will be patiently waiting, :-)

Karen in Ohio


Oh, Please, keep on blogging. I have been just as bad, if not worse ! I do have quilty and music and life things to blog about, and pictures to post, but have been so busy. . . must be the season. But I love hearing about the store, and seeing all your quilts, woolies and decorating, so keep it up ! We will miss you if you disappear ! I think it is great that the QOV girls are taking their trip. . . I am the ND QOV coordinator and sent them 40 quilts to help with their goal, and will be eagerly awaiting news of their trip ! I see they were on WDAY news the other nite. . . that was great, and they had on such a cute little granny on that liked to visit and bind. . . they are just a great group. oops getting wordy here. . . best go. . . keep on blogging ! Beth

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