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December 08, 2010



I just knew there would be red furniture in there and you didn't disappoint. I do love stars in quilts and this room is absolutely perfect. I love the crisp, clean, white headboards and picket fence. I'm excited to see the master bedroom.

Karen Beigh

The room does look "lakey". You have a wonderful home and your decorating helps make it something special.

Karen Perry

Thanks Cindy - it turned out just as I had hoped. I might go with a little stronger valance at some point - that one isnt totally snapping my socks, but its fine for now. You just gotta love red, lol

Tootles Karen

To: kaboperry@hotmail.com

Karen Perry

Thanks Karen - we love living here and enjoying the change of seasons - watching the lake take on different looks.

Tootles Karen

To: kaboperry@hotmail.com


The room is wonderful! So inviting. Better watch out or you'll have non stop company and they won't want to leave. ;) I love all the "extra" touches you've added. That angel on the shutter is really clever!

Linda Rudman

What a pretty room! it really fits well in your lake room!! Now I can't wait to see your master bedroom. I wonder if I can guess what the new piece is.!?!?

And congrats on making the Wednesday post!! Woohoo!!

Karen Perry

I bet you can, LOL - youve got one

Tootles Karen

To: kaboperry@hotmail.com

Vickie Fears

This turned out so nice - fresh, clean lines and inviting. Good job! I like it alot! and it IS very lakey!


The room does look very inviting and ready for guests. Thanks for sharing your home and time with us. I love the bedskirts - did you find them somewhere or make them? LOL Diane


ok karen I always enjoy seeing how you decorate, I would love to have you over and decorate my home too!
I LOVE that candlestick in the bathroom! with the star
ok do you sell that in your shop, I NEED that! love those plates over the red cabinet too, I saw toile plates at homegoods the other day I need to go back and buy them I never thought of hanging them on the wall!

Lois Houston

What a beautiful room. I have a file folder of similar inspiration rooms that I hope to one day use to redecorate my house. Maybe when the kids are grown & gone. :-)


I think I saw that same magazine spread, Karen! It's beautiful! There will be many happy guests staying with you for sure! I love the red cupboard in the bath, too!


Absolutely love this room. Love the picket fence touch, also those quilts are to die for! I've been reading your blog for some time now and love it. I'm so glad you're back to posting I missed it when you were "away".


Great job on the reappearance Ms. Farmhouse -- LOL! What a beautiful room! I love twin beds in a guest room -- especially with gorgeous matching quilts!


Karen, your guest room and bathroom look fabulous!! Can't wait to see your master bedroom and pics of your Christmas decor!


LOVE your guest bedroom and bath!


I love the angel on the shutter. Actually, I love the whole room. You did good. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Janet


It's a LOVELY room! I especially love the wood trim showing on the windows - love that kind of trim, whatever it is called! I was just looking at my windows in our old farmhouse, and I don't think there is enough space between the window and the ceiling! I also love your red enamel ware, and then the geraniums on back of the toilet!!! I have a very hard time decorating, and things in my house haven't been changed for years, but oh well, one of these days!! Yours is lovely tho, and I always enjoy looking at what you are doing!

Hugs from Michigan - Diane

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