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February 16, 2011


jolyn Olson

welcome back--I love your blog and you have such great pictures! Inspiration plus!

Denise St. Pierre

Love to read your blog, I especially love the mini's that one of your peep's made, I have been making "little quilts" and love them.....who knows where that will take me, LOL. Look forward to future posts.



Hot dang!!! Checked you earlier today, and nottin new.....noticed a link on somebody else's you were alive!! Yeah!! Love the pic's , especially the minatures. We are on another road trip, this time to california and arizona....looking forward to more posts and inspiration from you!Always a treat!


Hi Karen,
Lovely to hear from you...I've missed you :)
Those cookies look good, I can almost smell them...yummy..hehehe...not sure I could have stopped at two...especially if they were just out of the oven...lol!
Hugs Wendy x


Missed you lots, was happy to see you are still around....the cookies look pretty good!


Does your friend with the miniatures have a blog? I love them--especially the smallest one (all triangles?). Would love to get a pattern.

char sethman

glad to see you are enjoying your winter!..and every time out go out and fish...I catch a fish too...and the hubby hates that!...lol

wishing for a good report on the lump!


Hurray you're back! I think we can just call it a resolution delay maybe. And happy belated birthday! :)
Love the show and tell pictures from the Woolies. What a talented bunch of ladies!


Be Still My Heart!!! Are those my FAVORITE cranberry white chocolate cookies??? Looks like you've been good and busy -- and had a great time!

Karen Perry

Sorry Anna - there chocolate chip cookies and they were yummmmy :)

Tootles Karen

To: kaboperry@hotmail.com

Karen Perry

Thanks Char - - were hoping for a good report to :)

Tootles Karen

To: kaboperry@hotmail.com


Hope Ms. Cami is okay.

Glad you are back and the cookies look yummy!!


Karen Perry

No Neccie is blogless, lol - she just takes her patterns and figures out the math to make them smaller like that. Im hoping she will give us a demo - maybe I can get her to do a guest blog post on that

Tootles Karen

To: kaboperry@hotmail.com


Nice to hear you are doing okay. I miss your posts. But I am sure you are very busy, what with the shop and all. Happy Belated Birthday! I am right behind ya!

Karen Perry

Thanks Kris - hope your day is fun filled as well - must be coming up soon :). Have a piece of cake for me because I missed out on cake this year :( - but my jeans thank me for that, LOL

Tootles Karen

To: kaboperry@hotmail.com

Coach Outlet

Do i really have the sense of mourning the loss of my youth and confusing about my future?


I am so thrilled to find you blogging again. You are my favorite and I wish I lived close enough to have shopped in your store every week or better yet work for you. lol!! You are so interesting and your style of quilting and decorating fit right with me. Can't wait to see and hear more from you.


Yay!! Karen's back!! I totally hear you about January - between end of the year bookwork and tax stuff, I'm just really glad it's halfway through February already. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be coming to Fergus the middle of March for a horse show- is your store still open? I would love to visit and chat for a few if it is. Can't wait to hear more from you and a new recipe would be great - I'm kinda in a rut around here with meals - need something new and exciting LOL!!


From the comments you are receiving, I wasn't the only one that missed you!
I think you had more to share then you thought you would!
Happy Birthday!
Beautiful picture of the lake especially with the deer in it.
I love seeing what your Woolies group is up to. Lots of fun things going on! Those little quilts are quite amazing!
Our local Hockey team is the Hurricanes. I made my husband a Hockey quilt for his birthday last year. He was pretty amazed and pleased with it. I blogged about it a one point.( Maybe last April?)
You have a beautiful family!
I sure hope Miss Cami is doing better today from her little surgery. That is certainly no fun.
Thank-you again for the information on the furniture!!
Happy quilting!


Glad to see you are back! :) Love the little basket quilt...do you know the name of the pattern?



You may not post very often, but when you do, they are wonderful. I love all the pic's! I would love to belong to your group of girls... you girls look like you have so much fun. The projects are great... I especially love the mini's and the christening gown!!! I adore Miss Cami and I hope all goes well with her biopsy results. I'm a dachshund LOVER!


Glad you are back! Looks like you've been busy!


Those peeps have been busy, I love the little T-block quilt. Oh so yummy cookies, we sure like food :-) Cami look well pamper on her recovery.


Glad to see you back! I think kits only is a great idea. Hope Ms Cami is feeling better. Your friends are very talented!
I look forward to hearing more from you.

Louise Murphy

Oh my I am catching up with you everywhere. Reading your post to this blog seems like old times. Quilts are all wonderful. Poor little Cami...hope she is well soon. Looks like she is being lovingly taken care of..Good to have you back..

Karen M

Love the mini's. Can you kit some of those? Looks like you girls have a lot of fun. Those cookies look yummy! Glad to see you back again.
Karen M

Richelle in TX

So great to "see" you again! You have been missed!

carolyn smith

Welcome Back- home. We missed you!!!


I still be checking in on you. Love the pics. The cookie recipe, is that what you said? \o/ Blessings, Janet


For someone with not much to say you certainly managed a lovely long post...with lots of fun stuff! What ...no fishing quilt for the knees?? Oh..I do hope Miss Cami is back on her feet again .....poor girl!


Happy birthday! Hope Ms. Cami is doing better and all is well with her. Glad to see you back here!

Cindi Anderson

It was good to hear from you again. You've been missed! I always reaaly enjoy the pix! Look forward to hering more from you!

Debbie Schliter

I hope little Miss Cami wiener's biopsy comes out good. I also have a miniature wiener named Sassy and she is well loved just like Cami! The christening gown is beautiful and I loved all of the quilts and the Easter hanging! You and your group of friends are very talented! Good luck on the continuation of your fishing prowess! My only problem with your blog today was go Red Wings!

Louise Yoshihara

Love your blog, all the pictures, the recipes, etc., etc. Yes, for sure, try to get Neecie to tell us something about her miniatures, they're great. Hope Cami is OK. Just this morning I discovered a bump under Jack's (my Jack Russell mix) armpit. As soon as President's Day is over, into the vet he goes.

Your Oregon peep, Louise

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